Little Things (Chaper 18) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

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Little Things (Chapter 18)

Garima and Shyam reach Mumbai. They pass by Raizada Mansion.

Anjali’s room,
When Shyam was outside passing through Raizada mansion. Anjali feels him. She runs out calling Shyam ji…. Nani and Arnav looks on shocked.

Anjali runs to her gate and sees no sign of Shyam. Khushi who sees this had tears rolling down her cheeks.

A small drop of tear fall from Anjali’s eyes.

Anjali:Humein yakeen hai ki woh shyam ji the. Kya woh humein milne aayenge? Kya mein unke saat phir se reh paungi? Heyy bhagwan ham koi raasta dikhayiye. (I am sure it was Shyam ji. will he come to meet me? Will i be able to live with him again? God! Please show me a away)


Arnav and Nani stood there shocked.

Nani:Anjali bitiya ko ehsaas hua tha ki woh yaha hai. Iss ka matlab woh sach mein yaha hoge kya? (Anjali felt him. Does that mean he is somewhere here?)
Arnav:No Nani, i will not even let that man’s shadow around Di. And i am sure he is back, cause di’s heart never lies.
Nani:Humein darr lag raha hai chote (I am scared Chote)

Khushi runs to Anjali and bring her back to room.

Anjali(happily):Khushi ji humein yakeen hai woh Shyam ji the. Kya mein unse phir mil paaungi? (Khushi ji i am sure it was Shyam ji. Would i meet again? )

Khushi nods.

Khushi:If you feel that your love is true and he cant betray you, then he will come back….Kyunki do pyar karne dil ko koi bhi juda nahi kar sakta (Because 2 hearts which love eachother cannot be separated by anybody.)

Khushi feels Arnav when she said the last lines. She looks out of the window and sees him in the pool area.

Khushi(to herself): Kya mein unse pyaar karti hoon? Iss ehsaas ko pyaar kehta hai? Shayad mein pyaar samjh nahi pa rahi hoon ya phir yeh pyaar nahi hai.God! Please show me a way. (Did i start loving him? Is this feeling called Love? May be i don’t understand the feeling of love or i dont love him)

Next day,

Khushi wakes up and sees Arnav out in pool side.She sees him talking in a very low voice. She finds it weird. She slowly walks to the door. And keeps her ears close to the door.

Arnav at the right time comes out. And Khushi keeps her ears on his stomach. Arnav looks on confused.

Khushi then realise its Arnav and widens her eyes. She bends more down and touch her feet. She then straighten herself.

Arnav:What happened?
Khushi:I was doing exercise.
Khushi:I am done.
Khushi leaves ,she slips in the carpet and Arnav holds her. But He also lost his balance and both fall down in ground. Khushi on top of Arnav….. Arnav tucks her hair behind….. Heyy heyy….. Rabba ve plays. Both look into eachother.

Arnav:I still say that I love You Khushi.
Khushi gets up realising their closeness.
Khushi:May be i can re consider your request.
Arnav:What do you mean?
Khushi:I hope you arent stupid enough to understand that… Anyways i can give you another chance.

Arnav in excitement lifts Khushi. And when Anjali entered he puts her down and runs into washroom. Anjali laughs at her brother’s craziness.

Anjali:Why did he lift you?
Khushi:I helped him in a deal.
Arnav:The deal which will make my life di.
Anjali: Congrats.

After few days,

Khushi was trying hard to find Proofs defending Shyam. Finally, she reaches the PA whom Shyam had appointed.

Khushi:My name is Khushi. I wanted to hire you.
Girl:For What?
Khushi:For ruining a person.
Girl:I am an expert in that maam.
Khushi ons video recorder in phone.
Khushi:This is in Raizada mansion.
Girl:Is That Shyam. Jha?
Girl interrupt:I already ruined his life.I got 1crore rupees just for a simple task.
Khushi:Oh great! I was soo happy that he was out of my di’s life.
Girl:You are on Sheetal’s side?
Khushi nods.
Girl:Sheetal is so wicked, she hired me to ruin Shyam’s life.
Khushi:Oh! I must Thank Sheetal then.
Girl:Wait! Why is your phone on.? Tell me who are you?
Khushi:I am Shyam. Jha’s sister.
Girl looks on shocked
Girl:Bu…but you came to hire me.
Khushi:If you want me to stay silent and not to hand over you to police, tell the truth to everybody in Raizada house.
Girl:Please leave me, i will say the whole truth.

Khushi smiles.

Khushi receives Garima’s call

Khushi:Ma what happened?
Garima:Some men came and took Shyam with them.

Khushi is Shocked


  1. Amazing update Vero.. feeling bad for Anjali.. loved it when kushi felt arnav around & thought about their love.. Sheetal is so cunning hope misunderstanding clears.. who kidnapped shyam?

    1. Veronica

      Thank you anaya…. You will get to know soon.

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