Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 15)

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Hi evryone
Thanks for all ur love n sweet comments.plz do comment here too with ur words or emojis.plsssssssss

Guys anika friends are very close and they stay in palace almost all days and as it is crown ceremony tomorrow there is no chance of them leaving .

Last part after dining all youngsters showed palace to oberoys.shivika moment.ram asking shivika.shivay shocked n anika it goes……

Shivay confused n shocked looking at anika.
Anika: Mr.confused Singh oberoy, every thing related to me is known by ram sometimes by my saying n sometimes on his own.
Shivay looks at ram and whispers in anika ears: u mean uncle knows everything?
Ram: I know everything from ur car suncreen breaking to ur proposal.
Shivay feeling embarrassed: uncle..I ……
Ram: don’t wry beta I am happy tat I got rid of this devil to u.
Anika punches him in his stomach.shivay smiles at them.
Shivay: so all ur family knows tat…..
Anika: only ram knows everything.
Ram: and ur cousins n friends should also have understood by now.they just called me to come to activity area. Let’s go…
Three go to activity area.
Seeing shivika together cousins start la la la la la la………..omru prinku somu sweety are silent seeing ram.
They 3 come n they too sit on bed along with others.
Cousins: badepapa we called u here to know did u know abt them before only? U must have known na?u hided it from us very bad.
Omru r surprised.
Ram: arey I thought when she will come she will tell…..
Anika: don’t u have any other work?
Ram: if we have also, right know shivika story is very interesting na..( he gives HiFi to ani cousins)
Anika holds his neck by both hands: shivika??? ……stop it ram.u have work after tomorrow ceremony na go n concentrate on it.
Meanwhile omru pulls shivay and ask him in low tone “ does uncle know abt u that u….”
Shivay replies “ he knows more than her friends n cousins know”
Omru shocked.
Rudra: I wish amreshpuri is also like ram uncle then I would had bring all my gfs to my home.
Shiv om pats him on his head.

Dadu enters with a antique box. All get up from bed and stand in front of him.
Dadu:what’s happening? They r our guests and they had a jrny and u all not allowing them to rest? And ram what r u doing here?
Ram: I came to inform prem abt some imp deal bauji.
Anika: acha?
Ram gives her a pleasing angry look.
Dadu: OK listen! Bachein! these are symbol of our family.u all have to wear this for tomorrow ceremony.
He opens ta box and gives 3 rajput brothers bracelets and 3 sissos lockets. ( they are descended form their ancestors) and he finally takes last blue ruby elegant antique locket out.seeing this anika freezes.ram can clearly see tat so do her friends n brothers.( dadu don’t know anything so do shivomru)
Dadu: anu this is ur mom’s.( he comes near her with locket) I know u r so happy to see this ,take it.
He forwards his hand.but anika is tensedly looking at tat locket.shiv om ru notices this.
Ram comes fastly and takes it from dadu.
Ram: bauji I will myself make her wear tomorrow.
Dadu: OK don’t be awake alnight .sleep soon.
And he leaves.

All see anika in tension.anika still looking at locket in rams hand .and now she starts breathing fastly. Ram keeps ta locket in his pocket immediately.
Prem(to divert anu): I am hungry yaar let’s make pizza.its been while.
they all ask shiv om ru sumo sweety prinku also to join.shivay is just looking at anika.ram shakes anika.
Ram: anu let’s cook na.
Anika: ha.
Shivay: anika r u OK?
Anika: ha…ha I am fine.
But shivay can clearly see her face frightened.but he don’t want to make her more tensed.they sart cooking in the kitchen which is in activity room only.they start singing to make aniks out of trance.
Tu he toh Tedi meri rahe
Ulti pulti bate
Seedhi lagti hain….
Tu hain toh joote Moote vadein
Dushman ke irade
Sache lagtein hain…
Joh dil mein tare vare de jagah
Voh tu hi hain…
Jo rote rote deh hasan
Tu hi hain vahi…
Jane kyun Jane kyun…
Dil janta hain….tu hai toh
I will be alright…I will be alright.

Anika too joins and they all sing and dance pulling shiv om ru n 3 girls too.shivay is finally happy looking at anika in her mode back.they all are dancing by side hugging.and shivay is next to anika.he smiles at her n anika too smiles back.
Then they all sit to play cards, dumbcharades.
Anika Is too sleepy tat she is falling on shivay shoulders who is sitting left to her.she again wakes up hearing voices and plays her happened almost 3 or 4 times and shivay is smiling whenever she last anika in her drowsiness makes herself comfort in her dads lap who is in her right side and skips into deep sleep. Evryone seeing her stop making noises n decide to sleep coz anika gets very light sleep. Ram takes her in his arms to her room n lays her down on her bed n drapes ta blanket n turns to leave.he sees shivay at entrance.ram goes to him.
Ram: what happened shivay ?

