Did you like Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh by its first episode?

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh which has replaced Tumhari Pakhi on Life Ok, on October 7th at the 9.30 PM slot, may have got acceptance in your hearts by its first episode. The story revolves around the main lead Shobha Sachdev, wife of famous minister Samarth Sachdev. She is madly in love with her husband, and regards her arranged marriage very special and close to heart as it has given her a meaning of understanding, love and relationships. She holds her family very close to her heart and for her, Samarth is her world.

Shobha is shown as an ordinary woman who complains about her mum in law to her husband at night. It is her journey how she converts into a strong and independent woman, who becomes an example for everyone. Samarth is exposed to have an affair with a girl and Shobha is devastated seeing his truth in news channels. Samarth declares that he is innocent, though she understand he really cheated her. Samarth’s ties enda with her and she moves on to take care of her kids and Samarth’s family. She gets into the responsibilities and starts leading a new life, just like her sister in law Garima stated, that time can still change her life and love can happen again. Shobha has not failed in her marriage, but Samarth has failed to be a good husband. She still values love and respects relations.

Shobha visits Vikram’s coffee shop with Garima as the shop completed a year and is country’s best one. She leaves a note there on the notice board boasting about her nine years of marriage. Vikram reads the note and throws it, being irritated by women who believe in marriage. Vikram is allergic to love. Shobha’s strong presence in his life is about to happen which will change their lives. What do you think of this show? Let us know in this poll.

  1. Hey don’t u know the full information about this show ?? If u will try to get the whole information u will get to know that this show is not about love as u r saying and ekta kapoor has confirmed it that this show is about the crisis and financial conditions that every women has to face in their lives in absence of their husbands and not about affair as all r thinking so better u gather all the informations of any show before u conduct any poll ! Anyway it looks quite good !

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  3. Hey i never knew this thanks for telling the info aisha.

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