Let it evolve Naturally..!! – OS

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Let it evolve Naturally..!! – OS

Sanskar’s pov started..,

Swara and I were very good friend in college. We were so close and everything went well with us. In college and in our respective neighborhoods, everybody thought that we were dating. Even our parents were also has been same opinion about it that we were dating but that was not the real case.

Her beauty was just breathtaking and outstanding. She was so caring and extremely talented and intelligent. She was admired and generally respected by everybody.

We usually walk to college and to the house everyday and we always stayed together in college. We were always sitting and talking about nothing in particular. Everybody envied us. We both felt on top of the world.

One day, I offered her a ring I bought and the next day when we were in her home her father saw it on her finger, ”Wow…!!!You guys are progressing hunn…!! Sanskar you’ve already offered a ring to my daughter..??” Her father asked.

Actually her father and my father were close business friends so they were having wish that I and Swara should get married after settling down in our professional life.

“Stop dad..!! It’s just a ring…” responded Swara.

Same day in the evening we went to my house and my mother saw the ring on her finger.

“The relationship has gone to the next level. My son has offered you a ring, Anyways glad to have you as my daughter in law as your parents and me, Sanskar’s dad also wanted the same”, said my mom.

Swara laughed nervously and responded, “I don’t think I am good for your son.”

“You’re perfect for me, in fact you are the bestest for me.” I responded.

As days passed, we came to discover that we were in love. It was seen whenever our shy eyes met and we smiled.

She told her elder sister Ragini how she felt and Ragini was surprised cause she thought we were already dating.

I also told this thing first to my cousin only ‘Lucky’, he was 1 year elder than me.

Lucky always pushed me to express my feelings to Swara but I was a very shy person then Ragini too always told me in a very logical way but I could not understand.

Lucky tried to teach me how to confront a girl but it didn’t work. It was my very first time falling in love. It’s gonna be so hard, I thought.

I always talked him. So Lucky proposed helping me out and I accepted without thinking twice.

One sunny afternoon at about two after we three Lucky ,Swara and I were watching The Olympic Games in Swara’s living room eating apple and drinking fruit juices.

My eyes frequently met with that of Swara and eventually it made me so uncomfortable, as nervous as I was.

I left her and Lucky inside and I went outside listening to my songs on ear phones. I had no idea about what was transpiring inside.

An hour later, I went in and saw them so close on the living room’s couch.

They were fuzzy when they saw me and Lucky proposed to go outside then that we all go outside for roaming in city.

While outside they both were exchanging pieces of papers and when I asked then they said they’ll tell me later.

After all that drama we walked us home.

At about 10pm when Lucky and I were starts to ahead to our respective rooms for about to sleep then he told me that Swara said that she’ll think about my proposal which Lucky told her by my side.

I was very happy.

Three days later Lucky was well dressed. He wore a white T shirt and a navy blue shirt, a black jeans and a white Air Force1 sneaker.

He told me he was going to watch soccer in the stadium. It was about 3pm and I was playing some video games.

At about 4pm I went to Swara’s house and was surprised to see Lucky there on the same couch and the same position.

Lucky told me that he changed his mind going to the stadium that’s why he was with Swara.

I had nothing at the back of my mind as I trusted them both.

In the night before sleeping again, Lucky told me the same thing which he told me the three days back.

I made up my mind to be as patient as Job.

We couldn’t sleep that night so we decided to play cards to pass the time.

After playing cards for about an hour, Lucky sent me to get a pen drive from his wardrobe’s drawer.

When I opened the drawer, I saw a bunch of folded papers with cute handwritings on them and on the back of one, it was written “I LOVE YOU LUCKY”

And it was Swara’s handwriting.

When I handover him his pen drive then I also gave him the bunch of papers which I saw in his wardrobe’s drawer and he was speechless.

I felt disappointed, scammed, mocked at, disgraced and killed by a person I call a brother.

We slept in our respective rooms without saying a word to each other and became temporal enemies.

The next day at college I tried to look good so Swara should not ask any questions. I even tried to talk to her like my heart wasn’t aching, like I was better off and even happier. But deep inside, I was burning and was broken totally.

After college, I couldn’t stand it so I told her everything and she was ashamed and shocked that I knew about their small secret relationship, but that didn’t stop her from dating Lucky.

All what Swara did with me was now done to Lucky and even thrice than mines because they were dating.

Swara used to come to my house almost every day and did so much funny and interesting things with Lucky.

I consoled myself by writing poems, stories and songs to stop thinking but still I was not myself and I cried myself to sleep every night.

She was the only thing I thought about, dreamt about and talked about.

I felt like something had torn from me like was no longer whole.

My friends and also of Lucky’s and Swara’’s friends, our parents and people in our neighborhoods who knew well about Swara and I they noticed the drastic and sudden change.

Ragini too saw it and I explained everything to her and she was shocked too but I never asked her to say a word to her sister like begging her for me.

All around close people of our were thinking like ‘why should Lucky do this to his brother..??, Lucky is a bad boy, Lucky is a silent killer. And many more comments…Swara too had hers.

On the very first day of summer, I finally got up. I don’t know at exactly what point things started to change…I began spending time with other people. I was doing all I could to stay busy apart from writing and balling.

Gradually I began to have fun by myself with trying to forget my pain. I began to smile finally too laugh again.

I could able to spend whole day without thinking of Swara.

I instead pretended like nothing happened and I became close to her than before.

