Let’s talk about love (kanchi saga…. Few shots by abhilasha (last shot)

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Happy independence dayand a happy janmashtami to all my frnds!!!
This beautiful journey is towards its climax today!!!
I want to thank each and every person who encouraged me with their powerful…inspirational……lovely…..motivating comments…….i didn’t even thought that I would get thos much love….but it means really a lot…so lets start with the last shot !!!!!!!

Scene 1
At mm…post wedding rituals!!
Kanchi worshipping and ttook blessings from god and sanchi’s father!!!
Isha- yr we are missing something
Pragya- what ??
Isha- idiot stoling shoes of our jiju!!
Pragya- abe haa…how could we forget that???

( many of u wont be familiar withthis but it’s an important ritual in hindu wedding to stole shoes of ur brother in law basically sister’s hubby)
Ishagya slowly went towards kabir’s shoes which were kept outside the temple of mm…both picked them up and run away!
Kanchi comes outside the temple…
Kabir- my shoes???
Sanchi understood whole matter and giggles…
Swara- kabir sir ur shoes had been stolen!!
Kabir- what??……….sanchi how theives came in ur house???
Veer- sir do u want to meet those thieves??
Ishagya comes
Veer- sir these are the only thieves of ur shoes!
Kabir- what??
Ishagya- we r not thieves….its a ritual ….kabir jiju just give is what we want??
Kabir-ok what do u want??
Ishagya- 10 boxes of chocolates……..our favorite watches………..and no extra shifts …no record room punishment
Kabir- I can fulfil first 2 but 3rd one no chance !
ishagya- ok for I month……oho….ok one week
Kabir- ok 1 week!…he takes out 2 envelope and gives to them!
Ishagya smiles and give him shoes!

It was vidai time…….emotional atmosphere
Jaya and sanchi hugs and cries ….sanchi hugs sunny and cries!
Kusum amd savitri too became emotional ….ishagya too cries hugging sanchi
Ishagya- now we wont do those antiques at pajama party…..no clubbing….
Sanchi hugs them again
Sanveer too hug and sanchi hugs swara.
Sanchi- take care of this idiot
Jaya- kabir I don’t to say even but take care of my sanchi
Kabir- jaya ma sshe is my responsibility … love……I will take care of her .
Sanchi atlast sits in car and leaves with kabir and kusum.

At kapoor mansion-
Kanchi were welcomed with arti by kusum
Sanchi kicks rice pot and then makes impression of red colour(alta) on floor with her feet
Both goes to temple and took blessings…..then sanchi put impression of her hand on wall.
After then
Kusum brought a big container ffilled with milk and rose petals .
Sanchi and kabir were told to find ring
Sanchi wins
Kusum takes her to room….sanchi sats on bed
Kabir was little nervous
He went to room
He moves towards sanchi and unveils her
Kabir- sanchi are u ready for this?
Sanchi nods in yes
Kabir keep her lips on hers and both shared a passionate kiss and parted aftersometime.
Kabir removes her jwellery and kissed her neck……….
Curtains pull on…both consumated their marriage ….the starts …te cool breeze ….moon ….all saw two souls becoming 1
At morning
Sanchi comes in a red saree with her wet hairs …..she puts vermilion and nupital chain…
She saw kabir who was sleeping like a cute child….she kissed him on his cheek and was going but feels a force pulling her…it was kabir’s hand ….she fell on him …both shared a cute eyelock ……
Kabir – thank u sanchi!
Sanchi- thank u

Both were moving towards each other but kusum calls sanchi ….schi goes
Kusum- beta today is ur first kitchen …do u ….
Sanchi cuts her words in middle and said- I ll manage ma
She goes to kitchen…
Sanchi looks at whole kitchen
Sanchi- wow sanchi u assure maa but u didn’t knw c of cooking
She thoughts for sometime then thinks to call isha and pragya
Sanchi- they also don’t know
She calls swara and ask help.
Swara- sanchi mam do as I m saying
Swara helps her and sanchi makes lots of dishes
Kusum and kabir eats … and praises her….
Sanchi- actually credit goes to swara …..i dint know it
Kusum- no worry beta ….but still I m impressed.
She gifts them shimla honeymoon trip tickets….
Kanchi goes shimla for their honeymoon and then come and work for sdch

