Life Partner #OS on Riansh

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The OS starts with……

Vansh: Riddhima Raichand? This is Vansh Raisinghania.

Riddhima: Wait, THE Vansh Raisinghania? The best basketball player at our college, the Greek God, the eligible bachelor? The one who’s probably going to represent India next year?

Vansh: Why don’t we forget all that stuff about basketball and all and instead…focus on the fact that I sit behind you in our Communication class?

Riddhima: Umm, okay. I didn’t realize you knew my name though.

Vansh: Of course, I do, the topper of the class. I also know that when you’re concentrating, you chew on the end of your pen. And that your brow crinkles in this really adorable way!!

Riddhima: Oh my God, stop—that’s so embarrassing.

Vansh: Haha, don’t be embarrassed. Look, I hope it’s okay, I got your number from Aadya.

Riddhima: You know Aadya?

Vansh: No, but she’s in class with us. And I guess it wasn’t as hard to go up to her to ask for your number. It’s just…I always get so nervous when I’m around you. So, I thought it would be easier to text you first.

Riddhima: Wow—this is all so surreal. But I’m glad you texted me, Vansh.

Vansh: I’m glad too. Can I take you to dinner sometime?

Riddhima: Sure.

Vansh: Is tonight too soon?

Riddhima: Actually… I’m free.

Vansh: Good. I’ll pick you up at 7? So, in which compartment do you live in?

Riddhima: Medical. But it’s really far from the Athlete’s compartment….so I can meet you halfway…on the patio.

Vansh: Don’t be silly. I’ll come to you. Just to be clear, I want this to be a date. And that’s why I want to make it special. Got a dress?

Riddhima: I bet I can scrounge something up!!

Riddhima texts her friend Sejal.

Riddhima: OMG, Seju. I need a dress.

Sejal: Haha, are you seriously Riddhu, what have you done to my best friend? She always lives in her kurti and pants.

Riddhima: I’d have gotten mad at you for saying that if it wasn’t true. And if I didn’t have a crisis on my hands. Seriously….I need a dress. RIGHT NOW.

Sejal: Yeah, but why?

Riddhima: You’re never going to believe it. VANSH RAISINGHANIA texted me. He asked me out to dinner tonight.

Sejal: THE Vansh Raisinghania?

Riddhima: Yeah. Seju, he’s so adorable. Like, surprisingly shy.

Sejal: Wait, are you sure you’re talking about Vansh Raisinghania? The Greek God….the one who’s going to play international next year? The one who’s the most eligible bachelor?

Riddhima: Yeah…OMG, I need to cancel. He’s so out of my league. I don’t go on dates that require dresses; I don’t even own a nice dress!

Sejal: Relax….come over. You know I have so many dresses that are about your size. I’ll lend you one of mine.

Riddhima: Okay, will be there in a minute.

Riddhima races out of her compartment room and down the hall. She pounds on Sejal’s door, and after Sejal opens it and Riddhima tumbles in.

Her voice is squeaky and high, and she can’t stop talking.

Riddhima: I’m totally freaking out. Wasn’t he dating Ragini Sharma, like, last week? I don’t look anything like Ragini Sharma. That girl is so blonde her hair is basically the lightest shade of brown. Not to mention, she’s a twig….whereas, I’m not.

Sejal: Haha, well…maybe Vansh Raisinghania wants to knock that out. It’s time for the studious girl to get a chance!

Riddhima: OMG, STOP….I didn’t even think of that. Do you think Vansh is going to expect something? Especially after this fancy date? Like…like….?

Sejal: Don’t be such a loser, he’s a hot athlete. He’s probably used to girls throwing themselves at him…..whereas, you aren’t one of those! And he might have seen some speciality in you!

Riddhima: God! I didn’t even think of that. I was wrapped up in the fact that I was going on a date with Vansh Raisinghania. I think I need to cancel.

Sejal: Riddhima, you said that already. Just go, and if you’re getting a weird vibe…shut it down and never see him again.

Riddhima: Sejuu! Not helping!

Sejal: Let’s just focus on the dress. I have a red one that will drive him crazy.

An hour later, Riddhima is squeezed into a form-fitting dress, that shows off every curve she possesses.

Her hair is swept open, and her eyes are done up smoky and sultry.

Riddhima: Ohhh God. I don’t even recognize myself.

 I don't even recognize myself

Sejal: You look AMAZING. Girl, I’ve been dying to do your makeup for years. I’m glad Vansh Raisinghania gave me a chance to finally try.

Riddhima: He texted just six minutes ago! It says: I’m downstairs. Should I come up? Shoot, Sejal! What do I say?

Sejal: Just say yes.

Riddhima: Okieeee! Sent it.

Sejal: Okay, now GO. He’s waiting…

Riddhima: Ah, bye! Thank you!

Sejal: Haha, no problem. And remember…you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. But I had heard many rumours about he and Ragini Sharma….

Riddhima: Sejalll! Again, not helping.

Riddhima’s heart is pounding in her chest, as she takes the elevator down to the lobby.

When the metal doors open, the sight before her makes her jaw drop to the floor.

Riddhima: Wow.

Vansh: Wow yourself.

Vansh holds out his arm for a long minute before Riddhima registers that this handsome man in a freshly pressed white shirt is waiting for her. She wraps her arm around his, and the pair walks toward his Lamborghini Veneno.

 She wraps her arm around his, and the pair walks toward his Lamborghini Veneno

Riddhima: You’re driving us in that?