I became very friendly as she saw a change in demeanor.

One day I was in the living room eating pop corn and watching a Jackie Chan comedy movie and it was fun.

Some minutes later Lucky entered with Swara and they sat on the couch watching TV with me we all laughed but made no comments.

After the movie I was about going out when Swara met me and said she wanted to talk with me.

I had so many things running through my mind. I thought she was calling me to congratulate me for taking it like a real man, to tell me to start talking to my brother, to tell me how weak and foolish I am that I thought that she was also feeling same which I was feeling about her before.

I was so nervous and curious too.

When I met her at the basement, she went down on her knees crying, asking me to forgive her that she was not in love but was lust and didn’t know what she was doing.

She actually confessed that IT’S ME SHE LOVES. I was speechless and confused too, so I left her in tears.

The next day Ragini met me and solicitated on Swara’s behalf and I had no choice because I discovered that I still loved her…so and very much.

Same day Lucky asked for forgiveness and I pardoned him.

Ragini arranged a date for Swara and I and it was so much fantastic. It was like we just met.

There was one bad thing that Swara totally hated Lucky and didn’t even want to see him because he walked around lying that Swara made the move meanwhile he did.

We both enjoyed our summer love and it was o gorgeous.

We were dating for about a month and two weeks but something happened again.

Lucky planned with an opulent friend of his to spoil everything and they did.

They made so much misunderstanding in between me and Swara, they lied to us related about each other’s views and we both too believed them.

It was too hurting.

Swara and I finally broke up.

I accepted the defeat with my head up and my eyes open.

But this time again Ragini took lead and she did everything so well between us and tie I and Swara one more time in beautiful love relationship and with this she also taught us a lesson to believe and trust each others.

Now I and Swara are in last year of college and now we are ideal love birds of our college.

Through our relationship Swara made me realize that she also loves me the same like I love her to the core.

And I have learned some things from my past incidents that,


If you didn’t see it with your own eyes or hears it with your own ears. Don’t invent it with your small mind.
We often want it so badly that we ruin it before begins. Over-thinking, fantasizing, worrying, expecting, worrying, doubting..,


Sanskar’s pov ended.



“The reality is people mess up. Don’t let one mistake ruin a beautiful thing…!!”


“Relationships are all kind like ‘sands held in your hand’. Held loosely, with an open hand, the sand remains where it is. The minute you close your hands and squeeze tightly to hold on, the sand starts to slip through your fingers. You may hold on to some of it but most will be spilled. A relationship is like that only. Held loosely with respect and freedom for the other person, it is likely to remain intact. But hold too tightly, too possessively and the relationship will spoil away and will remain lost only…!!”

It was all kind of bore, SORRY to spoil your mood..!!

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  1. Ameera

    wow all your story have beautiful morals…. its awesome. do keeep writing more os and who knows one day u would definitely be a fantastic author. all the best to have an amaing future with ur writing skills and all ur other hidden skills which i dont know. please do keep smiling. 🙂

  2. Mahavir

    awesome dear….finally my swasan are together…huhuuu..tc….

    1. Sanswa

      Well dea I don’t lyk sad ending which ended up 2 made me cry..
      N not at all in case of my swasan 2..!!

      Thnx 4 giving ur valuable tym 2 read n cmnt..?

  3. IME

    hmmm…….can i borrow ur brain?????? it was soo beautiful

  4. Kakali

    SanSwa plzz dun call it boring… !!! It was fantastic with a great moral.. !! It shows reality.. coz in setials n FFs we get d deep value of love n relationship.. but in real it’s somehow impossible now a days..
    Ur OS is great.. it’s actually awesome with a new view regarding love relation…
    I seriously LOVED it…
    Thnk u.. ;-*

  5. Mica

    sometime even our eyes betray us….
    love it Sanswa..ty

  6. Kaynatk01

    sanswa u wrote so well and at the last so wonderful thought… and i do practice this kinda thought in my life but its so good to read it well am very much fond of ur hot os too

  7. amazing story
    the last para was so true

  8. Praju


  9. Vyshu10


  10. Arshaanya

    I loved it… it was so amazing…
    First u made me hate swara at starting wen she was wid lucky.. as sanky was her frn atleast he shud knw wat his bro n frn was doing… dey both cheated him… dan swara rlzd eveythng n apologised n propsd… n d main part of d story –u shud blve n trust eo..if u dun c or hear wid ur own eyez n ears dun invent it wid ur mind.. we often want something so badly that we ruin it before begins.. over thinking, fantasizing, worrying, expctng,doubting.. LET IT JUS EVOLVE NATURALLY .. u deserve ????

    1. Sanswa

      Ohh tysm BT i think I don’t deserve dis much..

      Let it b, was waiting 4ur comment only..

      Thnx dear..☺

      1. Arshaanya

        Wat u deserve more than dat…
        It was seriously amazing… it is one of ur bst work…m in love wid ur stories… keep writing more n more ???

    2. Sanswa

      Well its ur dat dp’s eyes beauty 2 c goodness only…?

  11. Nice one dear ??????

  12. Simin

    Awesome sanswa
    Message is amazing and soo true
    We usually dont listen and just imagine
    We should trust our love

  13. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr dear.. Loved it.. It’s not boring at all..you gave us a good massage.. Thanks for it..Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  14. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear loved it n the Lesson was Amazing

  15. The story is little confusing… but I understood it…!!! Thoughts and lesson was superb…!!!

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