After 5 yrs of mrg-
Kanchi are talking about some case ….
Ms Fernandez with scareful impression
On her face- mam and sir she had came….and most disastrous thing he has also came
Kanchi- what?????…….how?????
Both ran towards reception and calls swaveer and ishgya on way to come to reception….
All 6 reached there to wittness world war 3
Kanchi- hey u I wont spare u duffer…khadus ….akdu…..donkey……..
Swar- u lizard ……idiot girl…….cyclone……….bandariya
( kanchi- 4 yr daughter of kabir and sanchi.
swar- 4 yr son of veer and swara)
Both were fighting like cat and dog
Kanchi and swaveer calm them down.
Isha- how cute!!
Pargya- and dangerous at same time

(Pragya is married to sohum while isha is married to garv and both have baby of of 1 yr)
Sanchi- how many times I have to make u understand kanchi that u shouldn’t fight like this ……this is all because of ur father …hehad spoil u.
Kabir- hey don’t say anything to my daughter….she is my princess
Sanchi- but becomes devil ? with swar…..bechara.
Kanchi- ms tsunami he isnt bechala ….he ish bad….gada gada gada…..mai uchko cholungi ni…….papa tc of ur ms tsunami
Sanchi- papa ki chamchi.
Kanbir- any prblm????
Sanchi leaves while kanbir gives high five.
After 8 yrs of mrg
Kabir is running towards a 2 yr boy ……
Kabir- sabir …….my son…pzzz have this milk or ur mom wont spare me
Sabir- nooooo……mm…..mum….
Sanchi comes from outside with kusum ……and was shocked to see the condition of house

Sanchi- I went for only 3 hrs …and its looking like 3 yrs
Sabir runs to sanchi…….
Sabir- ma…..hitter……sc..o..d me
Sanchi- do u mean hitler?
Sabir nods-
Kabir-maa ka chamcha
Sanchi kissed sabir
After 20 yrs of mrg-
Kabir- come fast sanchi ….its not ur age to get ready in so much time.
Sanchi comes in blue silk saree with gold embroidery while kabir was in grey suit.
Kabir- but u still look like before … angel
Sanchi- and u r still hot……..now lets move to kanchi’s college function.
Both went to kanchi and swar’s college
Host- now welcome ms kanchi and mr swar for the last performance-
Both danced on lets talk about love ….
Kanchi (kabir and sanchi) looks at each other and smiles memorising their first fight ………..their firat meet ….their steps towards love and side hug.
The end—
I hope I stand upto ur expectations and plzzzzz all must leave a cmnt …..its last yr……….big thank u and hug to all of u…love uh all…..keep smiling!!
Wont say goodbye….i will be back with another sweet story till then take care……… Keep smiling …and bybye!!!!!!

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  1. No words to say dear it’s was mind blowing I will definitely going to miss your writing? but every good thing came to end .lots of blessings and huge hug to u . The last episode was very memorable.u didn’t leave any chance to make every episode fabulous awesome and mind blowing . I will be eagerly waiting for your next writing.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you…. Thank you… So much dear….. I m really gonna miss ur heartwarming comments for sure……. U r such a sweet person I have met…. And ur cmnts too are so sweet….. I m overwhelmed that u like it!!!
      Love uh!!

  2. Yaar the ending was awesome pls came back soon until we miss u my friend…

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and I will miss u too…… I will try to comeback asap!! TV!!

    2. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and I will miss u too…… I will try to comeback asap!! Tc!!

  3. Thanks a lot Abhilasha dear for this super se uparrrr waala updates…kanchi & swar fights..so cute..then sabir..awww..& when he said..hitter scod me…awww…so cute……
    But yaar Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna…. ??
    Something for u dear…
    Good byes are not forever … Good byes are not the end….They simply mean I’ll miss you ..Until we meet again ???

    1. Abhilasha

      O riya u made me emotional dear…… U r really a very sweet… Cute personal…. Luv uh dear….. For sure we will meet and a big walla thank u…. Tight wla teddy hug to u!!!
      These lines were beautiful!!!
      Luv uh… Tc!!

