I like you,I don’t love you-An arranged marriage,Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi -Episode 1

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Sona’s POV
I didn’t know what to do.I definitely didn’t want this life.Everyone was just crowding around me and giving me all the attention. Well,I was not used to this attention and I hated it.But then my Sis Elena shrugged me with one shoulder with my Nephew Golu.She was sharing with me that she was married into a very sweet family.Supposedly,I am going to get married to the elder Son of that Family.I looked at him.He looked tall,handsome with those waves falling on his eyebrows.He was wearing a white crisp shirt with a coat over and matching pants.He had those dashing looks that any girl could fall for him.And yes,i proved that in less than a minute.All my 4 sisters went crazy after him.Well,Elena,told me to be excited.I was going to be married to business tycoon Dev Dixit.I snorted in disgust.I hated people who are so money orientated.

Dev’s POV
Oh my god.Im going to be married to her?she is very pretty,but looks like a behenji.Couldnt Ma find a better match for me?Like seriously,Baba also likes her.

The girl’s side consisted of my Mother Mandira,My Father Roy,my eldest sis, srishti,my second Sister,shraddha,my third Sister,Elena and me the youngest,Sonakshi.
The boy’s side consisted of Mr Ranveer Dixit,Sushma Dixit,his Mother..Daniyal dixit his younger brother and ofc,who looked like mr obodro,Dev dixit.In other words,My would be Husband in a week.

The Girl’s side occupied one sofa’s and let the boys’ side to occupy 2 sofas.i got utterly pissed with that as you see im a feminist.Whenever Mom says “You have to adjust beta..they are the boys side”My neurocells just burst.Everyone was giggling away..At what??I didn’t want to get married so I just took out my Arundati Roy book,In other words,My father’s sister’s book.My Mom snatched away the book,almost tearing away some of my pages.She gave me the angry look,and told me to be an elegant girl.
I rolled my eyes and I gave a fake smile.
My family members and Dev’s family members pushed us to talk to eachother,which they called the main gist of arranged marriages.

I started the conversation,like a dumb idiot.
Me:Hi,Sonakshi Roy.24,Nutritionist.
Dev:Dev dixit,26,Business man.
Me:can see that.
Dev:do you really want to get married Sonakshi?

In my mind:
Wait..what did he mean by that?Did he also of want to get married???
Me:I mean…Like..do u Want to get married?
Dev:not exactly…like I mean..ya.i don’t want to get married but my parents want me to.
Sona:Okay let’s do a thing Dev.U say you’re not interested in me.If I say that,Then all that ladki Sharma and all
Dev:You’re a strong feminist aren’t you?

Sona:guilty as charged.
Dev:Hmm..I like feminism.
Sona:I’m impressed Mr dixit.I mean a guy like you…
Dev:guy like me meaning?

Sona:U know..those rich londa types..
Dev:So you think rich guys don’t believe in feminism?
Sona:Yes,Well from my point of view,it’s true because my exes keep on saying that feminism is not right.
Dev:exes huh…how many do u have?
Sona:2.you?u don’t seem to have any girlfriends before.You look like a mumma’s boy.
Dev:I am one.I just had one,Natasha.In college.But we broke up within like 2 weeks.
Sona:Oh I see..rich guy now.See the line of girls behind you..

Sona:So it’s been half an hour.U reject this proposal when we go out now.
Dev:Sonakshi,You never asked me why I don’t want this marrige?
Sona:I don’t need to know..
Dev:But still.
Sona:Still what?
Dev:I mean,like every girl Ma wants me to meet to marry asks me what happened?
Sona:I don’t care.Youre talking as if your ex is my Sister or something.lol.
Dev:I like you Sonakshi.
Sona:I like you too.But Too bad,I don’t believe in love.

Dev:Same here.Once you say those three dumb words “I love you”it just ruins everything.
Sona:Impressive Dev.you don’t seem obodro at all.
Dev:what dro?
Sona:*laughs*obodro.It means rude in Bengali.

Dev:Ms Roy,Don’t judge a book by its cover!
Sona:Yes Mr dixit!lets go now,our family members are waiting.
They both go out..

