Laut Aao Trisha 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A girl discusses with her friend that her selection is very important as her parents spent their whole life’s savings on her and will be dejected if her selection does not happen. She goes for doctor’s examination and doc asks if she had any surgery before. She says she had appendix surgery. He asks if she is sure. She asks if she will be selected for national games. He shows report and says she has only 1 kidney. Her parents reach hospital and slap doctor for stealing kidney. Another doctor calls security and shoos them out. Dr. Manish says he did not steal kidney. Reporters throng parents and asks what happened to her daughter. Mom says her daughter is national level athelete and would have been selected at national level, but Dr. Manish ruined her dreams by stealing her kidney.

Court hearing starts. Girl’s lawyer starts and tells Dr. Manish is a criminal and stole national level athletes kidney and she is not telling this, but news paper and TV channels, so Manish should be punished. VK who is defending Manish tells he read a news about finding aliens and dog reciting maths. PP asks what rubbish it is. VK says just like it is fake news, Manish’s news is also fake and he is innocent. PP calls girl Rashmi’s parents who tell how Rashmi got a n appendicitis attack and taking her to hospital. Nurse says they should pay 60000 rs for operation. Dr. Manish interfers and agrees to operate for free. PP says Manish did not charge anything to steal kidney. VK says Manish operated many patients for free. PP says manish is a beast who steals organs. VK asks her to let judge decide that Manish is and calls Manish’s nurse Bebo. Bebo comes into witness box who tells she was present during Rashmi’s operation and her appendix was removed and not kidney. PP questions her and asks since when she knows Manish. Bebo says 4 years. PP asks how well she knows. Bebo asks what does she mean. PP gives Manish’s phone records and tells Manish and Bebo speak on phone for hours and they are lovers. Bebo accepts it hesitantly. PP says since Bebo loves Manish, she is safeguarding him. She says Rahmi was operated twice for appendicitis and kidney removal. She tells how Manish hurried to operate Rashmi one day before and says he wanted to steal kidney in night and people would have seen in the morning. Manish says Rashmi’s condition was critical. PP says hospital’s head surgeon Dr. Amit is also saying same. Amit comes into witness box and says he saw Dr. Manish outside operation room with Rashmi. VK questions if Manish stays in hospital overnight often. He says yes. He asks why he overstayed in hospital. He says he had a critical patient. VK sends him. PP says Dr. Amit was with his patient, so Dr. Manish stole kidney. Manish says he heard some sound from ground floor, so he went to check, hence Amit thought he was operating Rashmi at that time. VK says some third person stole kidney and went from back door. PP says only doctor can operate and back door is always closed, sound may be of cat. VK mimics cat and other anmimal sounds and asks Manish if he heard these sounds. He says no and says he heard some metal sound. VK says someone entered from backdoor and even police who was patrolling saw someone at backdoor. PP says public walk around backdoor and someone must have come there. She says VK is unnecessarily trying to protect Manish.

She calls Manish’s CA who tells Manish wanted to hide his assets from IT and gave him double comission. He says he did not know Manish was using money wrongly, else he would not have helped him. VK asks judge to give him some time to investigate case. Judge agrees.

VK meets Manish in his cell who says he gets cash for operations and wanted to save tax. VK asks if he has any proof. PP says yes.

Next court hearing starts. PP says she has proved that Manish has 80 lakhs in overseas account and it proves he is guilty and asks judge to pronounce his judgement. Judge asks VK to proceed. VK calls a social worker into witness box who tells Manish operated him for free and he paid him in installments later. Manish operates his NGO people for very less fees. VK shows social worker and his NGO people fees paid in cash and says it all amounts to 80 lakhs, so Manish can be punished for tax evasion and not organ trading. PP says she can prove Manish is organ trader and calls Dr. Nitesh into Witness box who tells he had a kidney patient with 0 negative blood group. PP says Rashmi’s blood is also O negative and asks if his client met him after Rashmi’s case. Nitesh says no. PP says Manish sold Rashmi’s kidney to Nitesh’s client for higher amount. VK asks Nitesh to give his client’s name. He says he cannot. VK says he does not have client at all, so he is hiding. He calls Raju into witness box. A wounded man comes into witness box and tells he is an organ trader and says he stole Rashmi’s kidney. VK asks how come he is telling truth. He says his assistants saved his life, so he thought of helping him. He tells he found kidney icebox with code number on table, he took it and went via backdoor. PP says Manish had kept that box.

VK calls Jai singh who is an NRI and bought kidney for his daughter. Judge asks where did he found Jai singh. He found out who is buying o negative blood group kidney and found him. Jai singh says o negative group kidney is very rare, so he bought it in black market and tells he used to contact a particular person. VK says it is a PCO number and PCO owner used to call a person always. Judg asks who is he. VK points at Rashmi’s father. Rashmi father says he is innocent. VK says he will call PCO owner. Jai singh identifes Rashmi’s father’s voice and tells he used to contact him. VK asks Rashmi’s father Bhoopesh who helped him take out the kidney. PP says it must be Manish as he is expert. VK says PP is right, operation is done by expert, but Manish is not that expert. He says he checked hospital staff’s bank account and found Bebo’s account had big bank balance. Bebo denifes at first, but eventually agrees that she stole kidney and gave it to Rashmi’s stepdad Bhoopesh and sold it to Jaisingth. Judge says there are many culrpits in this case and orders Bhoopesh and Bebo guilty for selling kidney, organ trader a simple imprisonment, Manish for tax evasion, and Jai singh for buying kidney and orders to transfer Bebo’s bank account money to Rahmi.

Precap: A man pushes a lady from building and even crushes her head with stone in a fit of rage. VK defends his case.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Francis Joseph

    I liked this serial the best apart from Crime Patrol. It featured the page 3 family crime of the Swaika’s but the serial has turned out to be entirely crap with courtroom nonsense. Please notify if this is going to comeback on track or will it remain the same.

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