limitless love but u r correct for it SS -shot 1

Hi friends it’s a SS ( only containing few shots means hardly 5 or 6 parts )
So here we go ~~
The huge college gate is shown , entering into a gate there r one group of girls is shown . they were chit chatting with eo. (It’s a second day of college & the group of girls r in first year)
1 girl : today I will not leave that boy. Now today his turn of ragging from my hand , what he will think of him self bl**dy , now swara Bose will show him her real dare.
( yes the first girl is swara )

2 girl : chill yaar , we will show him but what is his name ?
Swa : think for a while then I don’t know yaar , but I will clearly identify him .
3 girl : OK , we will Wait for his entry in college.
Now the 2 girls r chit chat with each other on other topic & swara think yesterday’s flash back.
FB Start

It’s is the first day of first year students in AISC college.
Some boys r seating on corridor & waiting for new ragging students . just than swara pass from corridor .
( the boys r also in first year hehehe)
2 Boy : heyy look lucky she is looking beautiful & perfect for next prank. Pointing finger towards swara
( yes boy 1 is laksh urf lucky )
Lucky : beautiful & she , no yaar she is looking like boring type & bahenji also .
( for first day swara Wear simple patyala suit )
Boy 3 : aary wo sab chodo & think about prank na .
Lucky : OK bro , now see
Lucky : hey miss bahenji come here . ( to swara )
Swa : what , me ?
Luc : yes u only

Swara comes near them .
Lucky: first year ?
Swa: yes & u ( she is bold & cleaver )
Lucky ( chuckle ) : what is ur name ?
SWA : swara , swara Bose

Lucky : we r seniors of u ( lie) & u have to do what we will say .
Swa : what ? Not at all
Luc : hey , how dare u to talk like this with ur seniors , now sing a song for us .
Swara think for some time & nodes ( actually swara likes singing very much from childhood & do what ever for her singing )
Swara start her singing , she is very superb Singer & she sang a song in her melodious voice .
All other students gathered there & listing carefully her melodious voice. After some time she end it .
All r praising her . but to her surprise lucky told
L : what a ridiculous , ur singing is like a buffalo shouting for food banhhh….banhhh( try to write buffalo voice ) (& he lie to tease her)
All students laugh. & lucky continue
L : now for this boring singing u should bear a punishment.
Swara get teary eyes because first time someone told her that she does not sign nice.
L : now listen , who will enter first in corridor u have to kiss him.

Lucky’s friends silently told him that
Bhai she sign superb yaar & what punishment wo bhi kiss .
L : chill bro , just wait & watch.
After listing the punishment swara’s eyes get widened but tears r continuously flowing from her beautiful brown eyes.
L : now ready for it .

1 person enter from corridor . but after seeing that person all students & especially lucky run away from that place.
Swara get confused but her eyes , nose r red & she is continuously sobbing . but taking as chance she run to her hostel before seeing that person. But that person see her clearly.
Flashback end
Now present.
Now swara & her friends waiting for lucky.
Then meantime the black Mercedes Benz comes in front of college gate. & two handsome boy’s came out off car. One is wearing black tuxedo looking dashing charming & other one is lucky & also looking charming. But lucky is wearing simple college clothe.
Swara point her finger towards lucky & told her friends that he is that idiot. After seeing both of that person swara’s friends told
1 friend : array Swara he is

2 friend : ( seeing other person with lucky ) b..ut …but he ( little bit scared)
But before her friends hold her anything lucky & that person comes near them . actually Swara cut their way by her little dangerous vice on them.
S: ooh hello , u come with ur new friend. (To lucky)
Lucky bit his nail & try to calm her & that other person with lucky staring both of them.

