Laut Aao Trisha 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik calls Kushan and tells him that he is not happy about his work and asks him to give equal importance to each of his project. Lavanya also backs him. Kushan says he agrees with him, but was just following order, says he will concentrate on both projects. Pratik asks what about the other project then. Kushan asks what does he really need.

Nikhil is enjoying with someone in his bedroom. He hears doorbell, opens door and is shocked to see Sonali out. Sonali says she is disturbed and wants to talk to him. He says he cannot let her in as he has guest with him. Sonali hears male voice from his room, checks in and is shocked to see a nude male on bed. She finally realizes that Nikhil is gay and walks out from there silently.

Kushan asks Lavanya what does Pratik needs. Lavanya says Pratik we can give Kushan 1 week to concentrate on his one project. Pratik asks if this suggestion is from vice president or Kushan’s wife. Kushan gets irked and leaves. Lavanya asks Pratik what is he trying to do. Pratik says he is not running a family show here and wants a responsible person for his company, he says he needs someone else for his project.

Lavanya comes home and sees Kushan drinking alcohol. He asks her what did boss say and says he did it porposefully and wanted to put me down. She says he was just professional. He says he will handle both projects and will show how efficient he is. Lavanya says Pratik knows you are efficient. He says he knows only I can hear his bullshit. Lavanya says we had to take a decision. He asks what decision. She says we needed some efficient person to handle both projects, so we gave it to someone else and it was board of director’s decision. Kushan gets irked hearing that.

Sonali comes home and tells Gaurav that he will not believe what she saw. He asks what. Just then Kabeer and Abhay reach there. Everyone come down hearing them. Abhay ask to hand over dresses which whole family wore on party day. Pratik asks Kabeer why did he leave Vivan when he knows he kidnapped Trisha. Kabeer gives gun to him and asks him to kill Vivan. He says Vivan is not yet proved culprit. Kabeer says without proof when he cannot kill him, how can he ask him to detain Vivan and asks him to do his job. He asks everyone to give their clothes. Maid brings clothes. Abhay checks pic and says same clothes. He thanks them. Abhay asks to give handwriting samples. Kushan asks how can he doubt phupa and phupi. He says he is doing his formality. Pratik angrily asks Kabeer how dare he is to doubt him. Kabeer says he wants to rule out everyone and he is taking even Amrita’s handwriting sample. Everyone give their handwriting sample except Bobby. Bobby pierces his finger purposefully. Abhay asks Bobby to bring his course sample, he will take handwriting from that.

Kabeer asks Trisha’s handwriting then. Pratik asks if he is out of his mind. Amrita gives her handwriting and writes Trisha come back before I lose all my hopes. Pratik then writes Trisha whereever you are, be safe.

Precap: Pratik says Kabeer that he will get out of investigation. Sonali informs Gaurav that Nikhil is gay. Pratik gets irked that Kabeer is doubting even him.

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