Vansh: Yeah, but don’t be worried. I actually…

Riddhima: What?

Vansh: I don’t drink. Is that okay?

Riddhima: Of course, it’s okay.

Vansh opens the door on the passenger side, and waits for Riddhima to get in. Then he races around the other side, and once he’s behind the wheel, he lets out of a big sigh of relief.

Vansh: I’m so glad you’re cool with the no drinking thing.

Riddhima: Why wouldn’t I be?

Vansh: I don’t know—it’s college. A lot of people want to party and get drunk.

Riddhima: I mean, I do like to party, but that’s not the only thing I like to do because even I don’t drink. Also, it’s your choice what you do.

Vansh: Yeah, it’s just….basketball is the thing that makes me special. If I don’t condition my body to play the best Basketball it can, I’m throwing away the biggest gift I was given.

Riddhima: Wow, that’s really cool that you consider basketball a gift.

Vansh: What else would it be?

Riddhima: Well, you’ve probably worked pretty hard to play at your level. I think some people would be a little egotistical about that achievement.

Vansh: I mean, yeah, I worked hard. But I was given a huge leg up by being born with my genes, and we all work hard at what we do. Look at you—you’re one of the toppers and the best public speakers in the class.

Riddhima: Well, that’s just because I come from a big family, you have to be a good speaker to survive in it. But you’re right…I do take all the assignments seriously.

Vansh: So, see? Same thing. You were given a natural gift, but then you worked hard to make it great. Oh, here we are.

Riddhima: The Orient Express? Are you kidding me? It’s impossible to get a reservation here.

Vansh: It’s no big deal—I know the owner.

Vansh pulls the car up the valet and meets Riddhima at the entrance. When she starts walking toward the main dining room, Vansh grabs her hand, leans in close, and whispers in her ear.

Vansh: Not there. This way.

He takes her up a secret staircase in the corner, that leads them all the way up to the roof. There’s nothing but stars for miles—and a single table set for two.

Vansh moves two steps closer to Riddhima as she takes in her surroundings.

Vansh: God, you look—

He captures her mouth with his, before he says another word. The feeling is exhilarating, the hot passion of the kiss in stark contrast with the cool night,

Making Riddhima understand the romance of a rooftop…and it sends her into a panic. Abruptly, she breaks off the kiss.

Riddhima: I can’t. I-I need to go home.

Vansh: What? We should have dinner first.

Riddhima: No, I just remembered… I have to go.

Vansh: Can I at least drive you home?

Riddhima: No, no. I’ll take a cab. Um…bye.

Riddhima races down the stairs, two at a time, and flies out the door. Down the street a bit, she hails a cab. As the car pulls out with her inside, she sees Vansh behind her….standing on the curb with his hands hanging at his sides in defeat.

Two minutes later, her phone buzzes.

Vansh: Riddhima, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kiss you if you weren’t ready.

Riddhima: No, that’s not it. I wanted you to kiss me……But the rooftop, the dinner, this dress, it’s kind of a lot. And I’m not sure it’s me.

Vansh: Yeah, I guess it was a little over the top. But I picked that rooftop because it was under the stars. I remembered that story you told in class…about how your family would go camping under the night sky. So, I thought you’d like it.

Riddhima: Oh, Vansh. I did. I REALLY liked it. And that was the problem.

Vansh: What?

Ridfdhima: Look, I’m just a regular girl who likes camping in the woods, I wear kurti and pants, even when I’m not working out. I can’t be like Ragini Sharma. I’m not the kind of girl who gets dressed up for dates…or anything on rooftop.

Vansh: Riddhima. I’m not that guy either. That rooftop thing with Ragini, it was just a rumour. And ugh, SHE’S the one who made it up. That’s when I realized I couldn’t be with her anymore.

Riddhima: Really?

Vansh: Yeah. I can’t be with someone who’s over-the-top like that. I need a regular girl. A girl who’s more like me.

Riddhima: But I don’t think I am like you, Vansh.

Vansh: You are. And if anything, you’re better. Riddhima, you’re a good person from a good family, you didn’t judge me for not drinking, you’re naturally talented and you work hard at what you do.

Vansh: Please—I want to see you. Where are you right now?

Riddhima: I just got to the parking lot of Medical Compartment.

Vansh: Okay, stay there.

Five minutes later,

Vansh pulls into the lot and parks his car. He gets out, and as he strides over to Riddhima. She feels her body hum. She wants to be with him, or at least, she wants another mind-numbing kiss.

When she finally speaks, her voice comes out soft and shy.

Riddhima: Hi.

Vansh: Hey there—so can we do this? Please? Can we take this slow?

Riddhima: Yes. I think we can.

And this time, it’s Riddhima who reaches out and grabs Vansh by the collar of his shirt. She pulls him down to her and kisses him, pouring her soul through his mouth and into his very being.

Strong enough to last the rest of their lives…..and she knows that he’ll always be there for her. She at last found “Her LIFE PARTNER”! Who’ll not judge her by what she wears or looks but love her real self! 

Vansh: I guess let’s go back and have our dinner first!

Hum dil de chuke sanam

Tere ho gaye hain hum,

Teri kasam O ho ho…

Hum dil de chuke sanam

Tere ho gaye hain hum, teri kasam

Ha… duniya kare sitam

Tujh pe mitenge hum,

Teri kasam O…

Hum dil de chuke sanam

Tere ho gaye hain hum, teri kasam




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