My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) Chapter 8

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chapter :-08..

One big palace is shown ….

madhavi and rajan stand before that palace with some guru ji….

madhavi :- guru ji … what happened if anything wrong happened … my children suffer more pain last 2day..

guru ji:- madhavi .. i control that ghost before 20years … but I’m not distroyed that …

rajan :- if that come out!

guru:- if you want to know this.. then you should goes to palace and check that room if that lock broken then it will release .. but one think if you go in then your life will get danger and it’ll come out easily …

rajan:-then what will do know..

guru ji give some thread to madhavi ..

gu:- madhavi tie this to your every family members and never remove this until a shivrathri .. in shivrathri night ghost power will get low that time .. we will check that locked and do the next step… until then don’t make wrong so tie this for your family safe..

rajan :- yes Ji..


in party …

shivani laughing loudly ..
akash look on in irritated suddenly he smiles..
suddenly he jump in chair and shouts..

aki:- snake shivani move…

she got panic of his shouting and move fastly and hit by water class and her hair style turn funny ..

akash smile seeing her hair style.

she is about to scold him but she can’t .. when she looks his eyes she feeling only him and forget that she is in the world .. his innocent smile make her heart weight as light …

… …music plays….

akash feel uncomfortable with her looks …

akash :- madam .. what happened?

shivani:- what happened to you … if you forget of cctv.. you make prank with me..

akash hold his ear ..

aki:- sorry ..
(while he say sorry.. he set her hair beautifully ..

…music plays…

she see her image in water that in near the artificial water fall..
and smiles…

when she turn no body in there only sharanya and varun come there..

varun :- what are you searching ..



…in car while driving …..


bedi members and Gupta members are in different car…

bedi members car… anamika and arjun in front seat..
arjun drive the car and anshi, akash, kk in back seat ..
akash in middle like hold his cheek with his hand…

kk and anshi looks tension
kk pov..
why this radhika enter my life now.. if this is coincident or my bad luck .. i want to forget my past ,my sharanya and everything .. but this radhika make me feel my love again … this time I’ll never hurts my family or fall weak .. this is radhika who grown in London when i love my sharanya .. so I’ll never show any love to her.. if it will be danger to her .. i don’t want to hurt he for my happiness like what happened to sharanya ….
….ek deewana plays…

anshi pov..
varun. .. why him return again .. i want to hate him .. but i couldn’t … i handle many business .. now my every weakness come front me.. why return again .. i fear if love will happened again …never ever… he’s just my brother friend .. just that just that…..

akash pov…

he remember shivani ..
her laughter ..
her caring ..
her hug and her angry…

what is this akash .. she is your enemy .. don’t like her only hate her..

noooo.. she is cute yar..
what will do now…

yes first should snatch the cctv footage then make same punishment then make her your friend ..

hey idiot I’ll kill you stop..

…..pov ends….

akash shout..


arjun stop the car and everyone turn toward akash ..

kk:- what happened devil..

aki:-?(omg I’m gone) .. why so silent all of you !!! mmmm stop..(papa … thanks i mix true with their silence)

Arjun drive car…

anshi and kk looks like nothing ..

akash :- I’m in dance floor bhaiya.. you called me and tell come to car park…
what happened …

…..Flashback ….

in party ..

varun introduces anshi to varun …

varun:- hi…
(forward hand to her)

atjun going to talk in phone ..

anshi smile with tension and about to make hand shake ..
hear arjun talk and turn .. varun also turn …

arjun :- why ma.. what happened? ? anything ser…. what party is not over ma.. mom.. mom.. ok ok.. I’ll come with them in five minutes ok…

anamika :- what happened.

arjun :-mom want we should arrived in five minutes ..

anshi:- then we should go?

arjun :- but.

va:- anything wrong ..

arjun :- no varun nothing ..
we should leave know ..
we will meet soon ok..

arjun ,anamika and varun group hug… anshi smile ..

varun :-ok bye.. (smile and looks when anshi leave … )
anshi also look when he turn …


arjun called to kk and akash to come car park while he arrived car park .. kk also ib there because he want to avoid party (because of radhika)

while arjun make call shivani turn to water fall side and when she turn varun and radhu come towards her and akash leave … varun or radhika or shivani never see him…

…..flashback end…

arjun tell madhavi call and varun meeting to akash and kk..

but kk and anshi in full thought …

akash :- why mom is in somuch urgent ..

arjun :- i don’t get that ..

anamika :- arjun drop me in my home ..

akash :- bhabi .. you also come ok..

anamika :- why?

akash :- because mom call everyone ..

arjun :- you also my family na…

anamika smile ..
arjun hold her hand …

..tum ..hi..ho..bgm ..plays..

akash smile at their cutness and turn to kk side but surprised
kk in blank mood…
akash turn to tell this to anshi she also in same condition .. he in super surprise .. his mouth turn as o sharp..

“what happened them..”

anamika smile towards arjun and turn to the other side and look at car side glass and her face turn as shocked ….

….. episode end with anamika shocked face..

precab- akash in shivani lap… kk meets radhika again …

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  1. Nice episode
    But why it is short ??
    Update next episode fastly na.. pls

    1. Dishani01

      I’ll update long and fast .. I’ll try my best darling ??? keep commenting

  2. Interesting. Waiting for next.

    1. Dishani01

      thank you soo much???

  3. Nice precap.waiting for next

  4. Dishani01

    thanyou so much????

  5. Interesting…Plsss yar update soon..

    1. Dishani01

      ?????Sure.. thanks

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