THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE [SS] – (Episode 7)

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Hello everyone!
Thanks for ur response in the previous episode.
Here goes the next episode-
RECAP: Accident



Sanskar was standing in a dark room.
Sanskar-[shouted]shona shonaaaa shona where r u shona
Suddenly he sees swara in a corner. He runs towards her but by his each step she was also moving away. He running so fastly towards her but by same speed she was moving away. At last a big black shadow came and took her away.
Sanskar-no no no swara swara plz don’t go SWARA!!!!
Suddenly he woke from his sleep.
Sanskar-[shouted] swaraaaaa
Listening to his shout the same people came in. Out of them a man in his 60’s spoke.
Sanskar-[lost] swara where r where r u[with tears in his eyes]
man-sir sir calm down sir plz calm down.
But sanskar was only murmuring her name. Tge man jerked him by his shoulder and said.
Sanskar-[gained his senses][with teary eyes] d.d.d.d…….do u know where is swara?plz tell me where is she.
Man-yes sir i know,but sir plz calm down and sit down.
Sanskar-who r u? Where i am? And where is swara plz tell me[sobs]
Man-sir u and ur wife had an accident. I am ur doctor and u r at sunshine hospital. And ur wife…
Sanskar- what happened to her. She is also ok right?
Man- sir ur wife ur wife died at the accident spot only. She had many injuries and ……..
Sanskar-[shocked] no no u r lying [shouted] how could say like that
Man – sir its true ur…..wife died she is no more. Today in the accident she only died and….
Sanskar-[angry] don’t u dare to lie. I know she can’t leave me…
Man- sir sir plz try to remember.[sanskar looks towards him] sir u both had an accident and….
Sanskar started thinking deeply about today morning’s incident…..

Swara- SANSKAR!!!
Listening swara’s shout he looked towards the truck with was approaching them. It had no driver. It seemed liked its brakes were failed. Sanskar didn’t knew anything to do so he said swara to jump. She didn’t . The truck hitted their car. But just before it did swara came in front of sanskar and covered him so he doesn’t get any injury. The mirror of the windshield pierced her back. Soon they both were thrown out of the car. Sanskar’s head hitted a stone and it started bleeding. It pained alot but he ignored his pain and looked for swara. She was lying on the ground in a pool of blood. She was in subconscious state. Seeing her in this state tears made their way from his eyes. He rushed towards her. He took her head in his lap.

Sanskar-[crying] ss.s………s..w.w.w…swara swara
Swara smiled seeing him all right.
Sanskar- [tears continuously flowing] swara u r going to be all right ok all right nothing will happen to u ok….and..
Swara put her finger on his mouth and said.
Swara-[faintly] sanskar…….plz once say I LOVE YOU i want to hear it the last time.
Sanskar-[angry] swara what r u saying nothing isgoing to happen to you.
Swara- shhhh sanskar plz……its my last wish.
Sanskar-[sobs] u swra plz don’t say like that plz…
Swara- sanskar plzzzzz [tears fell out of her eyes]
sanskar-[sobs] i….i….love u shona i love u but plz don’t leave me i will die.
Swara- shhhhh don’t say like that. Now listen to me. Sanskar after i am gone plz move on. Don’t blane urself for anything ok. Plzzzz don’t stop living ur life. Try to love again. Don’t ever thing that the light of ur life is gone, god will send someone else for u ok? And remember i also don’t want to leave u but my time has come sanskar.

Sanskar-[breaks down] swara plz don’t say like this plzzzz……….
Swara- shhh don’t cry….
Sanskar- swara plz i will die don’t go plz………[crys bitterly]
swara- I LOVE U SANSKAR……….
Her hand falls from his hand. Sanskar gets shocked. He shakes her.
Sanskar- swara swara listen na swara….wake up na plz[crys bitterly] swara plz i will do whatever u say swara plz wake up na plzzzz…….[innocently] swara u promised me that u will not leave now why u r breaking ur promise , u only said na we should never break promises now chalo utho wake na swara[shakes her] swara enough of joking now. u know today is our anniversary come lets celebrate. U were so excited chalo wake na . R u angry with me plz leave everything just wake up[sobs] swara plz na swara i will die swara did u heard it I WILL DIE ………i will dieee………
He puts his head on her chest and hugs her tightly in fear of loosing her. He was continuously crying. Soon he got unconscious bcoz of excessive bleeding and tension.
…………flashback over…………

