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Kabir tells Varsha how he cannot sleep at night since everyone is questioning his abilities and asking how he could allow Prateek to be killed. He holds himself responsible for his death. He’s feeling lost and confused as he cannot see who’s the murderer. He fears that Trisha may be harmed next, and he may lose her like he lost his daughter.
At the Grewal house, Meghan misses Bobby & talks to his picture. She says that it’s good that Prateek died. She’s under the impression that Lavanya killed him and avenged Bobby’s death.
The next morning, Trisha calls Kabir to tell him that Amrita is leaving for Kashi to immerse Prateek’s mortal remains in the Ganges. Kabir goes to meet Amrita before she leaves, and provides her police protection (2 police officers) while she’s there. He also assures her that he’ll make sure Trisha remains safe while she’s gone.
Vivaan goes to Meghan and asks for money to buy drugs. He emotionally blackmails her and says that if she loves him, she’d not refuse. Meghan agrees & gives him the money.
The members of the Board decide to hold a Board meeting as Prateek’s death has plummeted their company’s share prices. They decide to hold a meeting at Swaika house.
After Amrita leaves, Trisha goes to a secluded hill top and sits in silence. Kabir accompanies her & talks about how strong Trisha is for holding herself together in this difficult phase. He tells her that she’ll never be alone as he’ll always be there for her. Trisha enquires if he sees his daughter in her. Kabir is left speechless.
At the Swaika house, before the meeting, Sonali tries to persuade Gaurav to claim the CEO position. Gaurav tells her that he’s still in mourning but Sonali remains adamant & says that she’s an “achiever” & will fight for her right.

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At the police station, Kabir thinks how his career may end in case he’s removed from this investigation. He watches Kadam fixing a lamp & suddenly comes up with this plan of keeping 2 dangerous individuals- like 2 live wires of the lamp together, and witness sparks flying off. He decides to keep Lavanya & Kushan under the same roof to see how they behave. He goes to meet the psychiatrist at the asylum, to see if he’ll allow Kushan to be discharged. The doctor agrees & says that his violent behavior was previously triggered by Prateek & now that he’s dead, nothing will provoke him again hopefully. Kushan is much calmer & that’s why he sees no danger in keeping him at home.
Aditya meets Trisha at home & asks her to stay strong as Prateek had always wanted her to be happy.
During the Board Meeting, Lavanya says that she’ll ensure that the company reaches its full potential even in this difficult time. Sonali interrupts her & says that before any decision is reached, they should also consider Amrita’s opinion as she now holds the maximum shares (after Prateek’s death). Lavanya disagrees & says that Amrita is just a housewife with no business sense & so, her opinions shouldn’t be acknowledged. The board members agree with Sonali & agree to wait for Amrita’s return from Kashi.
After the meeting, Lavanya warns Sonali to stop playing games with her.
Kabir meets Lavanya at the Swaika house. She taunts him since he can’t arrest her now after the ballistic report confirmed she’s not involved in Trisha’s shooting. Kabir says that she’s still a suspect & that’s why she shouldn’t expect him to be friends with her. Lavanya warns him not to become her enemy either, or else he’ll pay a heavy price for it. Next, Lavanya accuses him of getting personal in this case & killing Prateek for his own gains. She goes on to say that he’s in love with Amrita. Gaurav & Sonali watch them arguing. Kabir tells Lavanya to stop. Lavanya asks him to deny from the fact that he’s deeply in love with Amrita. Kabir is just shocked & unable to say anything. Sonali grins looking at this drama.
At the hospital, Aditya gets a call from Meghan. She asks to meet him as she’s feeling too low. Aditya refuses at first since he’s working, but when Meghan insists, he agrees to come to Grewal house. After he ends the call, Meghan kisses her phone & says, “I love you Aditya”.
Back at the Swaika house, Gaurav reprimands Sonali for grinning when Kabir was being accused of being Amrita’s lover. Sonali says that there’s definitely something brewing between the two as Prateek also used to stop Amrita from meeting Kabir. Gaurav is disgusted with Sonali’s attitude. Trisha arrives in their room & enquires if Kabir had visited home. Sonali says that Kabir can have other motives of coming to Swaika house (hinting at Amrita). Gaurav intervenes & says that Kabir was there to get some information regarding the case & was in a hurry, and that’s why he didn’t meet Trisha. Trisha leaves their room. Gaurav again asks Sonali why she’s trying to plant doubts in Trisha’s mind regarding the relationship between Amrita & Kabir. Sonali says that Kabir is hiding his love behind his fake veil of friendship. Gaurav yells at Sonali & leaves.
At the Grewal house, Meghan & Lavanya pray & wish Kushan would return home.
At Kabir’s house, during dinner, Varsha notices Kabir isn’t eating. She enquires what’s troubling him. Kabir tells her how Lavanya had linked him with Amrita & accused him of killing Prateek, so that Amrita & him can be together. He tells Varsha that he’s already come out of that phase where he used to have feelings for Amrita & still, Lavanya wouldn’t stop rubbing salt on his wounds. Kabir is worried that this rumor might reach Trisha & she may start doubting Amrita. Varsha tells him to stop worrying about what others say & advises him to ignore Lavanya.
Kabir brings Kushan to Grewal house. He’s accompanied by a nurse & police officers, but not handcuffed. Kushan hugs Meghan & appears to be calm. He’s taken to his room. Lavanya calls Gaurav to tell him that Kushan has returned home. Sonali advises Trisha not to go & meet Kushan as he may attack her. This scares Trisha as she recalls how Kushan used to mishandle her when he had kidnapped her. She runs off to her room crying. Sonali grins. Gaurav yells at her for being insensitive.
After Kushan settles in his room, Lavanya thanks Kabir for returning Kushan. Kabir says that she should thank the doctor instead, as this was his idea, so that Kushan can recover soon when he returns to his original settings. Kabir also clarifies that he’s not mad at her for what she said to him yesterday (linking him with Amrita) but she shouldn’t take him for granted either, as he takes his enemies very seriously. He leaves. Lavanya is confused & feels he’s definitely up to something.

Precap for next Wednesday: Gaurav takes Prateek’s Power of Attorney documents to his lawyer, but the envelope only contains an old newspaper. He tells this to Kabir.
Kabir says that another member of his family will be exposed now.
Kabir takes the newspaper to Grewal house. There’s a solved crossword puzzle in Meghan’s handwriting on it & he questions Meghan about it. Kushan looks at them.

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