Dev’S POV:
Oh my god.why was everyone staring at us like that,as if we just murdered someone.
I couldn’t say no,otherwise my dad had a imaginary knife in his hand.I couldn’t say yes,because Sona would have a imaginary knife in her hand.sona takes a step forward and so do I
Together we say:We don’t want to marry.
We smile as kuch rang plays…
Sona’s parents:What why beta?did Sona say anything?did she do anything.
Gosh.like seriously yaar.Her Mother was acting like Bollywood tv serial Mom.yo,it’s just a marrige.just a marrige?

Sona’s POV
Dev’s parents were looking At me.Shit.The death stare.They meant.Whats wrong with our Son?he is the best match you can ever get.

Me and Dev came out,to a better atmosphere,where there was More fresh air.
Dev:kinda tough right?
Dev:Look Sonakshi,it’s not that I love you,or really really want to marry you,but if we say no,our parents will have that 100 years enemity and not even let us be friends because all of that society crap and all.So we have to say yes.
Sona:Have to?I understand,but isn’t there another alternative.
Dev:Not exactly.
Sona:okay fine.

Sona:let’s go.
Dev and sona both,Go in and agree to the alliance.and then came in the stuffing in the sweets of the bride and groom’s mouth.
Sona:Maaa..maaa…I’m a Nutritionist…it’s DAMN unhealthy.
Dev:Ms Roy,learn how to eat this,after all you’re getting married to me
Sona:call me Sonakshi.Your my would be Husband in a week.
Dev:Meet for coffee..cafe cona.4 pm.
Sona:Okay.Wait,Dev.your number?
Mine is 9163937388

Sona:cool.call me.
Dev:Why do boys have to call girls always?
Sona:cuz Dev,if girls calls boys,it’s damn uncool.and that too for a date?nah nah…it’s like showing that in despo.
Dev:feminist I swear to god
Sona:I thought you supported feminism.

Dev:yah I do.
Dev:Yes Sona..
Sona:Relax..I’m just checking..99% boys Lie that they support feminism.
Dev:What makes you say that.
Sona:It’s evident.ill tell you why during coffee tmrw.Bye o ji ae ji suno ji.
Dev:Bye Sonakshi:)It was great meeting Ms Roy
Sona:same here Mr dixit.
They both part ways..

@sona’s room @10 pm.
Shraddha:So you’re thinking about Him huh Sona?
Sona:Di,he is really unique fellow.He supports feminism,he is just like me.Doesent believe in love.
Shraddha:ohho…My Sister finally has fallen in love….
Sona:what nonsense di.I like him.as a Friend. U know I don’t believe in love.
Shraddha:Everyone says that..Until we fall in love..See,I fell in Love with Samar..
Sona:But now see,you’re divorced.Love Doesent exist.
Shraddha:Not everyone’s fate is filled with love.But you,I can see that in your fate Sona.Ma,baba,shristi and even Elena can see that You are destined to fall in love.

Sona’s POV:
Have I really fallen in love with Dev?I mean,he is handsome,he is a good man.He seems perfect for me.i keep that thought in my mind for 3 seconds and it went away.What happened to your bias feminism Sona?
Next day @cafe cona.
Dev arrives.

Sona:you’re a minute late.
Dev:Oh..ms Roy,Punculiaty your middle name?
Sona:indeed Mr dixit.Indeed.
Both laugh.
Dev:I got us movie tickets.
Sona:Movie tickets?to what?
Sona:Hey Dev,Are u doing this to impress me?
Dev:Why would I impress you.Didnt I already say Sona..I like you,not love you.
Sona:Difficult to believe Mr obodro.
Dev:How to Prove Ms Roy?
Sona:I’m a Nutritionist.
Dev:Oh I like gabbar.

Dev:I asked you a question.Youre giving me a random answer.so I’m giving a third answer.
Sona:You’re funny,sweet,Mature and Understanding.You don’t have any bad qualities.Why are u so good?
Dev:So you want to be bad?
Sona:so that I can reject this offer…marrige…hm..
Dev:come on..u just said I’m funny,sweet,mature and understanding.how bad will it be?
Sona:Haha.In a way,I’m lucky I’m getting married to You.
Dev:It’s our engagement tommorow.haiz.
Sona:Yep…Okay see u tmrw would be fiancè.