  4. Awesome superb mindblowing and many more

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and I m immensely happy that u liked it!!

  5. Wow it awesome fabulous fantastic so nice kaanchi fighting with swara mumma ka chamcha wow all this were awesome ??come with another ff or OS I will miss you so much bye take care.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear…. Really glad and happy that u liked and enjoyed it….. I will try to write soon!!

  6. Anee

    Hey abhi dear I’m gonna miss ur writing u r owsm mindblowing. And sabir maa ka chamcha and kanchi papa ki pyari wow its beautifully narrated Thankuu so much for share with us a beautiful story. And yaa please write something new fast. I hug you to dear.

    1. Abhilasha

      Huge thank u dear for this lovely cmntd…….. Love of u all is reason for me to write…… A cute teddy hug for u….. Love uh… Tc…….. I will writ asap!!!

  7. Trisha139

    Awww how cuttee from the bottom of my
    Heart; u took my heart today abhilasha ….love u a thousand times ??nd yes I won’t miss ur writings as u hv promised to all of us to come back wd another sweet story like you …?

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much Trishu dear…… U r really a brilliant writer and my inspiration…. To get this compliment is really proudable….. Love uh!!!!
      And I will definitely write something when possible!!

  8. It’s amazing dear . I loved all the scenes from it.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and it really means alot for me.. TC!!

  9. Awesome Yarr.kya comment karu kuch comment kar ae nahi pa rahi hu it is just outstanding

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and I m really happy that u like it.. Tc!!

  10. Neha7873

    Abhilasha ! You just nailed it today . I loved all the scenes specially the shoes stealing and kaanchi and swar fight . We will wait for ur next brilliant story

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you sooo muchhh dear nehu……. Its so sweet of u and glad you like it…. Tc!!!

  11. Hema69

    it’ s so amazing dear
    hope you come with another ff

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and it really means alot for me!! Tc!!!!

  12. AnahitaAnnie

    Abhilasha u ended it.. I am sooo sad but it was such a cute ending.. We got Swar and Kaanchi. U ended it in such an awesome way!!!! Fabulously done episode. I want to comment more and more and say a lot of words in ur praise but I have to sleep and wake up early for school. Last but not the least pls come back soon. I love writing a lot and this has been one of the most amazing stories!!! Love a lot..?

    1. Abhilasha

      Annie dear first of all a huge teddy hug and thank you for such a sweet cmnt……. Don’t be sad….. Its a part of journey and I will surely write something asap but till then and Luv uh a lots and will miss ur such lovely cmnts!!

  13. It’s amazing abhilasha bt I m sad u ended it.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and glad u like it and don’t be sad… Its part of journey and Tc!!

  14. wow its simply outstanding and amazing ff
    ending was so nice
    thanks for such a nice ff
    waiting for your next ff soon

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear sundari…….. It really means alot for me and I m overwhelmed that u like it!!!

  15. Swetatitli

    Awesome episode yaar ??

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear sundari…….. It really means alot for me and I m overwhelmed that u like it!!!

  16. Nutts

    Seriuosly i have no words
    It was amazing n fantastic
    U just won my heart and i hope u will write more stories like this

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and I m sooo muchhh happy that u like it and it really means alot for me and will write whenever possible!!!

    2. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear and I m sooo muchhh happy that u like it and it really means alot for me and will write whenever possible!!! Tc!!!

  17. Awesome updTate and a unique and amzing story wonderful end and loved the fights btw kaanchi and swar amd good names u gave to their children

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you so much dear…….. It really means alot for me and I m sooo muchhh glad u like it….. Tku once again!!tc!!

  18. RuCh23

    So sorry for commenting late Abhi, the ending was really awesome ??? I don’t have words to say how amazing this story is ☺️☺️☺️ Just feel like reading the whole ff again from the beginning. I’ll really miss you and your writing but I know you’ll come back whenever you’re free ??? so until then ???

    1. Abhilasha

      This is so nice of u dear…… And it means alot…. Thank u for this lovely cmnt……..tc!!!

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