Itti Si Khushi 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 3rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Aman telling his mother that he was going for the interview but then had to go for the trials because of Neha. I haven’t even practised, I wont be selected. Kamini ji asks him what if he does get selected. Aman promises his mother that he wont play then. Gayatri ji doesn’t want to fall for his words. That girl makes you dance on your tunes and you oblige her. She is a kid but you are mature enough to understand that you have the responsibility of the whole house on your shoulders. I hadn’t thought that you will change this much after your wedding. I had even told Neha to give up hopes on this matter but she dint pay heed to what I said. You lost your job because of her. The side effects of it are in front of you. now I will go and tell her that she cannot come in our house, and if she will return then she will have to accept our conditions. She understands this language only so I will talk to her this way only. Kamini ji tries to calm Gayatri but Gayatri insists upon going to Aggarwal House right away. please come with me.

Some guy enters Goyal House. Aman assures his mother that he wont play cricket but she continues to walk ahead with Dadi ji. They stop seeing the guy. He has come to meet Aman. You had come for the cricket selection. Why dint you stay afterwards? Aman replies that he had some urgent work so he came home. The guy tells him that he has got selected for NCL. Aman and everyone is shocked. The guy congratulates Aman and his family. he turns to Gayatri ji. I know you must be really happy. your son is really talented which is why he got this chance. Selectors even said that he is gifted and blessed, as no one can play this well after not practising for a long long time. Gayatri ji tells him to praise Aman as it was his hard work. The guy continues to thank Gayatri ji. Aman had your blessing after all. I had to come here for some urgent work. Aman will have to leave for Mumbai tomorrow itself. Your training will start from day after tomorrow. It will last for a month.

Aman asks for some time to think but Gayatri ji refuses to let Aman play cricket. The guy tries to make her understand that the opportunity is very big. So many kids are yearning for it. gayatri ji says Aman has got a new job. He will have to go there from tomorrow. the guy asks Aman about his job. What is this job that is offering you a contract of more than Rs. 25 lakhs and for which you are ready to leave cricket? Gayatri ji and Kamini are surprised to hear the amount. The guy repeats that NCL will sign Aman for Rs. 25 lakhs as per its rule. He will have to sign the contract tomorrow itself and he will get the cheque. Think, if he plays well in future then his contract might turn up for crores. Why do you want to stop such a talented player? Kamini ji tells Gayatri not to think too much now. Aman’s dream will come true, plus the house will run nicely too. He might spend all his life in jobs but even then he wont be able to earn this much. Thank God that our prayers have been accepted. The good news has come in our house after so long. The guy asks Aman if he is coming tomorrow. aman says no. I wont be able to play. Please cut my name from the list. He leaves from there.

Anand decides to talk to Gayatri ji and Kamini ji. We don’t have to listen to Neha this time. Sandeep knows that if Neha gets stubborn then she wont listen to anyone. Aman will have to give up in front of her. anand points out that if that was the case then Aman would have gone to play cricket today but he did not! will Neha spend her whole life at her parents place then? it is our responsibility to make her understand things. We will have to correct her if she does something wrong. Things cannot work out this way. Neha and Akku return home just then.

Neha remarks that if you stick to what you want then even God supports you. they all look at her in surprise. Neha tells them that Aman had come with her for the trials. They get happy. how was it? neha praises Aman. He thought that he dint play well, he left thinking that he will not get selected due to lack of practise. Anand gets worried for Aman. What will Gayatri ji say as he skipped his interview? Neha assures him that everything will be fine. I am sure Aman will become a very big cricketer one day. I have full faith in him. they all smile at her. Gayatri ji questions Neha. What about the trust that we had showed in you? Kamini ji asks Anand the same. he fumbles. Gayatri ji wants to talk to Neha alone. Everyone gets worried. Kamini ji too wants to talk to Sunita ji and Anand ji in private. Neha leaves with Gayatri ji while Anand offers a seat to Kamini ji.

