Balika Vadhu 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Subhadra tying the Rakhi on Daddu’s wrist and asks for shagun. Daddu gives her money. Then Saachi ties the Rakhi on Shiv’s wrist and feeds him sweets. Shiv gifts her. Daddu gives money to her on Mahi’s behalf. Saachi then ties the Rakhi to Hardik. Hardik gives her money as shagun. Saachi ties the Rakhi to Anandi and Gulli also. Alok says, we shall have food now. Anandi asks Saachi to tie Rakhi to Amol also. Saachi ties the Rakhi. Amol gifts her flower. Saachi thanks him.

Ganga comes to Gauri’s room in saree. Gauri looks at her in amazement and praises her. Ganga tells her that Dadisaa called her outside to celebrate the festival. Dadisaa ties the Rakhi to Jagya and Nandu. Gauri tells Ganga that her kids are very smiling. Dadisaa tells her that Bhairavi is their sister. Gauri is surprised. Dadisaa asks Gehna to make Bhairavi tie the Rakhi to her brothers.

Shiv talks on phone. Then he gets a call from Anandi and she starts laughing. Anandi says, she is happy thinking about their holidays. Shiv says ok we will plan soon. Anandi says, she is very happy. Anandi gives him flying kiss. Shiv says, I am sure something has happened to you. Shiv smiles. Anandi seems to be inebriated and laughs continuously. She thinks something has happened to her. She says, love and laughs.

Subhadra tells Daddu that the sweets are tasty and brings jalebis for the family. Anandi comes inside with Amol and behaves like a kid. Everyone is shocked. Daddu is surprised and thinks what he is seeing. Meenu says, what has happened to her. Subhadra says, Anandi is looking happy. She thinks her bhaang laddo is showing results. Gauri tells everyone about their hectic life. She says, we was happy. Jagya nods. Ganga brings Mannu to have food. Dadisaa asks her to have food with them. Ganga sits to have food. Gauri tells her that it is looking as if you are part of this family. Dadisaa says yes.

Hardik and Gulli come. Hardik informs everyone that he got the job. Daddu congrats him. He takes elders’ blessings. Subhadra gets happy and blesses him. She gives him jalebis. Everyone smiles. Subhadra gives jalebi to Gulli as well. Hardik gets emotional and apologizes to Subhadra. Subhadra looks at Anandi. Ira tells Anandi that Hardik got a job. She gets happy and congrats him. Ira asks, is everything fine. Anandi says yes. They ask about Amol. Anandi says, he is studying in the room. They go to have food. Subhadra smirks.

Dadisaa comes to Jagya and tells him that she wants to talk to him. She tells him that she agreed to bring Gauri here, but not anymore. She does strange things and hurts Ganga. I can’t see Ganga’s sufferings. She asks him to send Gauri as soon as possible. Jagya tells her that he is trying to treat her asap and knows about Ganga’s pain. He says, we can’t tell Gauri about Ganga and me until she gets well. Dadisaa asks him to maintain distance from her. Jagya agrees.

Shiv comes home and looks at Anandi. Anandi behaves normally and asks him to come inside the room. Shiv says, he was checking her mood. Anandi asks, what happened? Shiv says, you were talking mischievously. Anandi says, she doesn’t understand. Shiv shows her some brochure and asks her to tell where she wants to go on a holiday. Anandi says, we can’t go now. Shiv says, you said that. Anandi says, she can’t think of a holiday and goes. She asks him to help Amol in his studies. Shiv and Amol are seen playing video game. Anandi brings tea for Shiv. Shiv and Amol hide the video game. Shiv makes excuses. Amol says, Papa was also playing. Shiv says no. Anandi takes the video game and asks Shiv to teach Amol else he won’t get food. Amol starts studying.

Ganga comes to Dadisaa. Dadisaa tells her that she is preparing for Teej’s Shagun. She is making the thali for her teej. Ganga says, I know Taisaa celebrated Teej with Tausa with happiness. Dadisaa tells her that Basant wanted them to be happy as before. Gehna looks at her. She tells Ganga that God took her husband. She asks Ganga to celebrate the festival else she won’t feel good. She asks her to keep the fast for Jagya and takes promise from Ganga. Ganga hugs and cries.

Ira, Meenu. Anandi and Gulli are making laddoos for Teej. Daddu gets happy. Hardik asks about the fast. Anandi tells him that all the ladies of the house will keep fast for their husband’s. Meenu tells more about the fast. Hardik asks, what does husband do? Daddu tells him that it is a male dominated society. Hardik says, it is wrong. Why not men keep the fast. He says, he will keep the fast for his Gulli. Daddu gets impressed with him. Gulli tells him that this fast is kept by the ladies only. Daddu declares that all the men of the house will keep the fast. Ira says, they don’t agree. Daddu gets emotional as his wife is no more and says he will keep fast for his wife’s memories. Ira promises to make the Teej memorable. They smiles.

Gauri asks Ganga, will you go home to celebrate Teej. Ganga says no and tells her that her husband is out of city. Gauri says, you shall celebrate here and praises Dadisaa. Dadisaa tells her that only Ganga will keep the fast. Gauri tells them that she has decided to keep the fast. Everyone look stunned.

Gauri thinks she can’t do Puja, but can see Ganga doing Puja. Jagya and Ganga are doing the puja. Gauri tries to look at them. Gehna sees her and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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