The next day:
The hall is decorated with flowers and lights.Sona is in a light pink ghaghra and Dev is a white sherwani.

Dev:Ms Roy,you’re not looking bad.
Sona: Don’t try flirting with me.
Sona:I’m bored yaar..I actually hate these ceremonies.
Dev:Then how will we get to know eachother?
Sona:Let’s do something fun..Other than smiling away to these chaachis and chachas whose names I don’t even remember.
Dev:Ok,let’s go out.
Sona:You think it’s that easy?The whole of India is here.Almost.
Dev:Have patience Ms Roy.

Sona:Waiting Dev.
Dev:Ladies and gentlemen.What kind of Function is this.Come in let’s have some party!!
Sona:Brave.Gosh..Am I falling for him…No Sona..I only like him..I don’t love him..remember?i don’t believe in love..
Dev:Come Ms Roy,let’s dance!
Sona:Amazed.Lets go..

The night sets and Dev and Sona exchange rings.
Dev:So,Fiancè,how are u feeling?
Sona:Fiancè dixit,Don’t Keep your hopes high,I still like you only.
Dev:Same here..if u were hoping to hear something else Ms Roy.
Sona:I’m your fiancè now,call me Sonakshi.
Dev:Okay Sona.

The next day @mehendi.

Sona:Dev,Which design should I take?
Dev:Feminist,choose yourself.
Sona:Gosh,Ekdum obodro.
Dev:anyways,I don’t think I have to find my name.
Sona:Don’t even hope so.I don’t love you..
Dev:yes yes..u like me…
Sona:Yep…So,I don’t need to write your name Dev.
Dev:Teke baba..math likho…..

Sona:It’s my kangan tmrw..Omg..
Dev:What’s kangan?
Sona:It’s a ceremony where all Bengali girls are supposed to wear a red and white bangle on each hand to signify that she is married.

Dev:Ms roy.U have kind of become my close Friend.You know i feel really special around you.
Sona:Dev..Are u by any chance?
Dev:Don’t even.
Dev:Sona..what is our future?
Sona:Our house will be on the hills…I will cook for our 10 children,and u will work on the mountains..I can see you work,and I will sing romantic songs..we’ll stay happy Dev..away from the world..
Dev:Everything is ok,except the 10 kids part.

Sona:Shut up..U don’t watch films don’t you?
Sona:Get used to it.Im Bollywood’ mother’s Mother in law huh…

Next day…@marrige.
Dev’s POV
I’m falling in love with her right?haina?crap..what will she think.Why wouldn’t I?why couldn’t I?its so weird na..I like my WOULD be Wife,not love.She likes her would be Husband,not love.But,is this how “like is”or is it how “love is”?

Sona’s POV:
I’m going share everything with a guy I didn’t even like less than 72 hours ago.Is it happening to fast?Do I really like him?or is it love?Is Sonakshi Roy..in love with Dev dixit?
As both of them think,the mantra’s start..
Priest:kanya ko sindoor pehna dijiye.
Dev takes the Sindoor and puts it on Sonakshi’s hairline.

Sona’s POV

Don’t show him any expression Sona..let the marrige finish first.Gosh..im getting married..can u just shut up…
Dev’s POV
Why am I noticing her beauty today..Shitz…Dev don’t fall in love with her… it’s very dangerous Dev…you’re falling in love?you?

Sona:Stop!*as the mangalsutra gets tied around her*i don’t want to get married.
Dev:Finally you have said it.

Mandira:Sonakshi!Everything is done!why do u not want to get married beta?
Sona:Maa,I don’t want to get married.Its my choice.And even Dev Doesent want to get married.
Dev’s Mom:is it true dev?
Dev:Yes Maa..its true..

After 1 month..
Dev and sona is seen at the airport .
Dev:So almost Wife,it was great being your fiancè,but you have to go now..you’ll miss your flight.
Sona:Almost Husband,won’t you miss me?Do you really want to me to go?Dont u have even this much feeings for me?
Sona:ok cut the crap..see this is why Bollywood airport scenes are so boring..they don’t even get to the point.
Both walking towards the gate.

