Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

In reply to his proposal, Naina says yes I will marry you. They all come to play the game again. The bottle stops at Ishaani, Ranveer watches her. Naina asks Vikram to pick the slip for her, Ishaani says it is alright they must let Naina pick up the slip. Naina cheats by throwing the actual slip on floor, and showing the one in her hand. She announces that she has to smooch her life partner. Ritika laughs upstairs. Ishaani says she can’t do this. Naina says to Nurbhay that they had already told him they must do it. Everyone bucks Nurbhay up. Vikram thinks he will at least see Ishaani’s style of kiss. Naina thinks that Ishaani won’t be able to insult Nurbhay by forbidding him.
The dacoits get to the loot the idols of auction from behind the curtains.
Nurbhay confronts Ishaani, a lady says why Ishaani is so shy as he is her husband. Ranveer couldn’t see them together, Nurbhay gets to kiss Ishaani but she backs up. The shadows fell on curtain as if Ranveer kissed Ishaani. The auctioneer arrives, Nurbhay calls to begin the idols. Aarti addresses the people that they wouldn’t have seen such master piece idols in their life. She opens the curtains, the idols weren’t there. Aarti was worried and says she kept them here fifteen minutes ago. Maa asks who stole these idols. Ritika wonders who stole the idols. Nurbhay shouts who dare stole the idols. Uttam asks them all to cooperate with them. Nurbhay says he will punish the culprit according to his rules. Aarti goes to Pratik and asks what he was doing with their idols. Nurbhay thinks about catching Pratik near the store room. Nurbhay says that Pratik is from Ranveer’s family so he is lucky, he gives Pratik a 24 hour time to return his idols back. Ishaani thinks that Pratik can’t steal, she must find out who did this. Pratik insists that she didn’t steal anything, he can’t even think of stealing. Naina says he will be suspect until they find the thief. Amba comes to side Pratik, Maa stops Amba saying right now Nurbhay is in rage and won’t listen to anyone.
Ranveer sits in his room thinking about Ishaani and Nurbhay. He was upset, irritated and enraged. He comes to window and watches Ritika hurrying outside the house. He thinks he must talk to her and goes behind her.
The guard tells Nurbhay that whole house has CCTV cameras. Ishaani hears this, she thinks before anyone she must watch the videos. The guard says that it must be someone from inside who did the theft. Nurbhay says he will look for the videos by himself.
Ranveer follows Ritika’s car. He comes and grabs her tight, she was shocked at once. He says if she wants him not to say something she must tell it herself. He wants to know the truth, what she is doing at Nurbhay’s house and what her connection with that family is. Did Ishaani come to her or she was following her?

PRECAP: Ritika tells Ranveer that Ishaani found her and got her work at Nurbhay’s house. Ishaani told her that she married Nurbhay leaving Ranveer, she needed money that had almost ended to Ranveer.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Rithika you blo*dy monkey go to hell..

    1. only shadow seen was worth watching today.. 😉
      Unite Ishveer soon..

  2. The shadow fell on curtain as if Ranveer kissed ishani … ??

    just love it …..

  3. Ranaji(narendran)

    Ranveer pls kill ritika and guys matsh ends on Feb 5yaar soooo sad but it is not real news there is another chance also they will continue seeing our continuous email and tweeting pls don’t fed up yaar we are ishveer fans we should prove it

  4. dnt belive her…

  5. Guyzz..itzz confirmed now that our favourite matsh is going to end sooon…

  6. plzzz put an end of ishveer problm.its so much of dragging…

  7. Ranveer please don’t believe rithika devil…..very tensed to watch the kissing scene but it was ok that ishaani pushed nirbhay……
    Colors go to hell always starting late and ending early all ur serials will go down keep seeing it in the coming days….
    The thing ur doing with matsh is intolerable when it was in the top U gave extra tym and repeated telecasts but now all blo*dy hell serials are getting repetitive telecasts and we can’t even bear it for few mins

    1. i think today startng time okay… 10.05

  8. U Devil ritika annoying precap,how dare she told like tis to ranvi,omg i cant tolerate anyone who scold my ishveer,one good thing is ishani not kiss nirbhay .pls guys send mail to ekta rajnayak and all and save our matsh..pps anyone tellme a good news

  9. i hate this show very much it was so irritating ,dragging.i like ishani ranveers acting but this much of dragging .if show was continued like this then the show definitely goes to an end.please change the story.i request you please stop dragging .this much of dragging so much of irritating.

