We are one in heart (an ishqbaaz ff) Chapter 4 Ex oberoi vs Oberoi ..

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in goa..
shivika house…

annika sit in a loan… see thinks of something deep her eyes are vision for that … shivay see annika and he feel she is in sad mood….

after some time one hand service glass of water to annika she turn and see shivay in there…

annika :-(confused mixed anger) I’m not thirsty ..

shivay :- not for that.. if you want to punish me na.. then splash this water to my face like that angry bird annika ..

annika want to control her smile but finally she smiles …

annika about to throwing the water to him but stop.. smile at his childish fear appear at his face like innocent child ..

shivay :- finally .. you forgive me na..

annika :- when that serious singh oberoi turn as sweet singh oberoi ..

shivay :- when my pannika entered my life..

annika hit him playfully ..
a:- billu…

they smile ..

a:- tell me .. why this drama to me…

s:- just a try to convince you..

a:- how will we allow him to Mumbai .. you know him very well.. he never like any person in oberoi mansion .. if he misbehave with him.. then..

s:-shhh.. don’t imagine like this that is just a music combition.. he’ll never meet them..


virat :-I’ll promise you mom..

they turn and see virat and anshi stand near..

v:-I’ll promise .. I’ll never fight with any oberoi or never speak to them until return here…

shivika smiles…

anshi:- then I’ll pack your bag bhaiya ..

virat :- thanks doll..

shivay :- ok now come for a hug..

they hug ..

…music plays…


in oberoi mansion …

sruthi see shivin who sit in garden and drawing something ..


shi:-what this ma..

su:- oh god.. bro don’t call me like that ..


su:- don’t call me like this .. ma or me…
and this is music which compose by my favorite rock star..

sh:- who??

su:- i don’t know.. i forget ..

sh:- then how’ll him became your favorite? ?

su:-because that music stop your art work na..

shivin look upset with her talk and become sad..

su:- why you became sad now.. i also became sad like this when mom scold me .. because of you only .. you only tell this to mom..

shi:- but suhirth bhaiya give your report to me and tell to me that give this to mom so i give that to mom .. i never see that..

su sit in shock..
su:- when i see karan with mom before mom scold me .. i think he do that .. karan also misunderstood you when you give my exam report .. so i also..

she run to shivin and hug him.. and crying ..

su:- sorry sorry i hurt you bhaiya please punish me bhaiya ..

shi:-(with smile) don’t cry princess .. this is small noo biggg small mistake.

su smiles…

shiv:- I’m never tell lie but also never do like this…

they hug and shivin kiss her fore head..
su:-sorry ..

suhirth do some work in his room suddenly su enter his room..

su:-bhaiya! !!!!!

suhi:-(smile with cool attitude) what???

su:-why you..

“I’m the one who tell him to do that …”

su:- di…

karu:-yes your di…

su:- what why??

suddenly suruthi phone rings ..

karu:- speak????


su:-sorry ..

karu:- i know your report that hide by you.. but i want your happiness. so i submit that to your mom .. now mom going to attend the school meeting because your honest activity …. she think you only give that to shivin… i think your friend call you and tell about meeting …

su:- how will you know this meeting ..

karu:- because I’m the one who is the owner of your school .. I’ll never Brock school meeting only break your plan ..

su about ask sorry ..

karu:- not for me…

su runs to gauri and hug her tightly and tells all story and apologize to her… gauri smile and hug her back ..

gauri:- it’s ok but next time don’t hide anything from me ok..
it’s good. or bad.. but your true will beat that…

su nods in agreement …

karvi and suhirth smile …

krish come and see their hugging ..

krish :- oh my god.. again she starts … I’m getting bore with your mistake now a days .. please make some changes like breaking hand, nose or murder ..

gauri :- ohhh shangar ji…

karvi come and holds krish ear…

karvi:- why should she do?? you’re only enough for this type mistakes mera fighter…

everyone smile ..
that time shivin enter with abi..

abi:- why everyone smile ..

he see shuhirth and run to him..

abi:- bhaiya where is omi papa and dad…
i think they will come with you..

everyone looked sad because they know abi miss them two very badly .. om and ranveer went to the business meeting and abi miss them badly .. because he never leaves both of them together … this is first time .. one week is big for him..

shuhirth come to him.

suhi:- mera baby.. they coming tomorrow …

abi :-(disappointed) ok..

he never seen anyone and going to his room and lock …

gauri :- what will do know.. again he got upset ..

shivin :- ma cool.. we’ll handle him you go and rest..

gauri :- but..

karvi:- we are five people in here na..

they look each other with smile ..

gauri nodes and leave …


in goa..

virat in college ..

virat friends …

f01:- virat .. i think Mumbai college team also talented.. that school take championship since this compatition start ..

virat smile ..

virat :- and this is my first Time also.. I’ll break that record.

f02:- suhirth singh oberoi is very power full talent person ..

virat :- oberoi ( shocked)

f01:- yes.. oberoi will never lose anything ..

virat :- then this is their bad luck .. I’ll fight with that oberoi ..

(in mind) ex oberoi vs oberoi
fight begin ..

he smirk ……..???

Precab:- om meet virat and feel some connection with him..??
junior oberoi try to cheer up abi….??

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