Gayatri ji tells Neha to stop. Why don’t you want to come home? Neha talks about Aman. Gayatri ji knows that Neha loves Aman a lot, and is worried for him. come home for him then. pack your bags. Neha tries to say something but Gayatri ji insists. Neha begins to take out her clothes. Gayatri ji tells her to pack something which she can wear in Mumbai. Neha is confused. Gayatri ji is sending Neha with Aman to Mumbai. He got selected for NCL and he will stay in Mumbai for a whole month. Neha is ecstatic. She hugs her MIL and even gives her a kiss. Sorry, this is how I behave with my mom. Gayatri ji doesn’t mind it. I am your mother too. Neha nods and hugs her again. she goes out after telling Neha to pack her stuff.

Kamini ji accepts their mistake in understanding Neha. We thought that we were experienced but today we got the biggest experience / lesson of our life. Anand ji is worried what Neha and Gayatri ji will be discussing. They are still inside. Sunita ji is sure Gayatri ji will be really upset with Neha. Gayatri ji comes out just then. sunita ji apologizes to Gayatri ji on Neha’s behalf. We cannot understand why Neha is sure Aman wont be happy with his job. Gayatri ji tells them that Neha wont stay with them from now onwards. They are shocked and worried. Sunita ji notices Neha coming out of her room with her bag. They all look at her in confusion. Gayatri ji tells them that Neha and Aman cannot stay with them anymore as they are leaving for Mumbai tomorrow. aman has got selected for NCL so he will stay in Mumbai for a month. Everyone smiles in relief. Neha is also very happy. I am going with Aman to Mumbai. He has become a cricketer now. kamini ji is also happy that they got AMan married to Neha, who never used to listen to her. if you wouldn’t have pestered him then he would have continued with his job. We are all feeling so proud today because of you. sandeep says you will be now famous in whole Agra. Kamini ji nods. Neha asks about Aman. Gayatri ji says he still doesn’t know that I have agreed to send him to Mumbai for cricket practise. You will tell him. neha excitedly turns to go. sandeep says we too will be coming to take his autograph. Neha smiles and then leaves for Goyal House.

Aman calls Divakar ji. Please give me a chance. I will come right away. this job is very important for me. jayanti is pacing worriedly. She gets happy seeing Neha. She apologizes to Neha for her mistakes. Gayatri ji tells Neha that Jayanti cannot stay here till she forgives her. jayanti asks for one chance. Neha has a condition. Teach me your language too. You talk so cutely, though I cannot understand anything yet I like it. everyone smiles. God gives second chance to everyone. I too got another chance after coming out of coma after 12 years. You too will get another chance today so make the best of it. don’t trouble anyone now. Jayanti nods and they share a hug. Neha goes to talk to Aman.

Aman is packing his cricket kit. He is surprised to see Neha. She says I know you are not going to listen to me so I have made a decision. I am leaving this city. He is shocked. She gives him a choice to come with her to Mumbai. He understands that she is talking about Mumbai because of the cricket training. I cannot play cricket. Gayatri ji asks him if he wont go there even if she requests him to. Aman is surprised. Gayatri ji says I never gave importance to your dreams. I had become selfish. I had cut your wings. If Neha wouldn’t have tried then we would have never realised this. Its good that Neha saved me from committing such a sin. Go with your wife, spread your wings. My blessings are always with you. I am genuinely very happy today or I was always feeling guilty. Aman hugs his mother.

Neha and Aman enjoy some happy time together. He says you messed up things a little. I had gone to school to talk about your admission. I even requested them for which they had agreed but how will you study now that we are going to Mumbai. She reasons that she will study through correspondence. I am going to be a cricketer’s wife so I will be really busy. I will have to do all the household tasks so I will handle home and study through correspondence too. This way I will complete my graduation. He wonders if she will not be the same chep anymore. She tickles him and they both end up falling on the bed. Romantic song plays in the background as they continue to look at each other lovingly. He has a lot to say to her but today there will be no sorry, no thank you. he says I love you to her. she says I love you too to him.


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