My wife is my true love abhigya abhis mera love story (Part 3)

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Abhi back again hereafter I’ll refer my dream girl as DG n my wife as jnapti don’t be confused try to find out my wife’s true name guys so now let’s travel to my past.

Abhi was shocked to see his DG in front of him again.he went inside his cabin n was sitting in shock the girl whom he thought he would never meet I saw abhi came to senses hearing aa voice may I come in sir he said yes come in.he was again shocked to see his DG slowly he blinked his eyes n asked her to take seat he was confused as to reality or reelity so he drank a glass of water saying what u want in a pprofessional way.she said I’m appointed as ur staff sir he showed her cabin n said best of luck ms.she said thank u sir n went.abhi was in dilemma but he decided to keep his distance from that girl as he is married now he went to his home not noticing what there his leg tripped n was about to fall but jnapti caught him he looked into her eyes through veil over her face he could see her beautiful eyes she too was lost in his eyes
Yaaro Ivan yaaro Ivan
En pukkalin hero Ivan
En penmayai arivan Ivan anbanavan…plays

Abhis mom coughed bring them out from their world. Abhi n jnapti were embrasssed abhis mom said jnapti come here Maa we have to go to temple abhi u too go n get ready abhi was all lost in her he thought her eyes r like magnet oh god one site of her eyes r killing me abhi just leave it n get ready. He went n turned on cold shower he closed his eyes images of his wife’s eyes caught him he opened his eyes nn wondered why she covers herself with a veil.he came out ndressed in blue n black he was abhis mom asked jnapti beta why r u covering ur face with a veil Maa because I wnt him to fall in love with me without seeing me Maa abhis mom said crazy girl n went abhi came down to his surprise he saw his wife too dressed in blue n black he thought whats her name how will I call her hey said oye u wifey STOL jnapti turned n asked me abhi nodded yes n she said my name is jnapti n went he thought how she knew I was going to ask her name.

Here DG was dreaming about abhi she started to like him as soon as she saw him I she muttered in her sleep ur so cute I love u
Abhi n jnapti went to temple along with abhis Maa all removed their slippers abhis mom said u both go in I’ll come later as she got a important call while walking suddenly jnapti shouted ahhh abhi saw a glass pierced her leg he Made her sit n took it out without paining
Tum hi ho plays

He carried her in his arms she tried to protest but he said chip n listen to me she smiled abhi saw Her smiling he thought why I can’t I see her face fully damn god she is as delicate as a flower.
Omg why am I like this I never wished to see anyone s face like this even my DG took
Ponnungala parthathum pammi pora ennathan
Paparapaa nu palla katta vechi pakkava mathitaa plays
Jnapti looks into his.eyes n.totally lost she thought why am.I.feeling my hear beat faster around it because he is my husband or something else.
Abhi stood.before god n made her stand n holding her fr support both prayed to keep the other n whole family safe n happy jnapti tried to move a little but failed n about to fall but abhi caught her
Ennnakunu poranthave ne unakena poranthavan naan
Irubathu varushama naanum ithukena thirinchavan than plays
Both composed themselves n pandit told to apply kumkum on his wife’s forehead abhi too did it he tried to see her face but failed they rounded the the temple meanwhile abhis mom came n all went home.

Precap abhi n DG meet abhi n jnapti to go out while his DG sees them n gets angry.

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  2. So DG n wifey r not same. How? But he dreaming another girl…

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      Thanks bavi fr commenting n abhi has married jnapti in pressurized situation n he loved that DG when he saw at her park,he thought he would never see her again so he agreed to marry jnapti n to forget DG

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