Laut Aao Trisha 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya calls a press conference and requests reporters to be sensible. She asks them to remember that Pratik and Amrita are tensed about their daughter missing. She calls them. Pratik speaks about Trisha missing and he being tensed. Amrita requests the kidnapper to leave her daughter and to kidnap her and Pratik instead. She says what Trisha likes and dislikes, her cheese allergy, etc. The finish the conference. Lavanya asks reporters to show her final cut. Pratik says Lavanvya with this conference, their business will not get affected now. Amrita is shocked to hear that and asks how can they use their daughter’s kidnap for their business. Lavanya says they have to take care of shareholders also. Vivan who listens to their conversation says he will arrange a campaign at his college. Pratik scolds him and asks him to keep away. Sonali takes him from there and says his right intention will look wrong to others and asks him to be in the room while she goes out and handles the situation.

Vivan gets a panic attack and takes drugs. He removes Trishai’s letter and reminisces Trisha telling that what they did was a mistake, it is not right as they are cousins and to erase everything. He throws her letter angrily.

Amrita calls ACP Kabeer, but he is not reacable. Sanya comes and asks who came to their house. She says they came to interview papa and mama for Trisha. She asks where is Trisha, it has been many days. Amrita says she will come back soon. Servant informs that someone has come to meet her. She goes out and sees Kabeer waiting for her. Kabeer says she wanted to be part of his investigation. She says yes. He asks if she wants to come now or will wait for a muhurat. Amrita gets happy hearing that.

Gaurav holds Nihil’s collar and asks why he wanted to inform about their relationship to Sonali, he would have lost everything because of his stupidity. He asks him to keep away from his house. Nikhil laughs irking Gaurav and asks if he wants to do it publicly and entertain people and suggests to fight privately while enjoying beer.

Amrita searches Trisha’s locker keys and says Kabeer she does not know where Trisha keeps them. Sanya says she knows where she keeps it and shows a box. Amrita finds keys in a box and thanks Sanya. Sanya asks Kabeer who is he. Kabeer says shows her magic trick. She gets happy seeing it and says he knows magic well and asks him to bring Trisha back with his magic. Amrita gets emotional and asks maid to take Sanya. Kabeer says he will learn big magic and bring back Trisha. Sanya thanks him and leaves with maid. Kabeer says we have to go to Trisha’s college and asks her to come with him as Trisha’s friends are not opening up.

Lavanya calls her secretary and asks about Neha. Prem says he sent her out. She asks if Neha is Pratik’s secretary or his. He tells about his hotel booking and says about his plan. She says what else he wants her to explore. He says he has a dark side which she has not explored. She smirks.

Kabeer is traveling with Amrita in his jeep. He says he when killer is standing opposite, he cannot think about killer’s family, either has to kill him or get killed. He says many people are under his doubts. He praises her for her courage and asks her to be ready to get crack calls trying to threaten her.

Pratik gets a call from Neha who asks him to come to the hotel room. He says she would have informed him beforehand. She says she did. He asks her not talk to him like that and asks her to check out of the room. He turns back and sees Lavanya hearing his conversation.

Precap: Amrita finds Vivan’s mistake and slaps him. Kabeer also doubts about Vivan.

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