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Recap : Part 29

Sanskar gave a fake smile which was observed by Ragini but she kept mum, after sometime they left to Old age home to meet Vasu. Vasu was already waiting for them and started to play with Lucky for some time and then he continued the story.

Krishna’s eyes were just searching for Ameena but she has already left the place and we had to head to our classrooms. We were surprised to see 3 girls in our class and one among them was Ameena which we didn’t know at that time. During ragging also no one has asked for her name, so there was no chance for anyone to recognise her. At that time we never used to talk with girls like now a days but if they needed some help we used to do that. Krishna was topper of the class.

Ameena was an intelligent girl and used to compete with Krishna. There used to be a healthy competition between both of them. One day she went to Krishna for some help in one of the subject. He agreed to her hesitatingly. Once everyone left he questioned her, “Ameena, don’t lie to me, I identified your eyes, it’s you who kissed me right?”

Ameena refused to Krishna and said, “I don’t know anything about that incident.” Krishna exclaimed, “Look into my eyes and tell me the truth”. She rejected and was about to leave when he continued, “I was observing you from the first day of our college, if it wasn’t you why were you searching for me daily if I am not in the class. Your eyes speak with me Ameena”

Ameena stopped and turned towards Sanskar and said, “Yes it’s me” Krishna was excited,” I know that one day you would reveal the truth to me. Ameena I love you and I know that even you love me”

Ameena was stunned hearing his confession, she rejected his proposal and exclaimed, “Krishna my religion and your religion is different.” Krishna interrupted and said, “But both of us are humans. Might be our bodies are bound to some religion but not our souls”

Ameena exclaimed, “Yes you are true but I don’t love you”. Krishna exclaimed, “If you don’t love me, you would have never told me your truth, but you did it, because even you have got that feelings for me”

Ameena exclaimed, “You don’t know how I would look like, you might leave me after knowing how I look. I am not beautiful as you are thinking”

Krishna questioned, “How could you conclude that I am thinking that you should be beautiful. I don’t really care how you look, just I want to look into those eyes, which made me fall in love and which would always speak truth even if your voice says something else.”

Ameena was pleased but afraid to accept his proposal as society may not accept this relation. She rejected him saying that it was his belief that she loved him but never did and says that she feels sorry for sharing the truth with him, as he took wrong intention and left the place with heavy heart. Krishna was disheartened hearing Ameena but didn’t go in her way again.

Ameena’s father observed her being sad and lost in other world but she never shared her feelings with him as sub- consciously she was afraid that her father might take her wrong and would not let her study further. Looking at Krishna’s condition she wrote a letter to him that, she can’t see this kind of Krishna. She asked him to be happy and smiling as always. After few days Krishna’s mom arrived to Hyderabad along with her niece Kalindi to get her son married.

Krishna was happy to see his mom after a year. His maa started to force him to get married to Kalindi and she would take full care of him in her absence but Krishna rejected the proposal saying that, there is enough time for marriage and he should just concentrate on his studies.

At Ameena’s house, even she was getting proposals and all her father’s relatives started to force her to get her married as the days are not good and it would become difficult for her if she completes her law, to get a groom for her who is equal to her qualification. They started to brainwash his head saying that, at last woman should end up looking at her family. Abdul was a clean hearted person and didn’t come up in anyone’s words

Imran who happened to see her once was mesmerized with her beauty and somehow wanted to end up with her for which she has rejected many times. Krishna never knew about all these things but when he used to see tears in her eyes, he used to question her but she would never say him the reason behind it.

One day Abdul came to Krishna’s room knowing that they are Ameena’s classmate. They were surprised to see Abdul at their house. He politely asked them to give their notes to him and he would return it back at night. Krishna questioned him the reason for notes for which he answered that Ameena is having fever and she should take rest as suggested by doctors. Krishna became worried hearing Abdul but he kept silent. He missed Ameena for few days and when she returned to college, she handed his notes to him with a letter in which she thanked him for his help. They started to pass on letters between both and this feelings became stronger day by day.

As the visiting hours were completed Vasu asked Sanskar to accompany him till his room. Ragini waved bye to Vasu and she sat there till Sanskar would return back. Vasu while going towards his room stopped and said to Sanskar, “I don’t know how to tell you Sanskar, I wanted to tell you this yesterday itself but I stopped myself from telling you after knowing that you got married and blessed with a baby”

Sanskar questioned, “What happened Dadaji? Do you need to share something with me?”

Vasu exclaimed, “Ameena has come in search of you”, Sanskar was choked. He continued, “She gave me her phone no and asked me to inform you that she will be waiting for you”, saying that he shared her number to him.

