Dil Chahta Hai-16

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Ishu’s room,
Ishu:How can it be possible…I also see the image of a girl laughing and a house…..! I have to find it somehow.

Meanwhile in hall,
Khushi:I have only heard such things in movie
Arnav:Thank god that you got to heard it live…..
Rurav smile…Khushi stares at him

Ishra enter

Ishu:How are you Raman?
Raman:I am fine.
Khushi:Ishita where did you go?
Ishu:Just went to bath.
Aarav:Ok Ruhi let’s leave for practice.
Rurav left and there spread a silence in the room which neither Arshi nor Ishra understood.
After sometime Khushita left to office.
On the way to office,
Ishu:Khushi….I want to share something
Khushi(thinking something):Me too
Ishu:Can I speak first
Khushi:Driver take us to my guest house.
They reach guest house.Khushita sit in Khushi’s study.
Ishu:Khushi…I dont know how far you will understand me but I have to share this orelse I will have a bad time fighting it
Khushi holds Ishu’s hand
Khushi:You can and you are free to share anything with me.
Ishu:First of all you are the first outside person whom I am sharing my personal things.So I might seem quiet stupid.I also see those same images which Raman see.
Ishu:I don’t know whether it’s the same….I also see a girl laughing.
Khushi:It can be the same like in many movies they show.
Ishu: exactly my point is this can only be seen in movies…..How does something happen in real life.
(VERO VOICE:Arre ishu aisa vero ki ff mein ho sakta hai)
Khushi:I have the best psychologist for you.
Ishu:Hmm we will see….What did you want to share?
Khushi:I…Ah…I…Feel…Ah.. (she stammers)
Ishu:Go on….U can trust me

Khushi:I…Feel…Ah…Attached to your brother Arnav
Khushi:Dont know…From the day I have seen him I feel connected.
Ishu:Do you know Arnav before?
Khushi:Not really…I dont remember meeting somebody in India.
Khushi gets a call and she excuses herself.Khushi sees Private Number flashing in her screen…After 2 to 3 rings she picks up and asks:Who the hell is this?
The person (let the person be x…Being a math student I should have at least some use of it ?):Koi anjaan sheher mein anjaana anjaani bankar mil hi gaye hai na? (In some unknown place as strangers at last we met right)
Khushi(shocked): Who is this?
X:Wahi joh tum soch rahi ho (The same whom you are thinking)
Khushi:But where did you see me and how did you identify me?
X:Offo…Is it hard to find out about choti?
Khushi:Who is choti?
X:The name which you told me.
Khushi:Okk…But how did you get my number and how did you recognize me?
X:I felt connected to you and I searched about you to my friends and finally found about you completely
Khushi:But…How do I believe it is you? What if you know the story and is trying to trick me?
X:You dont believe me sweetheart?
Khushi(interrupt):Excuse me! Sweetheart? Sorry to say but I havent given you any right for this ok!
X:You are being angry!
Khushi:Yah…why you don’t like tha
X:Arre baba I love everything about you whether good or bad afterall itne saal dil mein hi rakha hai (All these years you were in my heart)
Khushi gets dumbstruck at his statement and stammers:Ah..Ah..I..th….I….nk…
X:Bye..will call you later.
He hangs up
Khushi:Arre hello..your name…Rakh diya bewakoof (He cut the call fool)
Khushi thinking about the person and an idea strikes her mind….She takes true caller and checks the number and find that it is from london and it’s a telephone booth.
Khushi(to herself):That means this guys is from London.
Khushita return back home after few meetings

Rurav practise hall,

Ruhi and Aarav are practicing Armaan enter.The other band members look at Armaan with attitude.
Rahul:Arre these people are from the great St.John’s college and are no.1 losers also (not loud for Armaan to hear but Ruhi heard that)
Ruhi went and slapped Rahul…Aarav gets happy
Aarav(to himself):Thank god! Ruhi slapped Rahul…..Yes so my 1st path is cleared…..But that childhood path is not yet cleared!
He moves closer to hear Ruhi Roar at Rahul.
Ruhi: You have no right to hurt anybody without their knowledge whether it be our opponent whether it be your enemy or anybody…understand
Aarav(to himself):OMG! Yeh toh kaali mata ban rahi hai…aisa kya hua hoga? (She is becoming angry god….what must have happened?)
Rahul:Ruhi dear…Why are you getting hyper?
Ruhi:Dont u feel a bit shame on yourself after me slapping you.
Rahul:Arre it’s you who slapped me so there will be something wrong in what I did.
Ruhi looks at him without any expression…Aarav comes there and asks what happened to Ruhi.
Ruhi:Woh..He said bad about Arnav bhai and Raman bhai so I got angry (Ruhi said sadly)
Aarav holds her by shoulders and make her sit on a chair.
Aarav:Rahul…mind your business ok!
Rahul:Heyy…who are you to say that
Aarav:Shh…Shut up and do your work.
Aarav looks at Ruhi and sits beside her.
Ruhi:I dont like anybody talking bad about my brother thats why I slapped him.
Aarav:Aise logon ke saath aisa hi hona chahiye (With people like him all of us should do like that)
Ruhi smile…Aarav gets happy.

Aarav:I want to say something….Though I flirt with all the girls I don’t know what is bringing me towards you.
Ruhi looks at him shocked
Ruhi:What do you mean? After all what I have shared with you do you think I will sacrifise whatever I had in my mind from childhood….Sorry I cant
Aarav:Just chill…Will you be my…ah…my..best friend?
Ruhi(starts thinking): Yes!(Aarav smiles) but in one condition that you will not let me talk with Rahul
Aarav laughs hard..Ruhi smiles naughtily…Armaan looks at them and smile.

*Hope you all are liking it…I may be busy for a few days from now but will try maximum to upload.Will be back next week

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  1. nice update ishita shared her problem with khushi and khushi also shared she feel connected to arnav khushi got call its arnav i think ruhi slapped rahul very good pls update soon

    1. Veronica

      Arre u guessed somewhat right…… But i wont say the real thing.. And thank you yaar

  2. Kumud

    Awesome vero and I think the person who called khushi with private number will only be Arnav because he’s the only one who can do such a thing to her

    1. Veronica

      Tnx kumud… And yah guess is right

  3. Jasminerahul

    Ishita too seeing similar dreams. Plz reveal what’s ishra mystery.ishu khushi sharing their feelings was nice.khushi too feels connected to arnav. Nice.Is that caller arnav or some one else? Aarav indirectly confessed his love to ruhi.omg .now they are friends. Sweet

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Jasmine will update soon….. I am lil busy with my bros return…. He is coming with his wife back home after their honeymoon so we have a family trip to a few places thats why i am going to be busy till Monday

  4. Zaira

    Episode was very nice vero …….loved the conversation b/w khushita n…khushi is always saying ‘ye filmo mein hota hai’???ishu n Raman have a mystery together ???khushi n that x person talk was so ???☺nnn…….Arav was so cute today ‘is rahul ko hats diya ab childhood ka kya Karen ‘?ruhi is a very wonderful sis…..
    Will miss ur ff ???
    Happy trip????

    1. Veronica

      Thanks sissy…. And yah i will be back soon… Miss you too

  5. nice one….what’s this ishra mystery…try to update next one soon….

    1. Veronica

      Will update soon yaar wait till Monday

  6. Plz solve ishra’s mystery…….? ? ? ?
    Update soon

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