You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 21

RECAP : Karthik gets worried for Buddy when Revathi Jr told about him. They go to temple and pray for him. Andal and Azhagar decide to talk to Revathi Jr about her life. ReThik get happy as Buddy got alright. Revathi Sn wants to talk to Karthik. 


Scene 1 :

Karthik : Tell me Amma.

Revathi Sn : We have decided to have your cousin’s marriage with you. She is Azhagar’s daughter.

Karthik gets shocked.

Karthik : Azhagar uncle’s daughter? What are you saying?

Shakthivel : Yes Karthik. We want you to meet her. She’s a perfect match for you.

Karthik : I won’t, sorry.

They get shocked.

Karthik : Appa, how can you decide my life without asking my permission? I have the right to refuse to your choice.

Revathi Sn : How can you speak to us like this? If you marry that girl, your life will be good. It’s told in an horoscope. Initially we didn’t believe it. But it’s proved.

Karthik : Amma, I don’t believe in all this stupid. You should have asked me before getting into this decision. Marriage is not a joke.

Shakthivel gets angry and goes to slap Karthik. Revathi Sn stops him.

Karthik : If you want, slap me. I won’t agree for this marriage just because you guys have married in relation.

He angrily goes to his room.

His parents are upset with him.

Scene 2 :

Tamil finally comes to her house after completing her final year. She hugs Shakthivel and Revathi Sn.

Revathi Sn : Welcome back dear. How tall you became!

Tamil : Amma and Appa!! So glad to meet you! I missed you both and Karthik Anna so much! Where is he?

They get sad after Tamil asks about Karthik.

Tamil : Why are you sad?

Shakthivel : Nothing dear. Go and see him in his room.

She happily goes.

They think of Karthik’s words and get upset.

Tamil plays a prank on Karthik and wakes him up.

Karthik sees and hugs her.

Karthik : So happy to see you back, you prankster! Good morning!

Tamil : Anna, it’s afternoon. Seems you have crossed your limit of laziness.

Karthik : You still haven’t changed. Wait, I’ll freshen up and take bath.

Tamil : I’ll wait here.

He smiles and goes.

Tamil sees Karthik’s phone unlocked and sees his pictures with Revathi Jr.

Tamil : Who’s this girl? Maybe Anna’s girlfriend?

After ten minutes,

Karthik comes and sees Tamil with his phone and snatches it.

Karthik : Looks like you want my phone.

Tamil : No Anna, I just saw your picture with this girl. Who’s she?

(She points at Revathi Jr.)

Karthik : She’s my love. I’m committed with her for past two months. She has our mom’s name, Revathi! (Smiles thinking of Revathi Jr)

Tamil : Wow! So you have both Revathies in your life! My future sister-in-law!! I’m so excited Anna! Wish you both get married soon.

Karthik : Don’t tell this to Amma and Appa. I’ll tell you the reason later.

Tamil : Okay Anna!

Karthik thinks to meet Revathi Jr.

Scene 3 :

Revathi Jr and Pooja have a talk at the park.

Revathi Jr : Thank God Buddy got alright. Poor Karthik, he got too emotional.

Pooja : These all happened with you both. Did you tell your parents?

Revathi Jr : Still not. I’m so scared to lose my love and parents.

Pooja : The best way is to tell your love to your parents in a calm manner. They will understand you.

Revathi Jr : Do you think it will work out?

Pooja : Definitely. I have also had the same situation. My parents understood the way I talked with them. Then they made us married and we are living a happy life.

Revathi Jr : Maybe your right. I can handle my mom, but not my dad.

Pooja thinks.

Karthik comes there with Ajay.

Pooja greets Karthik and Revathi Jr greets Ajay.

Ajay asks Pooja to come with him and let Rethik talk for a while. They go for walk.

Revathi Jr : What happened? Why so dull?

Karthik cries and hugs her.

Revathi Jr : Hey! What’s wrong? Why are you crying?

Karthik : I’m stuck Revathi.

Revathi Jr : I don’t understand.

Karthik tells the whole scenario happened between him and his parents. (Scene 1)

Revathi Jr gets shocked.

Revathi Jr : Who’s your cousin?

Karthik : I don’t know. But she’s my uncle’s daughter.

Revathi Jr : I can’t believe it. Interrelation marriage in our generation too!

Karthik : I don’t know what to say Revathi. My sister also came from Kochi after finishing her final year. I told her about you and she supports us. I also asked her not to tell this to my parents.

Revathi Jr : You have a sister? You didn’t tell me earlier. But at least you told now. Good that she’s on our side.

Karthik : Yeah. What shall I do?

Revathi Jr : I’ll talk to your cousin. Try to fetch her details. Maybe she will understand us. It’s a promise.

Karthik : I’ll try to give you her details.

Revathi Jr : Don’t worry, our marriage will happen.

Karthik : I can’t think of any other girl except you Revathi. Life without you is like hell. Please don’t leave me.

Revathi Jr hugs and consoles him. She gets tensed.

Scene 4 :

After dinner, Karthik and Tamil have a talk.

Tamil : You know Anna, I missed you a lot! Love you Anna!

Karthik : Love you too! I missed you more! We are back together.

They get happy.

Tamil : Anna, any problem?

Karthik explains everything in detail about Revathi, Amruth, and their parents’ plan of getting him married to his cousin.

Tamil : What!? These all happened? Such a mess.

Karthik : Thank God you were not here before.

Tamil sighs.

Tamil : Anna, I will support you always.

Karthik smiles.

Their brother-sister moment continues.

Next episode promo : Revathi Jr is stuck in the same situation as Karthik. Later, she meets Karthik in a helpless situation.
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