L : hey look we will talk later on .
S : oooh now ur r scared . let me till u today I will show u real dare.
L : look miss u don’t know who he is ( point towards that person ) , & we r late for class.
S : oopps I really don’t know him , but I know that he is like u , rich spoil brat who always tease people.
She comes near that person & told him
Swara’s friend try to stop her but all in vein & that person also give some sign to her friends that not stop her.
S : how dare u to wear tuxedo , today is not party in college or ur coming from ur late night parties & all.
All widened their eyes except swara . swara continue
S : & u r blind or what , u want to see the whole world black , why the hell u r wearing that black goggles. ( she laugh & continue) u r looking like bandar (black monkey with fair skin)
That person get irrigated & anger raise in him.
S : ( to lucky ) now I will give u dare , u have to kiss ur friend.
First Lucky get shock but then told

L : OK but after that u will not living in this world , u r gone miss ( he smirks at her condition)
S : ooh don’t start that u r old drama, now I will not scared of u & u r so called spoil brat ( that other person) I will see my own living u don’t want to get tensed for me. Now do it fast
Lucky comes close to that person & silently whisper in his ear
L : sorry bhai
& kiss on his cheek

S : ooo Mister u r doing cheating
But before she told anything else the class bell ring & principal comes there so Swara ‘s friends drag her towards class room .
But before leaving Swara pour cold water on both of them head . & show her tongue to them . for teasing.
Both get drenched in cold water .
Now Intro
Swara Bose : bold , brave , lovely bubbly Cherish childish girl , she is in first year in her graduation level. Her father is dead & her mother is alive . living in college hostel for study. Love singing most because her dad is sangitkar ( singing master ) & teach her music so she is very attached to music as her father’s memory.

Shamishta shekhar Bose : mother of Swara . she do job in small company for their expenditures & for gaining money for Swara’s study.
Laksh maheshwari : cool , naughty , care free boy. But also topper in college. Love his bhai more than anything but also little bit scared of his big bro but lucky knew that his bro love him a lot & do anything for his happiness . parents dead in car accident that time he is child & now only he have one brother.
Main hero (hehe sorry to give his late intro )
Sanskar maheshwari : good , caring , handsome , lovely guy but for any work very hard working strict little anger & attitude. top most business man now a days but also he likes to teach students ( his passion or aim is in teaching) so he joined in college as professor for part time ( only that college he complete his graduation joins in ) in morning he comes in college for his passion means to teach students & then goes to office to handle business. In short he handle both jobs perfectly. His parents died then after that he take all responsibility of business , his study & especially lucky because sanskar is elder bro of lucky & lucky was small age at their parents died.
Now comes to our story ~~
Swara’s friend drag her to class room & told her that u did a big mistake shona.
S : ( confused ) aary what happened to u guys.
1 friend : Swara just now u r insulting , shouting on that person is non other than our professor Mr. Sanskar maheshwari .

Swara get high volt shock & get freez on her place.
S : but friends he is looking very young na . like one of student of this college.
2 friend : yes yaar he is very young & I heard that he is very awesome teacher , he even does not use text book for teaching the subject , he is very intelligent , all students attained his lecture no one have dare to bunk his class.
Swara gulp in fear .
3 friend : more over he is big brother of that lucky. & he loves lucky more than himself & didn’t hurt him at any cost.
Now this is enough for Swara she is sweating like hell .
S : friends I am living the class room , I don’t want to show my face to that professor. Bye

But her friend stop her ( her ek friend kamina hota hai , just a phrase don’t take it seriously ) & told her that we will talk to sir about this & u don’t get worry yaar.
Now Swara is gulp in more fear , sweating hard & seating on bench like hell & thinking how to convince sanskar. & try to give normal look to everyone but not at all succeed in it.
Mean time lucky entered in class with devil smirk on his face , Swara look at him with little anger & ask him
S : you here , u r senior na ?
L : nop I am also in first year ( & after telling this his leave to other bench with that same smirk on his face.
Now Swara is getting more fear but to calm her , her friends told her that don’t worry sanskar sir is having second lecture in this class so don’t take more tension & also give us.

Precap : sanky’s entry in class.
Now what will u think guys should sanky punish her or she convince him. Or what will lucky do next.
I really took long time to write it so tell me guys if u r interested in this story or not , if u r than only I will continue it . & plzz give ur valuable comments.
& one more thing the characters r looking like is totally having different shades in further story. So enjoy it & if u want I will add ragini also but it contains less part of
Thank u for reading…..bye…..take care.

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