Soon reality hit sanskar, he couldn’ believe that she left him his life left all alone.
Sanskar- no no no no u can’t leave me no u can’t………its all a lie. Yes its lie. Its just a bad dream. U promised u will never me… u can’t[shouts] did u heard it NO U CAN’T LEAVE ME…..
Man-sir calm down sir plz calm down…….
Sanskar-[with blood shot eyes] i am asking u one last time…..where is my wife?
Man-[scared] ssss…….ssir….ur wife is really no more. Sir let me take u to her.
Sanskar-[closed his eyes in pain] ok take me.
They both reached a room. There she was all lifeless.Seeing her he came to know that she broke his promise.
Sanskar- [teary eyes] u all leave this room. I want to be alone for sometime with my beautiful wife.
Man-but si…..
Sanskar-[shouts] LEAVE!

Seeing his anger everyone rushed out of the room. He walked to her bed and sat beside her. He started caressing her face. Tears were continuously flowing from his eyes. Aftersometime hugged her tightly and whispered in her ears.
Sanskar-[anger] u broke ur promise ?right?u know na i never leave them u break my trust. Now i am coming to punish u. I am coming.[he pecked her forehead] meet u later jaan. Bye……and yes….unlike u and ur so called love……I LOVE U…… and i am coming to u to prove it and will punish u so much that u will never dare to leave me……
There was some kind of spark in his eyes. Anger!!! Saying this he pecked her lips and again murmured ‘I love u ‘ and and smirked evily with tears in his eyes and went out of the room.
He done her last rights till night. During every ritual he was very silent no one knew how much broken he was.

Sanskar’s room …….
He was sitting on the bed and thinking about today’s incident. How his life changed. He wanted this day to be the bestest day of life but it turned out to be the worst day of his life. His eyes reflected heart break, anger, passion, sad, guilt and what not. He was soooo angry on her . She betrayed him. So to punish her he decided a punished. He laughed in tears thinking about the punishment. He walked towards a drawer and took out a GUN!!! And walked out of the room. As it was night no one noticed him. He took his car and went to place which he had decorated for their anniversary. It was a cliff like area. That place was still decorated with Flowers, ribbons, his and her pictures, balloons and what not it was looking sooo beautiful. He walked towards the biggest pic. Of swara. He caressed that pic with so much love. He pecked that pic and backed 4-5 steps till he reached the centre of the place. He bend on his knees and looked down. Tears were continuously flowing from his eyes.
Sanskar-[shouts] SWARAAAAA!!!! plz come back plz …….
He breaks down and in anger he starts destroying the whole place. He was destroying each and everything. He was just……

Sanskar-[teary eyes] y u left me swara yyyy!!![angry] i hate u swara! I hate uuuu……. ur this god has always taken everything from me. He has never been happy by seeing my happiness. He always snatches it from me……… he has always darkened my life…..i hate himmmmm……and u what u did u betrayed me, u broke ur promise….. u r worst then ur god atleast he didn’t gave me a hope to live. But u…..u gave me hopes to live and broke them. What was the need to save me today haan what was the need…….. it would have been better if i died ad u would have lived. U would have known the pain swara. U would have known the pain……u took tge better option of dying swara it was a much better option to die rather then bearing this life time punishment of being alive….. u gave me the worst punishment shona ……u gave me the worst punishment…oh sorry u are not my shona u r just swara, my shona always cared for me but u……chalo leave it [laughs dryly] leave it……

He took out a gun from his pocket.
Sanskar-[sadly] let me come to u swara ….. i am going to punish u swara and u r going to regret swara of leaving me alone…..u will regret [shouts] I AM COMING TO U SWARA!!!
Saying this he breaks down and starts crying loudly. After sometime he took the and aimed it at his head and closed his eyes still tears were continuously flowing. He breaths heavily and remembers all their moments. He was about to press the trigger but one hand stops him.
He looks towards the person and his eyes widened after seeing the person. Tears still flowing.
Sanskar-[whispered] SWARA……

Precap-: sanskar finding another reason for living. He finds THE LIGHT OF HIS LIFE……

the end………..

So here was the epi and tell me how was it and plz comment.
Now there are only 2 more episodes left so plz comment.

So this is shubhangi sharma signing off!!!


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