Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pankhudi’s family upset missing Pankhudi. Bau ji praises Ayesha and talks to Sheela. He says he is going and she asks him to stay. He says next time. Ayesha asks Harish whats the last question. He says you should call me dad from now on, are you ok with it. She says what and hugs her. She holds his hand and says dad. He smiles. Rubel cries funnily and says surprise on surprise, all is well that ends well, the story is not over here. It’s a new start of the story. Adi thinks about Pankhudi and Avantika looks at him. She thinks she has to end this story forever. Ayesha is unable to sleep. She goes to take water and says I will sit in lawn for sometime.

She sees lights on in Adi’s room and goes to him. She sees him looking at Pankhudi’s pic. Avantika drags her far. She asks what is she doing here at this time. Ayesha explains. Avantika says you won’t get anything, by what right are you concerned. Ayesha says I m his wife. Avantika says I m here to take care of him, I don’t want a rented wife for my son, he gave you his surname being pity on you, as Pankhudi will be wife forever. Ayesha says I know Adi did not give me the right of a wife, but I decided to keep this relation. Avantika scolds her.

Ayesha says Adi regards her good friend. Avantika says don’t try to make any relation with my son, don’t show care and concern, don’t be around my son, he is my son and don’t try to make him your personal property. She asks Ayesha to call her Mrs. Kumar, as strangers call her so. She asks her to leave. Ayesha leaves. Its morning, Avantika says she is going in an NGO function. She asks Shanky not to wake up Adi as he slept at 4am. Shanky says but Adi already left. Avantika says he will fall sick if he does so. Shanky says he did not had breakfast also.

Avantika says I have to bring his life back on track. Ayesha does not have food. Nani says she is not eating as Adi is hungry, as she is in love. Sheela hears this and is shocked. Nani says everyone will accept you one day, why do you want to leave your love, Adi needs someone to share his feelings and cry keeping his head on your shoulders. Ayesha thinks about Avantika’s words. She says Avantika is right, my face won’t let Adi move on. Nani says this is your challenge, make AAdi fall for you, not your face. Ayesha says but he loves only Pankhudi, and it happens just once.

Nani says no, is it limited stock to spend and it will end. Ayesha says how can I take Pankhudi’s place. Nani asks her to make her own place and leaves. Sheela hides and thinks Ayesha loves Adi, if she traps Adi in her love then, no I can’t let this happen. Ayesha is upset thinking about Avantika’s and Nani’s words. She says Pankhudi, you can show me the right way now. Sheela comes to Anuj and is angry. Anuj asks whats happening. She takes his newspaper and throws it. He asks what kind of behavior is his.

She says you are also taking Ayesha’s side. He says you need psychiatric treatment and leaves. Sheela s fuming as Ayesha is trapping Adi and says I won’t let Ayesha takeover my everything so easily. Payal talks to Rubel about investing in her store more. Rubel hugs her and says I can’t take more money from company. She gets annoyed and asks about party expenses yesterday. He says we can’t waste money. She says oh, so it will get waste if I use it. She returns his cheque.

He says I m really sorry, I did not mean it. She says its fine, give this to Ayesha and Nafisa. She leaves. Payal is in bad mood and argues with Ayesha. A man from office comes and asks for Adi’s file. Ayesha says she will bring it and goes to see. She gets the file under his pillow and Payal comes to know about the boutique booked for Ayesha. The man gets the file and leaves. Payal and Ayesha have an argument. Ayesha says I feel I m bahu of this house and do my duties.

Adi scolds Shanky and Ayesha for arranging his cupboard and room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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