Living our life together chapter 7

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Meera comes out from the washroom..

Meera : Whats the next plan??

Sam : First adi’s birthday party

Tanya : Adi.. who??

Sam : Arjun’s bhai..

Ann : Oh.. so lets get going..

Meera : Done..


Inside the house arjun is shown arranging everything with his servants..


The girls finally get ready

They get ready and drives to Adi’s home..


Arjun invites all of them to his home.They enters inside..

Tanya : Well. decorated..

Arjun : Thanks..

Sam : When will Adi come

Arjun : Any minute.. And i want you all to sing birthday songs for him

Sam : No..

Ann : Why not its his birthday

Sam : You don’t know him .. he gets so irritated when someone sing birthday songs for him..

Arjun : Oh.. comeon its all a fun Sam..

Sam : Okay..


Adi : Why are the lights not on..

Arjun : Bhai.. its..

Arjun goes and turns the lights on.. Suddenly some blows the birthday popers and all starts singing the birthday song

Aditya gives thema funny reaction

Adi : Stop it guys.. i have told you not to sing that for me..

Arjun : Bhai. lets cut the cake..

Adi ::It was your plan right.

Arjun smiles.. He goes to cut cake while he sees sam

Adi : Yeh.. Sam..

Sam : Hello. Mr. stupid..

Adi : Sam. Atleast not infront of such beautiful girls..

Sam : Sorry..

Adi : Come lets cut the cake..

Adi cutts the cake and feeds it to sam, Arjun and all the other members…

All were having drinks..

Sam was betting to finish the shot..

Meera : I am sure she will out today

Ann : And i am thinking how will we get this drunkard home..

Tanya was standing alone near the pool side when a drunken adi comes there..

Adi goes and stands next to Tanya

Adi : Are you not enjoying the party..

Tanya was a little uncomfortable

Tanya : No.. there is nothing like that.. its awesome

Adi : You fon’t need to make up words .. if its good its good and bad then its bad.. learn to say truth

Tanya : No its really nice..

Adi comes so closes to her she moves backward

Tanya : What are you doing??

Adi : I am taking a step forward to you… do that i can..

Tanya : You can..

Adi : i know that’s what you want from me..

Tanya slips while she was falling she holds Adi’s hand and both fell down to pool

All gets shocked and looks towards them..f

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  1. Jasminerahul

    the girls’ dressing is cool.adi’s birthday celebration was good.the drunk adi’s behaviour towards Tanya was shocking.both fell into the pool.funny.waiting for more Tanya adi scenes

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