Sanskar was not in a situation to believe Vasu. He looked at Ragini who was playing with Lucky. He remembered how Ragini has agreed to start a new life. He never expected that Ameena would come in real. He always tried to relate incidents of Ameena and Krishna with Ragini and himself. He felt a jolt when he heard that Ragini is not his Ameena. Vasu left to his room leaving Sanskar dumbstruck.

After reaching the room he fell in thoughts if he has to contact Ameena or not. He remembered what Vasu told about Ameena.

Vasu exclaimed, “Ameena came to me a month back in search of you. I never told about you to her as I know that you were already married to Ragini, so I haven’t informed anything to her and just told her that, she is talking foolish, but yesterday when you guys came to me, that time I understood that even you have come in search of her. I really don’t know what to say in front of Ragini, so I kept quiet, it’s your wish if you want to contact her or not, my duty is to just inform you about her and I did it. I don’t have any other details of her except her phone no., I even didn’t ask her real name and even she didn’t say any. She will be in between 20 – 25 yrs”

Sanskar came out his thoughts and looked at the phone number, he was confused if he has to contact her or not and then his eyes fell on Ragini who is playing with Lucky. He wanted to run away of the situation. He went to bed and slept quietly. Ragini felt sad looking at him, as she was planning to go out along with him. She took Lucky and went out. Sanskar was not able to sleep properly, his mind was just thinking about Ameena, he knew that Ragini is going out with Lucky but he acted as if he is asleep. When he heard the lock sound from the other end, he woke up and screamed, “What should I do”

Sanskar took out the mobile and rang to Ameena’s no. His heart beat raced hearing the ring and he cut down the call and said to himself, “What is happening to me? Even when Ragini is beside me why I am getting pulled towards Ameena. Don’t I love Ragini??” this question frightened him. He immediately ran to cupboard and started to arrange all the clothes back in the bag.

Ragini who just came inside questioned, “Sanky why are you packing the bags?”

Sanskar said, “Hurry up Ragini, we shall leave from this place”

Ragini exclaimed, “But Sanky we didn’t come to know anything about Ameena”

Sanskar shouted at her hearing Ameena’s name, “I don’t want to know anything from anyone lets go from this place, just tell me are you going to come with me or not?”

Ragini exclaimed, “Sanky I will come wherever you take me, but think about Lucky also, without proper reservation how can we go like this”

Sanskar felt sorry for shouting on Ragini, he went to her and said, “I am sorry Raagu, I didn’t mean to hurt you….”, Ragini interrupted him as she understood what he wanted to say, she said, “Sanky, I know something is bothering you and I will not ask you till you tell me, I trust you Sanky.” She continued, “Sanky long time back due to ego problems I lost my love but when I got it back why would I repeat the same mistake. I always assumed that you loved Kavita but not me even though my heart said that you loved me. Almost 6yrs we never tried to understand each other, but now life has given us chance once again, I don’t want to miss it again”

Sanskar ran and hugged her tightly and said “Sorry Raagu for shouting on you, I am struck with some problem, so I wanted to run away from the problem rather than finding the solution. I would tell you everything when time comes. Just trust me like this Raagu and don’t believe anyone till I say to you by myself”

She assured him that she would not question on him and would always support him, if she finds it to be correct. She also said that she would never believe other people words would rather like to know from him and the same applies to him. He was still hugging her tightly. Ragini exclaimed, “Sanky.. Lucky will woke up if you hug me like this, he is so delicate..”

Sanskar broke the hug. Ragini laid Lucky on the bed. After some time RagSan slept on their respective sides. It was around 12am, Sanky’s phone rang. Ragini asked him to go out and talk as Lucky was sleeping and he might get disturbed. Sanskar was hesitant to pick the phone looking at Ameena’s name flashing on his mobile.

He went out and picked the call and was about to say wrong dial, the person on the other side said, “Sorry to disturb you at this time, I was just back from my work now and I left my mobile at home, may I know who is this?” Sanskar’s heart raced hearing the voice. He felt as if he knows her very well and already in Love.

Precap: Ameena and Krishna ties the knot. Sanskar informs Ameena that he is already married. Ragini comes to know about Sanskar talking with someone during night time but she doesn’t says anything to him.

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    Nice I maybe I thought ragini is twins? Keep going

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    I’m sure ragini is ameena, because laksh used to say sanky, ragini both are his parents

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  9. Inu

    Superb epi.

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  11. Sreevijayan

    Brilliant update dear…

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  15. A.xx

    fab but what will happen to rags xx

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