Bin Kuch Kahe 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kabeer Fractures His Leg and Myra Takes Care Of Him

Bin Kuch Kahe 7th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abha patches up with Sandy. Myra is surprised and asks Kabeer what did he advice Sandy. Kabeer says just some man to man advice, after all he has arranged so many people’s marriages. Abha sees Kabeer and Myra together and says they look so cute together. Sandy says Myra should realize that as Kabeer has to join his father’s business soon. Abha informs Sudha and Mandy that Kabeer has to return to his father soon. Mandy says let us get Myra and Kabeer married forcefully. Abha says it is a bad idea, they have to convince Myra to accept Kabeer’s love.

Shekhawath sees Myra engrasped in thoughts and calls her, but she does not reply. He thinks she must be in depression and thinks of informing Sudha. She reaches Kohli house and meets Sudha and Mandy and tells them that Myra must be in depression. Kabeer comes from work. Sudha asks look who has come and asks Kabeer to meet his friend. Shekhawath
hugs Kabeer. Kabeer says he will return from washroom, then they can chat peacefully. He walks towards his room. Shekhawath walks behind him to ask about Myra. Sudha rushes and tries to stop him. He falls on Kabeer and Kabeer falls on stairs and fractures his leg. Sudha calls doctor. Doctor says Kabeer got a hairline fracture and cannot move for weeks. Sudha thanks him and he leaves. She then happily hugs Shekhawath and thanks him. He gets excited and ass what did he do. She says he is like a family member and says Myra and Kabeer love each other, but Myra does not want to accept it, so if Kabeer says here for 2 weeks, Myra will serve him and get closer to him. Mandy comes and hifi’s with her. Shekhawath also excitedly does same. Sandy and Abha come to check Kabeer. Sandy checks his leg and asks if he loves Myra so much that he fractured his leg himself. Kabeer says he did not, but Sudha and Shekhawath must have planned.

Myra brings dinner for Kabeer. Kabeer comes out of washroom. She asks why did he get up, he would have called her for help. He says he went to loo. She keeps food. Sudha comes and asks Kabeer when is he going. He says Tuesday. She leaves. Myra says he cannot go this Tuesday as his doctor has advised him to rest for 2 weeks. He says he promised dad to return this Tuesday. She feeds him food. He asks why she does not want him to go. She does not reply and continues feeding. They get engrasped into each other’s eyes. Tu thodi der aur teher jaa…song..plays in the background. Myra reminisces romantic moments spent with Kabeeer. Abha brings turmeric milk for Kabeer and alerts them. They nervously get conscious. Abha says he has to drink turmeric milk to recover soon. Myra says he has to, else how will he go back. He says he does not want to. They force him to drink him. He limps away. They both laugh. Abha goes down. Sudha and Mandy scold her to stop her overconcern like a mother, they wanted to give some space to Myra and Kabeer to get them closer, but she is interfering between them. Drama continues.

Precap: Abha sees Myra sad and asks what happened. Myra says Kabeer tells he loves her. Abha asks why don’t she consider his proposal.

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