Ladies Special 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna and Mandar Reconcile?

Ladies Special 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu picks her pillow and bedsheet and walks towards door when Amar stops her and asks where is she going. She says by signing divorce papers, she has lost right to stay in this room, so she will sleep with Moti mummy and mota pappa will sleep with Amar here. Once she leaves, Mota pappa walks in and asks Amar if he is happy with his decision. Amar stands amazed. At Prarthana’s house, her family fixes bed in hall leaving bedroom for Viraaj’s mother. Rachna comments Viraaj’s mother is enjoying life even here. Punith tells father that Parimal empire belongs to Viraaj and his mother, but they are suffering today.

Meghna returns home sad fuming after her argument with Jyoti and explains Baba whole incident. Baba says sometimes she hurts her dear ones unknowingly and should apologize them. Meghna reminisces Mandar telling her same with his long explanation, but she continuing to fume on Jyoti’s rude behavior. Out of flashback, Baba seeing her teary eyes says she does not speak, but her eyes speak; she should apologize Jyoti when she likes and reconcile with her.

Kangana reminisces Punith dropping her home via local train and taunting her how she jumped into train even after her acting, etc. His taunts and her counterattacks continue. She thanks him for his counseling and asks if he will ask fees. He says it is free as he can do anything to keep her away from Amar.

Meghna gets Swapna call’s from school camp who continuously cries. Meghna gets tensed and gives phone to Mandar. Mandar asks Swapna reason who says she lost aaayi’s gifted mobile and now Aayi will scold her. Mandar assures that Aayi will not scold her and she should forget about mobile. Swapna says Aayi will fight with him. Mandar says she will not as they act as fighting to keep children under control. She calms down. He asks her to sleep now and disconnects call. Meghna asks why did Swapna say that. Mandar says he needs to talk to her regarding this. She asks him to go ahead. He says not here, he will take her where they both can be equal. He takes her to railway station and explains his point in detail. Meghna says she thought he would scold her. He says why would he. She hopes he helps her again both at home and business. He says when she can handle business alone and win orders, she does not need his help. She confesses that Ram changed lowered quotation at last moment and got new papers, so she won that order.

Precap: Bindu tells Amar that she feels sad seeing Prarthana and Viraaj’s situation, sometimes they get things easily and take long time to lose.

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