Shivay: nothing uncle, its …..she was scared looking at locket so day she was scared like this only in darkness( he remembers acp house when they went to search and when they were in basement, seeing darkness anika starts breathing heavily n holds his hand tightly.later Shivay falshes his phone torch but again when they hide behind cupboards switching off lights anika was tat much scared tat she tightly hugged shivay breathing heavily) uncle I thought she is normally afraid of darkness like all girls but seeing her today……..
Ram: u thought right beta.come he takes him out and closes anika room door.
In corridor, omru also present.( sweety prinku sumo left to guest compartment but omru are waiting for shivay)
Ram looking at shiv om ru:
Only family know abt this.but u all r also close to her tats y I am sharing with u. u know ta threat against our will end tomorrow .but they tried a lot to kill anu from the second she night we got attacked when we were going out.anu was 3 years old.they were many men. We tried to fight with them a lot.but their attack was unexpected.avanti took anu n ran towards jungle followed by those men. After sometime fighting with men me n my brothers ran towards jungle.
We searched a lot only to find avanti in pool of blood with many knife cuts.she was not breathing.I tried a lot to wake her up she suddenly woke up and pointed towards ta bush and she passed away in my hands. We searched near bush anu was unconscious with her nose bleeding.

After taking her to doctor, he told bcoz of trauma she gone under severe mental stress and she is skipped to deep said may be she saw avanti brutal murder in front of her eyes.she didn’t woke up for 1 whole world stopped by loosing avanti n seeing anu like that.but she woke up one day finally. But she was not talking to anyone. She was just four years to handle tat depression.we a tried a lot to bring her normal.after 2 years she started smiling ,she started enjoying life.but the truth is tat night never went far from her.she tried to hide it but I came to know when I saw her crying in her sleep.we hided it from bauji and ma so that they don’t get stress.anu was given councelling for many years and slowly she started fighting with her pain.she engulfed herself in all works.she never sits calm.even in nights she does a lot of work until sleep comes on its own.she fights with herself evry second.but still she is terribly afraid of darkness n this locket is her mom’s which she wore tat day.

Saying this ram tears roll down looking at ta locket.he says goodnight and leaves from there.
Shivay tears starts rolling down so do om and rudras. They both hug him tightly.
Shivay: u guys go I will come.
Omru leave.shivay goes to anika room and caresses her face.
Shivay POV: dadi says that I forget to live life handling business all ta time,she says I became strong to fight with this world.I too thought I have to be like this ,emotionless to fight with world.but I was wrong anika.u have a lot of pain in your life but still u live it completely.I am so proud of u and I am so proud of me tat I am imp person in ur life.
He kisses her fore head.and slowly skips into sleep beside her watching her sleeping peacefully.

Next morning:
Shivay wakes up hearing ta voices from outside ta room.he realises he is in anika room.he quickly goes to wardrobe room to hide.
Anika 3 sisoos come along with her 3 friends.”anu….didi……” They woke her up and drages her washroom to freshen up soon.its ceremony today.they all are already in their attires.
She takes bath and comes out wearing bath robe.they gave her dress.she goes to wardrobe room locks ta door and turns.her eyes are widen seeing shivay.she sees herself in bathrobe tat is upto knees n sees shivay.shivay comes near her to explain her what hapned.anika is abt to shout.shivay closes her mouth pining her to ta wall.
Shivay ( in low tone): don’t shout !! I fall asleep in ur room last night and hearing ur cousins voices I hide myself here.
Hearing this anika eyes become more widen.she removes his hand ,pushes him gently n keeps her dress aside.holding her hands she asks” what u mean u Fall asleep in my room?”
Shivay: I mean …..

He stops looking at anu in bath robe upto knees with wet hair n wet face.anika realises again tat she is still in bathrobe hurriedly tries to hide somewhere walking Here n there in room.shivay smiles at her n pulls her closely holding her hand.he rests his left hand on her waist.
Anika nervously looks into his eyes.
Shivay: I must say u r beautiful in this bathrobe too my princess.
Anika hearing this blushes and hides her face in his arms.shivay gently holds her back.anika is just looking down blushing hard.
Shivay: don’t wry u dress up fast I will close my eyes.
Anika smiling looks at him hearing this.
Shivay: what? If u don’t want me to close my eyes I won’t.
He smirks and comes near her.she pushes him
Anika: I agree u r romantic no need to show.just close ur eyes.
Shivay is not closing.

