Would you like to watch any kidnapping drama on Ishqbaaaz?

Ishqbaaz is a story of three brothers who complete each other. There like three chapters of one story. It stars Nakul Mehta, Leenesh Mattoo and Kunal Jaisingh as the male leads.
The current track of Ishqbaaz is focusing on Shivaay-Annika’s marriage. Many didn’t like the track as it is a forced marriage but at the same time the fans are excited for the #Grand Oberoi Wedding or #Shivika Ki Shaadi. After marriage a big drama will happen when Oberois will get to know the truth. It will more interesting to watch how Daksh will react. According to a news Daksh will kidnap Annika but it’s NOT confirmed. Nakuul and Kunal posted some photos of Navina aka Tia lying on ground inside a sack. It can also happen that Tia will blame Annika. But if there is any kidnapping drama the it will surely be liked by fans, won’t it? If Annika gets kidnap then Shivaay will get worried for Annika. Viewers will also get to watch Shivika scenes, which is treat for all. Do you want any type of kidnapping or would you like it if there will be any kidnapping?

Ishqbaaz also casts Surbhi Chandna and Nehalaxmi Iyer in female leads. You can share your views through comments.

  1. Priyali

    it kinda depends on who is kidnapped,,,, if its tia then she shld CUT THE CRAP AND GO TO HELL. bcoz i know, being the cheapde person she is, she will surely blame anika,,,
    but if it is anika then its good bcoz if daksh kidnaps her, then shivaay will know he is the stalker and he will be worried 4 anika,,

    1. Neeti

      ri8 said, Annika kidnapping is not comfired yet and Tia’s kidnapping pics are uploaded by leads, but still I hope Annika gets kidnapped, maybe it’s 1st time someone is wanting their fav to get kidnapped, but it is nedded

    2. u both r right!!!if anika gets kidnapped then shivaye will realise his true feeling!!!maybe!?

  2. If daksh will kidnap anika .she get doubt on daksh that he is not nice guy.parellely shivayy worried for anika nd find anika.i think this is a way 2 unite shivayy nd anika together

    1. Neeti

      yes u r r8, but it depends on Gul mam now….

  3. Shivika22kapoor

    Hye darloo tujhe pool conduct karna ka sivaaya koi aur kaam nahi hai kya?
    Vaisa I want Anika to get kidnapped and Shivaay to realize his love ❤ for her and then beat those kidnappers (Daksh or who ever) like hell.
    Daksh Ho toh uska tooh maar maar kar bharta hi banaa de SSO.
    Chal ab jakar aapna ff bhi post kar Lai faltu Mai vailiya marna Sa baaz nahi aayi.
    Bye darloo

  4. Anika Kidnaping Is Better Option

  5. It’s depend on the person who will be kidnapped.
    * If it’s TIA it won’t good to see as surely Tia will blame Anika & This will plant more hatred in Shivaay’s mind for Anika.
    * If it’s ANIKA then it will be good as this will make Shivaay realize his feelings for Anika. Shivika scenes will be there. Loved it.

    So waiting for Anika’s kidnap. (I know it’s not good of waiting like this but can’t help)

  6. Kidnapping scene…. Only if anika is kidnapped not tia

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