Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 14

Hi everyone….

Sorry for late update….But I’m back the new episode of my fan fiction….

Hope you all like it….


Next Day….

Shanaya goes to hospital , where Dr.Aryan is waiting with psychiatrist for her….At hospital…. psychiatrist asked Shanaya to sit down at chair and concentration on crystal…. and than he asked her to close her eyes….At first psychiatrist asked her some random questions about her current life and childhood….Then psychiatrist asked her some questions about her past life….after which some secrets came out about her past life…. Dr.Aryan asks to psychiatrist for not revealing Shanaya’s past life to her….

After coming out from psychiatrist’s cabin , Shanaya asked to Dr.Aryan that what psychiatrist told about her….Dr.Aryan says that she is normal, and all the happenings is just because of that accident…. Shanaya tells Dr.Aryan that she has decided to go Sara’s house…Dr.Aryan says that he is coming with her….They both leaves from hospital….

At Sara’s home….

Dr.Aryan and Shanaya console Sara’s parents….Shanaya says that she wants to go Sara’s room , She wants to see Sara’s memories there….Sara’s parents allowed her to go to Sara’s room, She takes Dr.Aryan with her….Shanaya touches the stuff at Sara’s room but she couldn’t able to see anything…. Suddenly Dr.Aryan saw that painting , which Sara made in her last competition…. and it’s the same painting which had been found near Sara’s deadbody….Shanaya goes near the painting to touch it and touches it…..Suddenly the light goes off….

To be Continued….:)

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