My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) Chapter 9

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chapter :-09..

anamika smiles and turn ..
she looks shocked ..
she see mirror one track come fast towards there car..

anamika :- arjunnnnnnn….

…….in bedi mansion ..

madhavi :- why they got late..

they come home …

akash looks more upset .. he never speak to anyone and run towards his room and close the door..

rajan :- what happened …

arjun :- nothing much papa…
just small accident ..

madhavi :- what accident ..

arjun :- nothing happened mom..
i managed driving but akash ..

rajan :-what happened to akash ..

……..Flashback …..

arjun hears anamika and stopped car in side before hit by the car..

everyone got shocked and breath heavily ..

anshi :- thank god..

suddenly akash face reaction change as angry…. he
got upset suddenly .. he shout at arjun “drive carefully arjun ….”

……….flashback end..

madhavi and rajan in shock..

arjun:- akash got upset suddenly .. he shout at me to drive carefully.. and call him me by my name.. this is first time he call me like this ..

kk:- i think he got more panic ..

rajan :- yes arjun ..krish is right ..

anshi :- go and speak to him..

anamika :- go arjun ..

arjun leave ..


arjun enter in akash room..
his back side only visible to arjun ..
he sit besides akash and hold his shoulder he turn ..

arjun looks shocked when he see akash face .. tears troll from akash’s face..

akash :- bha..iya..
know… wha..t. happened to … me .. i wa..nt to control .. my anger but i.. can..t. so..rry. i hurt .. you…
im..useless ..
(he got panic attack)

arjun slap him and hug him tightly ….

arjun :- shhhhhh… no.. nothing like that.. you are my
brother .. I’ll never get hurt … breath deeply .. please for me don’t cry my champ.. please don’t ..

akash calm slowly and breath normally and close his eyes slowly ..

arjun make him sleep in bed and care his hair and kiss his fore head … akash murmured “sorry “… arjun care him again …

arjun leave his eyes have tears…

anamika come towards him..

ana:-what happened? ?
arjun :- again he get panic attack like before ..
ana:- but again (she also became sad)

arjun :- don’t tell this to anyone .. already everyone in shock this will hurt them more..

anamika hug arjun ..

anamika :-(care arjun face..) we will handle .. ok.. nothing happened to our aki..

arjun nods …


in pooja room..

madhavi make everyone tie the thread in front of god idol..

….ganapathi music plays…


arjun drop akash in academy ..

akash :-(turn) sorry again ..

arjun :-(turn his face) if you want me forgive u na..

akash :- mmm(like innocent baby)

Arjun:- then hug me..

akash Smiles and hug arjun ..

ar:- I’ll never got angry with you in my entire life ..

aki :- (kiss him) thanks??..


In academy ..

akash sit in classroom one girl come and sit besides him..

“hi akash ”

akash in confused :- hi.. but you..

“hi.. I’m anuja .. sister of your anshi di’s friend..”

akash :- you’re the one who tell everything to my sister. ?

Anu:- sorry .. i feel sad when radhika revealed your innocent to everyone. so i want to check you that if you are fine.. i know you.. i seen you in anshi di birthday party ..

akash:- thank .. but when RG tell this ..


AKASH :-i mean radhika

anu tell how radhika react after leave him..

anu:- if you never thought how will i know your innocent ..

akash :- I’m in upset that time that’s why i don’t think about this .. later i think arjun bhaiya did this ..

anu:-(smile) no akash .. radhika only did this..
she is my friend… i know her since long time.. we are friends when she in London also… she never talk like this mush brave .. because of you she talk like this..

akash think how he ignore radhika when she say sorry to him… and kk slap to radhika..


radhu come to class room and sit in last bench …
akash goes near her..

akash :- shhhh..shhh..

radhu looks him..

aki hold his ear and tells sorry in silently..

radhika in confused …

teacher comes to classroom ..
akash return his place .. he search for shivani but never see her..

in silent mood while looking at black board anu and akash speak ..
anu:- why are you turn around ..

akash :- where is shivani ..

anu:- she is not a student..

aki:- what ..

anu:- yes … she is a management head.. she is multi talent .. she looks class and check the lessons, teaching ,and if students are comparable ..
that’s why she come that day..
and also got angry ..

aki in shocked ..

aki:-(in mind) omg.. i should learn her first before steal the cctv footage ..


after the class..

akash run towards radhu ..

aki:- hi..

radu looks surprise ..

radhu :-(smile) if you’re forgive me..

akash tells everything .. how will he got misunderstood her ..

aki :- i want to renew our friendship that’s why i say sorry because after our friendship.. we will never say sorry or thanks …


aki :- I’ll call kk and tell him to say sorry to you..

rad:- but.. that not needed ..

aki :- nooo.. he misunderstood you as ghosty .. that’s why he slap you.. so i want he also clear this misunderstood ..

radhu :-(in mind. I’ll meet him again .. it’s nice)

Aki:- are you ok!

radhu :- ahh.. who is that ghosty.

aki :- your sis..

radhu chuckle..

aki in phone ..
kk:- hello ..

aki:- come to the ice cream shop near the academy fast ..

kk:- hey .. what? ? you got crazy ? ? i never come ..

aki:- hey .. you forget na.. you promise to me na .. you will spend this week like my wish come fast..

he cut the call..

kk:- ohhh goddd..


aki :- radhu we will meet after 15min in ice cream shop ok..

radhu nods..


aki goes to library ..

aki:-(in mind) this ghost get my number and now sms to me to arrived at library..

aki enter library and looks shivani … she read some book..

akash pov..

she is so cute in silent mood.. if she get angry then turn as ghost ..


aki :- mam ..

shivani looks him..

shivi:- go and get second draw first book ..

aki:-(smile with irritated)
ok ..

akash search book with annoying child look..
shivani looking at him lovingly and smile ..

akash feel something and turn and look at her they looked each other ..

…jaana na… plays..

they turns with shyness ..

he get book ..

in mind ..
aki:- I’ll tell her about kk meeting then she will turn as angry bird.. how will handle her..

he lost in thought and never look table .. he hit by this and fall shivani lab.. his head hit by near the table so he faint her lab..

she looked shocked ..

shivi:- akash .. wake up.. come on.. open your eyes ..

she make him sit in floor ..
and going to get water to corner of library ..
librarian come and search but never see anyone .. he close the library …

some shadow come and care akash face..

shivi come with water that shadow disappear ..


kk come to coffee shop but never see akash .. he call him but his phone in switch off..

he about to leave he hit by radhu and she in his hands..


..the episode end with their romantic scene ..

precab:- shivani and akash hide under the table .. akash ask how will we escape from this.. some shadow came behind them.. radhu tell to kk academy classes finished but where akash .. kk and radhu enter the academy Library together ..
…ek..deewana..tha.. plays…

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