Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 9

Hi everyone….

Here is the new episode of my episode of my fan fiction….

Hope you all like it….:)


After solving Dr.Suneel’s mystery, Rehaan, Dr.Aryan and Shanaya goes to their respective paths after greeting each other for a happy ending…. Shanaya goes to her home and surprised to see her mother there….they both are too glad to see each other… Shanaya’s mother named Natasha, a working woman with ambitious mind and always a supporting mother and definitely a good kind of human being, mostly stays out of town for business purpose and came back after a long business trip….

Natasha asked Shanaya about her accident and scolds her for not informing her about it….Shanaya asked for an apology to her mother and says that she don’t want to bother her….She was about to tell her mother about the recent happenings in her life ,but than she jerks the idea for now….

“Go and get freshen up mum, you are looking so tired after trip….Don’t take much stress,take little rest”…..Shanaya said to her mum….She goes to kitchen for make something to eat…..

At other hand, Rehaan and Dr.Aryan catch-up for a while, in an restaurant and discussed about the recent happenings in Shanaya’s life after accident, and they are little bit surprised that how could someone got sudden powers of contacting with spirits after an accident and they thought to talk about it to Shanaya….

“I will go through the details of Shanaya’s hospital report and will inform you”….Dr.Aryan said to Rehaan….

“Okay than we will meet soon”….Rehaan replied…

And they both leaves from restaurant…While Shanaya gets a call from an unknown number and she is shocked after hearing it….

To be Continued….:)

  1. Short one?

    1. Samayra

      Yeah…just adding a new character….:)

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