Divyadrishti 9th June 2019 – Episodic Analysis

9- June-2019 written update

Divya and drishti submits temporal gem to lord shiva and takes the oath to protect the gem even after their death.

Sooner a light emits from shiva linga’s third eye and the gem is absorbed by the linga leaving a spark for uniting sister’s hands representing that they still have powers after giving the gem to lord. Divya and drishti leaves temple.

Pishachini ask anjaan to reveal his since they are working together for long time. Anjaan makes fun of pishachini that she is not that much worth to show his identity.

Drishti sleeping in the sofa. In the mid of sleep she gets a vision of some car falling down from cliff and a hook on someone’s hand whose ring with red stones.

Drishti wakes with fear and see someone sneaking inside bathroom.

Drishti: Who is that?

Rakshit switches on the light. Im sorry for waking you up simran is not well so im searching medicines for her.

Drishti: I have medicines i will give it to you..

Drishti handovers medicine and enquires about where he found simran.

Rakshit replies he found her near the bridge and ask her not to worry her health is fine.

In the morning dining table..

Ojaswini feels for her daughters health. Mahima and Ash consoles her to eat something so that she can take care of simran instead of herself falling sick.

Sooner rakshit divya and drishti enters there for breakfast. Rakshit grabs a car to sit, drishti pulls the chair which is next to rakshit but lavanya pushes her sits next to him. Drishti in angry puts the hotpack on the table rashly and grabs another chair. Rakshit tries to get up from the place but mahima stops him.

Sooner rakshit excuses to leave for giving simran her medicine. But drishti says she will do it and leaves the place. Divya excuses herself to make a phone call.

In simran’s room.

Drishti speaks with Simran to find whether she knows about Pishachini. Divya puts more questions and makes Simran more nervous, Drishti stops Divya. In the mean time Simran gets flashes of last night happenings and attacks their sister in law (Drishti and Divya). Pishachini arrives there and ask Divya Drishti to return the gem otherwise she will make Simran’s condition even worse. Drishti claims since she is together with her sister, they got more powers and they will fight till the end.

Family arrives to room and finds Simran in worst condition. Rakshit lifts Simran and calls the ambulance to arrive Shergill’s home. Drishti finds the siren sound that she got in her vision is from ambulance and tries to stops rakshit and insists to go by car. But rakshit disagrees since Simran condition is worse.

Pishachini plots a plan to kill whole family in demand to get temporal gem from Drishti. Mahima (Rakshit mother) made Drishti to stay in home. Rakshit locked Drishti in home and left for the hospital. Drishti tries to find spare key to unlock main door and tries to call divya who left with Shikar in car.

Drishti alerts Divya that ambulance should be in the speed limit of 55km not more than that. Divya says that her car is in 50km ambulance is following their car so it should be in same speed.

Sooner Simran condition gets worse and Ojaswini (Simran’s mother) ask Rakshit to raise the speed of the ambulance, he instructs the driver so. The ambulance overtakes Divya’s car at high speed. Divya makes Shikar to call Rakshit for lower the speed and reveals that everyone’s life is in danger. Rakshit ask driver to slow down but since he is under Pishachini’s control he raises the speed again and the ambulance goes out of control. Anesthesia leaks inside the ambulance and everyone gets faint, the ambulance turns now coming towards Divya’s car then she rashly stops her car ending up barged in some rocks. Divya and Shikar comes out of car to find ambulance which is about to fall.


Drishti finds Rakshit returns to home.

Drishti: Why are you here? Where are the others?

Rakshit: Everyone is dead. This is what you planned for right get out of my house. (He grabs her hand and drags her towards the main door)

Drishti: What?!! I’m trying to save everyone…. Rakshit sir, please stop.

Rakshit: Listen Ms.Sood, I have no interest in listening to your lame excuses. Now just get the hell out of my house.

(Drishti doubts him and places her hand in his forehead to perform psychometrics. Sooner he vanishes and Pishachini appears in front of her)

Drishti: You plot is good. But you should have researched more. I found he is fake in no time. You know what my husband neither calls me Ms.Sood nor Drishti, which was used to be before marriage but not now.

Pishachini: Oh… Hoo stop your story ‘My husband’. Look now I’m going to kill your entire family you can’t reach them now and what will you do? Smirks in Evil…..

Drishti: You don’t know what I can do …. She prays to god to give her lighting speed power and disappeared like wind.

Pishachini: There she goes like wind. Now she elaborately knows about her power. Grrrrr…


Drishti rushes to find divya is already helping to return the ambulance to road which is hanging in cliff. Divya ‘s power drains totally.

Anjaan comes there. Divya tries to stop him come nearer with her one hand and Anjaan stops her power with his red ring. Drishti remembers her vision and conforms that man is Anjaan. Shikar finds a hook near and tries to take drishti rushes and took it. Shikar asks drishti to give the hook to him but she throws it to anjaan.

Divya and Shikar scold Drishti that they had one last hope and she spoiled it. Anjaan goes far with the hook all this time Drishti is eyeing Anjaan’s every move. He aims the hook towards the ambulance and tries to pull it back. Ambulance reaches road which pushed drishti’s back. Drishti fall over Anjaan and does her psychometric session on him in a second Anjaan pushed her down and moves away. Divya and Shikar stops and ask him to reveal his identity. But Drishti interrupts and says our first priority is to wake our family not to know his identity. Anjaan does magic to wake up people from anesthesia. Drishti turns to thank him but he disappears again. Shikar and Divya leaves to rescue their family.


Doctor arrives and gives medication to Simran. Drishti applies medicine to Divya’s wound and mocks divya for hissing like a child. Divya became playful again, and mocks her back. After she talks about Anjaan and ask her sister “Who is that mask man?”

Drishti: Anjaan

Divya: Do you know him before?

Drishti: He saved my life twice.

Divya: He is strange. Sometimes he helps us sometimes that witch. I don’t know whose side he is?

Drishti: Even I don’t know Divi. (Starts thinking something)

Divya teases Drishti: I don’t know what he did to my sister. She is getting concerned for him even though she is married. 😛

Drishti: Divi….

Divya: What divi? Im observing you, you’re falling into lala land everytime we talk about Anjaan.

Chi Chi … Very disgusting. I never expected this from you.

Drishti beats Divya playfully….


Pishachini: How did they get saved? Somebody is helping them. Anjaan you are on my side or not?

Anjaan: Not. Im on my side. I work for nobody im nobody’s slave. Since the sisters learned to use their correctly now they became more powerful. Just by that they escaped.

Pishachini: Grrrrrrr…………. I should kill them. First I should kill this Drishti.

Anjaan: All the best for that. (He leaves)


Anjaan reaches the shiva temple and does tandav in front of Shiva linga. He removes his mask, wig, fake beard and shirt one by one. He lifts his head to see shiva’s statue ………….. There it goes (He is rakshit/ Drishti’s husband)

To be Continued……….

Precap: Simran’s in laws reaches Shergill’s house and shows her the wedding jewels and sarees. She blabbers about black with red and bridge. In laws are getting shocked.

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