Begusarai 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mitlaish calls Priyom and Lakhan on terrace, they come, Maya says to them that dont make Mitlaish drink much, she leaves, Mitlaish ask them to sit and have drinks, Priyom says we are not in mood, he ask them to sit, Priyom says you drink so much that you go out of control then Maya scolds us both, Mitlaish says i will be in control today, Lakhan says once you start drinking, you dont stop it, Mitlaish ask them to sit quietly, they sit.
Bindya is counting money, Assistant(name ghungroo) ask should i help you to count it? Bindya says you are ugly person so stay away from this money, she says this money is mine and have you noticed one thing that they have so much money that they put it in cartons, i feel their walls are of gold, Ghungroo says we will leave after your dance performance, she says who is leaving, he says dont think weird things, they are dangerous, Bindya says i will think weird and will do it too for this much money.
Mitlaish is drunk, he ask what is difference between heart talk and bullet? Priyom says both hit your chest, Lakhan says you are drunk, you should sleep, Mitlaish says no, Priyom says i have still capacity to drink 4 more bottles, Piddi comes there with wine bottle, Priyom says you are still kid and want to drink? Piddi says its my bday, Mitlaish says from now on we 4 brothers will drink together, Priyom says but Piddi is still 18 years old and we drink after 12 years old, Mitlaish says Piddi will not drink wine, they do cheer. Thakur and Badi Amma sees them together, Thakur says i feel good when i see them together, all my pain goes away, Badi Amma says its time to give your responsibility to your sons, according to thakur rule, Mitlaish should get your place, he will rule after you but i dont understand one thing that why are you taking so much time to decide your heir? Phulan looks at Priyom and Lakhan, he says Badi Amma that they are enjoying life, let them enjoy for now, you know its not easy to rule world, this duty is on me so let it be on me, Badi Amma says you ignored my question, time doesnt wait for anyone, you want it or not but you have to choose heir of Begu Sarai. Guddi and Poonam are looking at 4 brothers too, Guddi says you chose wrong one, Poonam ask what? Guddi says if Priyom was elder than Lakhan then you would have married him and he would have been doting husband, Poonam says you say rubbish things, Guddi says you are going to college because of Priyom, Poonam says no, its Lakhan who allowed me to go to college, Guddi says why you are getting angry, Poonam says you should think before saying, dont do this again, Guddi says ok i am sorry. Bindya and Ghugroo find 4 brothers, Bindya identifies them, she says there should be one in them who will be smitten by my beauty, who will become my servant, Ghungroo says cant even think, Bindya says i wil not BeguSarai now, i will live here and die here, Ghungroo says dont dream so much, he says to Bindya that this family is example for everyone, they cant be broken by money or property, Bindya says what about Girl’s dance? its still remaining, i am telling you that i will bring twist in this story, Ghungroo says you wanna die then go for it but i want to die, i am leaving, Bindya stops him and says you will leave me? you forgot you used to starve and i helped you, i took care of you like a mother, Ghungroo says you took care of me like mother but you were strict with all or debts, Bindya says ok leave me but give my money which i spent on you for 12 years, Ghungroo says i dont have money, Bindya says i am telling you that we are going to become rich.

Scene 2
Poonam is leaving for college, her mother ask to not talk to others unnecessarily, Poonam leaves with her friend. her friend says that i cant believe we are going to college, we will roam around college, Lakhan is following them, Poonam sees him and recalls how in childhood, Lakhan used to follow her, friend says he used to follow you in school and now following in college but dont take tension, its all before marriage, once marriage is done then he will run away from you, they reach college, Lakhan leaves.
Piddi says how girls run behind you? Priyom says i will tell you how to impress Bindya, Piddi says i dont trust you, you will make bindya yours, Priyom says ok leave, Piddi ask promise me you will not double cross me. Priyom says you are doubting yur brother, he says to Piddi that its very simple to impress girls, girls show attitude and if we show them double attitude then they will think that you are not smitten by their beauty then they will run behind you, you dont give attention to Bindya and see how she runs behind you, Piddi says ok i will make her go awy from me and she will run behind me, he leaves, Priyom says sorry brother but you are tool young for her, only i can compliment Bindya.
Poonam looks around in college and smiles, she says here i am not daughter of Manjeeta nor would be wife of Lakhan, i am Poonam here, friend says atleast you spoke today, Poonam says it was my heart thing so couldnt stop it, friend says we will go to eat chaat after college.
Priyom says that Bindya is in my heart from the day i have seen her, i want to take her on bike ride, servant says but you had given your bike to a guy, Priyom says i will arrange bike.
Some seniors stop Poonam and her friend in college for ragging, he ask them to sing, both are silent.

PRECAP- Priyom says to Bindya that i am sorry for bringing you here like this and i will repay for this mistake by taking you on my bike. Bindya sit on his bike. one guy tells Lakhan about the guy bullying Poonam in college.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. heart healer karan

    its good show ,my exams are going on and will complete till 23 march then I am going to watch this show and also aahat
    which is going to air four days a week
    I am happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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