Dev:Anyways,you take of yourself,It was great liking you.
Sona:Same here.
Both to eachother:I like you,I never loved you.
Dev:Bye Sona,Have a safe life!
Sona:Bye dev!It was great being your almost Wife.
They both wave goodbye and walk in opposite directions.
Dev:I like her.
Sona:I like him.

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  1. Erica

    Guys there has been an error this is an OS Not an ff.

  2. awesome. I loved it. but sorry nishi I couldn’t understand the ending. I mean are they married? but other things was amazing…

    1. Erica

      Thanks so much!no they werent married.They just wanted to be friends.

  3. Akshita

    Ending ??that’s not fair yr they loved each other but didn’t believe in love ?
    the ending could have been better and more happier ?

    1. Erica

      Hey akshita!
      I think you believe in love stories na?i mean who Doesent.i didn’t want to make it love story,and I hope you understand that’s why I wrote this OS.Har rishta romantic love se nehe,Dosti ki saath bhi meetha hosaktha hai.To show that,I wrote this ff.not to marry devaakshi off…
      Anyways thanks for reading!

  4. Akshita

    Plzzz write a second part for
    Plzzz ?

  5. Riti1107

    (Guess that’s ur name)

    I APPLAUD you … Seriously
    The ending was bold not because a girl decided against getting married on the day of her marriage but because when u write ff /os there is that baggage that the writer carries to unite the couple or to live up to romantic expectations of the reader at every point in your story even though it may not do justice to the story
    Whatever may have been your inspiration to write this but I liked the ending. Though throughout the story I felt that they’ll fall in llove but I loved it the way it was ❤❤

    1. Erica

      Thank you riti!
      I’m Glad you’re one of the few who understands why I wrote this ff,and what message I want to show thru this ff!❤️❤️

  6. DramaQueen1004

    It was very unique
    i havent read anything like this b4
    But it was surely interesting
    n u know wat? Im going to c noor tmrw in d theatre with my frnds..
    Love u

  7. Ur story is brilliant and writing skill also amazing totally loved it
    But pls write it’s second part

    1. Erica

      Hey tulip!
      What do I write a second part on?see Tulip,my whole point of writing this is to reflect how everyone relationship of love is not based on romantic love but also friendship type of love.

  8. Aarti32

    Amazinggg Nishi ??

  9. Richa144

    Please write second part and let them confess their love.. please please please.. for us

    1. Erica

      Every love story Doesent have to start with love,end with love.Thats quite boring.Love stories are there as well as the culture of wishing Sharica of devaakshi being tgt is there.But my OS wanted to be unique because I wanted to reflect that devaakshi or any other relationship btw 2 parties can not only be filled with romantic love,but also friendship.So,If u understood why I wrote this OS,u wouldn’t ask me to write a second part.

      1. Richa144

        Hey it’s not like that I didn’t understand your POV..it was just like some people love them so much that they want dev n sona to be together. As a writer take it as a suggestion..no need to implement it..and I have a suggestion for you try to be less rude with your readers. Each and everyone has their own way of thinking..last line of your comment was disappointing. Felt bad that I have read your ff n commented on it

      2. Erica

        Hey richa.
        Didn’t mean to be rude yaar..It seems everyone even I school finds me rude.I think I’m a bit too harsh I Guess..Sorry yaar…

  10. Awesome

  11. Shaani

    Really nice story… Loved it… Keep writing…

  12. Yvonne Codner

    Loaded with fun..an unusual end…but happy friendship ending!! Loved it gurrll

  13. V.V.harshita

    This is nt fair yaar…..they love each other but did realise ….???
    Anyways cm bak with another one

  14. Muthash

    Wow… Amazing story…. haven’t read such one before…. the story was just perfect…. and the ending was superb….well done….

    This is the first time I have read your stories…. very impressed….?

  15. Priya12

    Nishi, it was interesting….
    I luved it…
    But I don’t like the ending ….u know me that I don’t like ending with sorrow, seperation…
    So I don’t like that…
    Apart from that…I luved it…
    Pls post some works like this

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