    1. So plz don’t read it, instead of supporting don’t complain be true matsh fan

    2. I agree wid u vaidhi

  10. It’s nice precape. Ranvi follows devil riti car. I hope ranvi should not believe ritika words against isha charector. And today epi ishani not do kiss nibhray. And guys tell me yaar that our matsh is really going to off air. Oh no plz god give me some hope abt matsh continues.

  11. No !!!!! Please why why why again I thought that Ritika might tell him truth but how could I expect from her …….how stupid of mine…….but ya love when ishveer Kiss in the shadow hope they might have a real lip lock on-screen………..

    1. yahhhhhh….. obviously…itz like a real lip kiss…. and i’m nt expect is scene in thiz suitn,its nic t see

  12. naina is a sori naai and ritika is a veri naai . Both of them will roam on roads and got hit and sethupoifying by a kuppa vandi

    1. Yaar MARMA DESAM…i can’t stop my laughing..aftr i read ur words…

  13. Apporva there is a rumour that matsh a gonna end so pls dnt post neg comments yaar.pls wait there i lot of ishveer scenes in the upcomming episodea so pls keep watching it then only trp ll increase

  14. Plz guys any one tell me yar. Matsh really going off air. Or it’s gossip. Plz guys says this is only gossip. Some days ago the same news spread that i cries a lot. Now again bad news my heart beat rising very muchly.

  15. Waiting for ranveer find ishani’s truth epi.

  16. Neega intha storya romba kevalama kondu poriga ekta kaapoor.ranveer munnadi ishani kiss pannuramathiri scene create pannathu romba mosam ranveera ennala appadi paka mudiyala .neega episodea romba long period akuriga enaku ranveer ishani love storythan venum.ur story is very bad

  17. When i read the any neg cömment abt matsh then i becomes very sad and i feel cries. Matsh always best.

    1. Mee too praveena dr

  18. indha maari mattama serial A padam edukkura ekthavala mattum tan mudiyum good family

  19. Uugh why is this ritika such an idiot , she is sO irritating!!
    Rv pls realise the truth and support ishani .. Pls pls Pl unite ishveer as soon as possible !?

    1. hey Meera why you are not uploading your ff yaar………….

    2. Ya I am keeping too busy I’ll do it today ! Pakka !!

    3. Its okk yaar if you’re busy then keep it pending………..I understand I’m also a student of 9th std….

  20. Colors channel other serialsa romba neram poduraga ana matsh seriala mattum latea potu udane finish panniraga ithanala enaku colors channela pudikave ila……

  21. Where r my matsh loyal fans vyshu, sathya, keerthi, arham, marry ranaji, suga and all other. I miss ur comments. My mam call me. And my spending times is going to over now today.

    1. Hi praveena..becoz of tis stupid rumour i’m totally depressed dr

    2. i tottaly ….. depressed dr praveena ….. about these rumors…..

    3. Hi Praveena.. MIss MATSH and Matsh friends 🙁

  22. ranaji u told us yesterday epi’s comments that u r going to e-mail rajnayak to not stop matsh . have u e-mail them and is there any reply to ur e-mail and vyshu u have also tried na……

  23. Rithika you b****y go to hell..
    The shadow scene was the best today.. 🙂 Pls unite Ishveer soon.. 🙁

  24. Today ritz is soo cut..i lyk her very much..but her charecter in matsh is soo much of dragging..plzz sonali ji ..plzz mujhe rhithik ‘s charecter will be positiv as soon as..i am not seeing my doll lyk tat i mean neg charecter..plzz chang her charecter..plzz i want old rhitika..rv’s bst frnd…and helping tendency woman…i hurted anyon ….sry..i am a big fan of smriti…

  25. And today i feel vry happy..bcoz ishu don’t kiss nirbhay..but the devil naina. How can she do lyk this…ippo mattu ye munnady irundha serupala adi vaangva….hatred i feel so tensed and irritated tooo to see her..and also vikram..waste fellows.

  26. I agree wid u vaidhi

  27. Nice episode and waiting for next episode. But it telecast on Monday . please don’t negative comments on matsh. Isveer are always best.

  28. Plz guys don’t give any neg comments abt matsh show.already matsh fans feel bad 4 matsh rumour. I know that every one has full rides to write our comments. But ur neg comments suffered or hurt lots of loyal fans dr. We want to support matsh if u not interested to support matsh show it’s ok but don’t post ur neg comments. It’s all matsh fans request dr.

  29. nice epi n precap to puchho mt…. rv ko at least apne enemy pr kbhi blv nhi krna chahiye….thnx for written update!!

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