Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj tells Avni that we are going to Delhi, I will get a job there and will get you admission in a college as well. Avni tells him to stop the car, and listen to her.
Sanvri comes downstairs and tells Akshit that Avni’s clothes are missing from the wardrobe, she calls Suket and Bhawna. They come downstairs, Sanvri says Avni has run away from the house; Akshit completes that she ran with Raj.
Avni comes out of the car, Raj asks isn’t she sure he will take care of her. She touches her ears and says that I want to say sorry to you for suffering such an insult for me. Raj tells her never to say sorry to him, just give him a hug and listen to his heart-beat. He kisses her forehead. She says that are you sure we are right, and tells him that her family love him and will accept them soon.
Madhuri and Jashan open the knocking door, Avni’s family come inside and asks where is Raj and where has he taken Avni? Sanvri had called the police, and tells them to arrest them both. Jashan tells them that they can’t arrest them, neither look in the house without warrant. They tell the police to note the number of Raj’s car and look for the car. Abhaas comes there and hears this all. He calls Raj and Avni and tells them all the city’s exits are blocked. Avni asks now. He says that they will send Raj jail if they get them. He says that there is only one way, that you must get married. He tells them to go to the temple of Indranagar.
The police asks them when did you last see Raj, and when did Avni come here for the last time. Abhaas comes inside. Sanvri shows him what they had done, Abhaas says they aren’t telling anyone about them because they themselves don’t know about it and confesses that he helped them both run. Akshit slaps Abhaas; he says you can do whatever you want to, because you people won’t be able to separate them. The inspector announces that Raj’s car has been seen going towards the temple. Abhaas tells them they are going to marry each other. Sanvri was worried and says that we must hurry to stop them. Raj and Avni come to the temple.
Raj and Avni come to the temple. The pandit says Abhaas’ friend told me you want to marry and prepares to start the wedding. Raj drapes himself in a pink dupatta and Avni with a red bridal dress. Sanvri, Akshit, Suket and Bhawna heads in the car to the temple. Sanvri urges Akshit to drive fast. Avni and Raj put flowers into each other’s necks. The family reaches the temple, they all run upstairs but there was no one there. The wedding fire was lit. The police van arrives behind. Sanvri says that they must not have gone far. Sanvri ask them to put that Raj in jail, the inspector says that they both are adult and have right to marry. The police leave, Suket was distressed.
Abhaas was home, when the family arrive Bhawna cries that how can their own daughter betray them. Sanvri says that they will find them, and she won’t leave that Raj and will teach him lesson. She takes Bhawna inside. They were shocked to see Raj and Avni in the house.
Bhawna heads towards Avni and double slap her, she cries asking what she did, she made her ashamed. Avni holds Bhawna and says she didn’t marry. They notices there was no ‘sindoor’ or ‘mangal-sootar’ in her neck. Raj tells them politely that they didn’t marry. Avni says that we had enough time but we didn’t marry because we wanted to get all your blessings. We wanted that love wins only when you people accept us. Bhawna hugs the crying Avni. Raj holds Bhawna to stands up, and says that I want to be with Avni but not at the cost of hurting you; I want to give Avni a happy life and I know how much she loves you people. He gives Avni’s hand in Bhawna and says that she is yours and I am returning her to you; whatever efforts we did to save our lover were wrong, and I apologize for them. He then comes to Suket, and says can I talk to you for five minutes before leaving; tonight has been tough for me as well like yours. I won’t ask anything from you again. Suket leaves out, Raj follows. Avni is worried.

PRECAP: Sanvri says that I will be happy to see Raj behind the jail. Suket says that I know how to end this, its time to marry Avni soon.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Finally they realise that without their family they will not be happy. That was my point from the beginning children make mistakes & expect their parents to go through pain & humiliation. In the end the parents have to accept in spite of everything. That’s not fair.

  2. Atleast they returned home…..

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