Lajwanti 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Chaman’s shop
Chaman finds sunder gazing at the red saree, that he ruthlessly throws. Chaman asks him to burn it. Sunder asks why does he want to burn this beautiful saree. he says that it was rejected by the person who he gifted. sunder asks if he can take this instead of the daily wage for this day. chaman agrees, but then asks who is he taking this for. he says that there is someone who needs colour in her life. he complies. Sunder thanks him, takes the saree and then leaves. Chaman later thinks about sunder and gunwanti’s dialogues, and wonders if they were talking about the other. he leaves to find out.

Scene 2:
Location: Gunwanti’s residence
meanwhile, sunder closes gunwanti’s eyes, and then drapes the saree around her, while she is nervous and boggled, while her eyes are still closed. he eyes her in the red colour, completely covering her white. She opens her eyes, and then he asks her to see herself. She is shocked as she eyes the red saeee draped around her. Chamn creeps in behind them. she is apalled to see the red colour on her, while he is boggled at her reaction. he asks where did he get this saree. he says that he got it at the shop that he works for. She understands that sunder obliviously works for chaman. he says that he took this saree instead of the wages, and this saree looks beautiful on her. she asks who he works for, and if his name is chaman. he complies. she hurriedly takes off the saree, disgusted by his name, and then tells him the truth about their relation, hearing which sunder is shocked. She says that she cant understand, how he can make him a daily labourer, knowing everything, and wonders what kind of a human is he, to be doing this to his brother. he says that maybe he didnt recognsie him. she says thats not possible, and tells him that he hates him. he asks why. she narrates why chaman hated him. sunder is boggled. she also blurts out their impending marriage, after which chaman proposed, and she had rejected. she tells him the entire history, and he hears intently, thoroughly shocked. she says that she is disgusted that she couldnt change chaman, and convert him into a nice man, as he never leaves his disgusting old habits, and he always keeps coming back to her. She narrates what happened earlier in the day. sunder asks her not to feel alone, as till yesterday they were separate, but from this day forth, they are one. she is shocked. he says that from this day forth, noone shall dare to taint her respect at all. Sunder tells gunwanti that she doesnt need to be disguised as a lady in white desperately hiding the colours of her life, as soon her ramji shall fill in these colours. she asks when would he come. he says that he is standing right in front of him. she is overwhelmed and unable to respond. chaman eyes them from a distance, that gunwanti may have found her ram, but she hasnt had an encounter with raavan yet, as once that happens, he shall taint her image so badly, that no ramji shall be able to salvage it back.

Later, gunwanti eyes the red saree, and remembers sunder’s dialogues, and wonders if she should believe on his words, and what he implied. she tries the red saree in front of the mirror. She wonders what if lajo returned back, then she would have no existence. she rubbishes it off, as madness, and that lal is right, that she still has hope, and she should crush it instantly. She eyes the red saree tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Jamaal’s kabila
Nooran anxiously asks lajo if jamaal would stay alive. Lajo says that the pulse is very weak, and right now, he needs prayers more than meds. They all pray. the Hakim comes and inspecvts him, and then says that he doesnt know what worked, but he is much stronger now. he says that he can without a doubt, that danger has passed away. nooran thanks lajo, citing her as an angel of mercy, who gave jamal his second life. they both eye each other happily. Jamaal meanwhile starts to come tback to senses, and tries to get up. lajo says that he cant get up right now. he asks if she didnt go yet. she asks if he remembers that he has kept her captive. Nooran says that she returned back, to do them a favour, by saving him. the hakim says that this girl is a messenger from god. she says that she just did it out of humanity. He starts comparing the two, that lajo learnt to give life, while nooran learnt to take one. nooran apologises severely, while he merely turns away. She says that she even accepts his divorce, but she should be forgiven. he says that he doesnt even think that she is deservant of a divorce, and that she is forever thrown out of his life, and doesnt want to lay eyes on her ever again, or else he might just kill her, in anger. he hollers at her to get lost. she silently complies, completwely devastated and distraught. lajo is apalled to see this. She gives him medicines, while he thanks her for saving his life. she says that she needs to thank him for the same. he calls her fareb jaan. she asks him not to call her by this name. he mocks her at her anger, and then asks what name should she be called, lajo. She says that he should erase it whatsoever. She then says that she came to ask something from him, as her eidi. he says that she would get whatever she wants. He says that he wouldnt divorce nooran, and shall give her the same respect, as earlier. he says that this is nooran’s eidi, and what about her. She says that her eid, her diwali, everything is with Sunder. he says that he tried hard to see his own face, in her eyes, but couldnt. he says that he concedes his defeat and he shall take her back to sunder, which shall be his loss, but seeing the happiness on her face, he shall consider it his victory. she is overwhelmed to hear this.

Scene 4:
Location: Temple
Gunwanti wears the red saree, and then comes to pray in the temple. she feels someone’s hands on her shoulders, and thinking that its sunder, she says that she knew he would come for her, oblivious that its actually chaman. She is overjoyed, and turns around to face sunder, but the colours drains off her face, when she eyes Chaman in front of her, while he eyes her tensedly. She asks what nonsense is this, and has he forgotten that they arec in the temple. he asks how can he forget, as maybe his memory got hazy due to seeing her in colours after such a long time. he asks if sunder made her his mistress from a tapaswini. he then insults her in front of everyone, asking her to name her relation with sunder, that makes them stay in the same room. she gets angry and slaps him yet again, while he is enraged. he insistently asks yet again, while she is mortified with embarassment, as she eyes her lord’s idol. just then, sunder steps up on the stairs of the temple, and then comes to confront gunwanti, while chaman eyes them angrily. He takes her hand, and then leads her to the crowd gathered. Sunder tells everyone present, that they share the same relation that sita had with ram, that one life partner, shares with the other. he asks chaman why is he surprised now. he puts his hand around her shoulders, and begins to take her down. chaman asks how can this be, as his life partner, is lajo, and not gunwanti, and how can he forget her, and romance with her here. sunder gets unnerved hearing lajo’s name yet again. he says that in the whole of the society, such a woman like gunwanti is known by just one name, thats of a Cheap Woman. Gunwanti is hurt, while sunder is enraged. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Sunder tells everyone that gunwanti’s forehead needs vermillion, that he shall provide. Lal is shocked to hear this. sunder addresses them all and says that he shall marry gunwanti, on the day of Ramnavami. Lal is shocked, while chaman is enraged as he eyes sunder viciously.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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