Laut Aao Trisha 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya says Kushan that she wants Bobby out any cost. Her lawyer says that police found Trisha’s blood on Bobby’s clothes. Lavanya says she does not care what police is doing, she wants her son out. Lawyer says he will see what he can do and goes from there. Lavanya says her son is innocent and cries while Kushan consoles her.

Nikhil asks Sonali to listen to him and he can explain. She says he dated her in college and left without informing her. She was blaming herself for that and thought something is missing in her. Nikhil says he was confused what he needs. Sonali says he thought her as a use and throw paper. Nikhil says that time was serious.

Lavanya asks Meghan if she knows how Bobby got Trisha’s blood on his jacket. Meghan says he must have killed her and should not have done that. Lavanya slaps her and asks how can she think about her brother like that and asks her to go from there. She says Kushan that Bobby thinks Trisha as her sister and it is a conspiracy against him. Kushan says he will get him out soon. Lavanya says her son is innocent and she does not know, how police is treating her. She says nothing will happen to him and he is worried about only one person. She asks who. Just then, Pratik comes with Amrita.

Bobby says Kabeer that he is telling truth. Kabeer says he may have killed her with a knife. He says it is not true. Kabeer shows him Trisha’s erotic book and says his handwriting partially matches with handwriting on firt page. Bobby says he loves Trisha and will not do that, alleges Vivan for that.

Kushan says Pratik that they can talk calmly and says he can explain. Pratik asks what explaination he can give, what he wants to say about blood stains on Bobby’s clothes. Lavanya asks how does he know about blood. He says he also has loyals like she has. Amrita asks Lavanya to tell the truth if Bobby has done something to Trisha and says it is Trisha’s life’s issue and she believes she is still alive. She asks if something else is hidden behind that faceword’s threat. Lavanya shouts that her bobby is not a drug addict like Vivan and he would not do any mistake. She says that faceword message was just an immature call. Pratik asks her to stop shouting at his wife and says he will take this faceword issue to police. Meghan gets worried hearing that. Lavanya asks him not to go to police and says that message was sent by Meghan. Pratik and Amrita are shocked to hear that.

Kabeer looks at Trisha and other Swayka family member’s pics on his board and writes Bobby as suspect. He says we have a story till now that Swayka family’s children go for a party, Trisha meets Vivan on a beach and breaks up with her, now a new twist in the story, Bobby loves Trisha and expresses his feelings to Trisha, he pushes and injures her and gets blood stains on his jacket. Abhay asks what does his instinct says. He says there some different story. Another officer says they both are telling lie, Trisha must have died during their argument and they must have thrown her body in sea. He asks if they can search nearby villages. Kabeer gets angry on him and says we saw a ATM’s CCTV footage of Trisha next day, so she is alive. He asks him not to cook up his own stories. Officer asks Abhay what happened to Kabeer why is he behaving like this. Kabeer says again that he believes Trisha is alive.

Meghan says Pratik and Amrita that she did send message to Trisha, but she did not mean to harm her and cannot think of it. Pratik gets hyper and asks her to stop it. He gets chest pain. Gaurav tries to hold her, but he asks him to back off. He says how can our children do all this, affairs, drugs, hatred, what is happening in our house, every day we are hearing a new secret, he is fed up of his whole family. Amrita gets emotional and reminisces Pratik’s love for his family before and runs behind Pratik. Meghan asks Lavanya why did she take her name. Lavanya says bobby is in jail and it is because of her. She asks to go from there. Meghan goes back to her room angrily.

Amrita gives Pratik his medicine and says he will feel bettr with it. Pratik says all our kids have done that. Amrita says she is feeling bad that our dear ones are betraying us. Pratik says he will not spare anyone. Sanya comes and asks whom he will not spare. Amrita says he will not spare you and will be with you always. Sanya says even she will not leave him. Amrita asks her to go and do her homework, she leaves. Pratik says what if Bobby, Vivan, and Meghan would have killed Trisha. She cries and asks him not to think like that.

Precap: Trisha’s teacher says Amrita that Trisha was worried about her. Kabeer finds Trisha’s hair strand from Bobby’s room.

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