Anika making puppy face: pls shivay.
He smiles and closes his eyes.
Anika smiles and dresses up.
Shivay: can I open my eyes?
Anika: I wore ta dress but…( she is trying to tie threads )
Shivay opens his eyes and is mesmerised seeing her in netted peach long elegant gown.
Anika is struggling to tie ta threads on her back looking down.
Shivay: beautiful!!!!
Anika looks at him: why did u open ur eyes?
Shivay: u said u wore ta dress so ( he looks at her struggling)
He steps forward.anika takes a step back.shivay stops her and turns her around.anika is getting goosebumps.he takes all her hair to one side.there are three steps with deep back cut.he tied ta threads brushing her milky bare back creating shivers in her body.and she is coming more close to shivay.he gently kisses her neck and then her cheek.anika pushes him back.

Anika smiling: I will go out n divert them and u fastly leave from ta room.
She fastly comes out of wardrobe leaving shivay smiling.
Sisters: why r u smiling so much? Actually u r blushing??
Anika: what ?? Why will I blush its just ta dress I love it.
Kirti: seriously u are loving this heavy gown designed by me?
Anika : ha
And she makes them turn to other side by going in front of them.
Shivay peeps out and fastly runs out of ta room to corridor.he sighs a breath of relief and turns to see omru cupping their mouths.
Rudra: I told na bhayya will be in Anika bhabi room only.naughty boy!!
Om laughs.
Shivay: shut up guys let’s go.we should get ready.
Later anika is ready with curly hairs and diamond earrings.Ram comes there.
Ram: anu I bought a new same locket u can wear this.
And he wears that on her neck.( it’s actually avanti pendant only.but he just assuring her with trust)
Anu sissos see her chain which she disagrees to remove.they notice AS pendant n understand ta matter.

Lawn is beautifully decorated with curtons.all the guests are already assembled.
Rajputs come to stage and the princes n princesses are called.all are in peach shades and gests are in white silver combinations.
All stand in centre with anika in middle.anika is looking for sahil( he should be there yesterday only but they got late) finally she sees sahil.sahil comes to stage.anika kneel downs n hugs him with teary eyes.she introduces sahil to evryone.
Sahil: didi I always knew u r angel from heaven see tats ta truth.
Anika: dramebaaz shhhh!
Sahil parents are standing with shivay n his family. He introduces them to his family.
Anika looks at shivay smilingly n is controlling her blush.

Crown ceremony is started.
Anika is elder so she is crowned first with a beautiful diamond studded crown by her dadu.and then her sisters.her brothers are given talwars and Stoll.huge round of applause is going on.
Then its time for royal dance.
Ram takes anika to ta centre and dances with her and leaves she has to choose her partner from all young hot hunks from the crowd.all other royal princes are so excited to dance with her.
Anika goes to shivay smiling.
Anika: would u like to dance with me Mr.oberoy?and she gives her hand.
Shivay : of course beautiful lady.
He holds her hand and they come to centre looking at each other and they start dancing.soon all other princes n princesses start dancing by choosing partners.remaining people also join them.
All couples are beautifully dancing with the pleasant music going on.shivay anika ,avikam avishi,om sweety,Rudra sowmya,ranveer prinku……………

After tat all guests leave.
Rudra takes selfies with all the rajputs mainly his bhabi along with shiv n om.
They all go inside ta palace.Anika soon goes to change her heavy dress.

In afternoon,all cousins n friends gather in backyard.afternoon is the only time they can somewhat enjoy dehradun cool climate.
Ram also takes shiv om ru sweety prinku somu sahil to back yard .
Remaining elders are talking abt business in hall.shivay was also so much interested in was Rudra who dragged him out by naming anika.
All think to play outdoor game.but suddenly avikam(friend) takes anika to side n tells something to her and comes to them followed by confused anika.
Avikam: guys we want share something to u.from now anika is officially my girl friend.
Anika looks at him in shock.shivay is shocked listening this.evryone became statue.
Ram: avikam this is really a stupid joke.
Avikam: uncle its not joke.I proposed her and she said yes just now.
He says this looking at avishi.
Ram: what??
Kirti: evryone know u r friends .
Avikam: and now we r couple.ask anika na if u have doubt.
Shivay: anika what’s this joke?
Anika: ha…..its… . he is saying true.we r couple now.
Screen freezes with anika n shivay tensed face.

Guys surprise is sahil shock is avikam.and don’t wry I will not make shivika far.this bomb is diffused in next part itself.if u like this plsssssssss comment plssssssssss

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      Thank u dear.u will know it in today’s part

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      Thank u cutie pie??
      And ya u will know avikam part in today’s part and avishi is anika u too a lot cutie pie

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