Hamari Bahu Silk 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi grabs a job as Natasha’s PA

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Hamari Bahu Silk 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pakhi walked on the road and thinks about an idea to get this job. Natasha rashly drives the car and passes by Pakhi. Pakhi stops a motor bike and cries in front of the uncle to follow the car, as her Kaka’s astiya is in that car. There, Natasha was furious if her voice is that bad. Can’t she be a heroine without the voice over? Her phone bell rings, she pulls the brakes and the car from behind collides. A young man comes out from it. He shouts at Natasha if her father’s road, she can’t give speed or pull a brake on her will. Natasha dares him mention her father. The young man says he knows well who she is, he and his mobile aren’t interested in her at all. He calls the police station. Pakhi thinks if she helps Natasha right now, she can win Natasha’s heart. The young man had a video recording of Natasha’s mistake. The police arrives there. He complains to the police that she pulled the brakes without a horn or indicator. The inspector demands a license. Natasha tells them to take license of the young man, it’s his mistake. The inspector recognizes Natasha, and says she already has a sour throat, why is she shouting. Pakhi comes there, and greets the inspector with the name on his name plate. She asks the young man to show the proof to them. She deliberately throw the phone on the floor, and it breaks. She smiles towards Natasha mischievously. She then blames the young man why he broke his phone, how he would show the video now. The young man complains that the phone had his interview, presentation and even the proof. Pakhi says in the country, people get interview calls with much difficulty; how he could miss an interview call. She whispers to the inspector now that this man seems drunk. The young man claims that both these girls are liar. Pakhi tells the inspector to check his car as well, he seems drunk. A vodka bottle was found from the car. The young man insists that he isn’t drunk, this bottle isn’t his. The police man takes him in drunk and drive case. She feels bad as the young guy was being taken.

In the apartment, Aakash thanks Pakhi and pays her some money. Pakhi says she only wants a job of Natasha’s PA. The makeup artist taunts that Pakhi knows nothing. Pakhi replies that he was only increasing stress levels of himself or Natasha. She placed that Vodka bottle into the other car, else Natasha would have been in jail. Natasha agrees to give her a temporary job of 10,000. Pakhi requests some more, as this won’t be enough for her house expense. Pakhi thinks for a while. She counts if the case had been filed, she would have to pay 10,000. Aakash bids for 20,000. Pakhi thinks this brings each slap cost to 700, but Ayi’s smile is worth 9 lac. She accepts the offer. Natasha tells Pakhi to prove herself that she is worth it. Pakhi thinks her job is final, now she must go to police station and get that young man released.

The young man was still in police station. Pakhi calls the police station as Natasha. The inspector was elated to hear her. Pakhi tells him to leave that young man, he is a fan of hers. The young man had performed his No-alcohol test. The inspector agreed to release that young man. Pakhi cuts the call. The inspector fakes that ‘Thank you isn’t needed’. He spares the young man.

At night, Pakhi and Rati sat together. Rati wasn’t happy with Pakhi’s job as Natasha isn’t a well reputed or A grade film star. Pakhi says she doesn’t care about Natasha, she only feels for Ayi. They snatched her Ayi’s house, it seems her husband died once again. Rati asks what she would tell her Ayi.

Later in the room, Pakhi was irritated by Ayi’s questions. She says she got a job, then realizes her misbehavior. She says it’s a CA’s assistant job. Ayi asks Pakhi if she is happy. She inquires because she was afraid for her. It takes society a few hours to blame the character of a girl. Ayi now asks Pakhi to wash her hands, while she will serve the food.

Aakash makes the set up. He introduces Natasha to a voice coach. He tells her to do anything, Natasha needs to sound s*xy, sensual and seductive. Natasha must dub in her own voice. Natasha shouts at Aakash that he is wasting his own time, she knows acting and no other producer had any problem with it. Aakash explains to Natasha that she created the trouble herself, she gave the high expectation to Kapadia. He tells her to cooperate. Natasha shouts at Aakash to find that girl anyway, it’s his job and it was his idea to get the RJ hunt.

Pakhi comes to the washroom. She sobs as she had lied to Ayi, then speaks to Baba that she lied to Ayi once again. She gargles with soap water. She thinks she will find a house for Ayi till tomorrow.

PRECAP: Aakash tells Kapadia that this girl isn’t ready for dubbing. Kapadia tells them to close the movie now. An old lady introduces the new paying guest, Pakhi to the grandson. It was the same guy in police station.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Zaan Khan looks very smart ; completely different from the supporting character he played in ETRETR….he had every reason to get furious with Pakhi…But I am sure he will understand and sympathise with her once he comes to know about her situation…I know this is not going to be a passionate love story but I am enjoying this unique theme of a star,with an awful voice and desperately searching for a suitable dubbing artist to save her own career ,finds that girl at last in the auditions but to her dismay Pakhi disappears and ends up working as the PA to the same star….I think Pakhi will go to the young man’s house as a tenant and later become the ‘ bahu’ of the house……after many days I am enjoying a serial as it is simple as well as distinctive……

  2. Amal

    I liked the part where the rapper comes with the flowers to Natasha’s office and when she speaks he asks if there’s anyone else in the room or and she yells at him , and he ends up rapping about her voice ??????????

  3. Amal

    I loved when Natasha dragged that girl out of her office while she grabbed her hair ????

  4. Isn’t Pakhi the supposed to be radha of the epic series Radhakrishn. oh i felt she was much better for that role, as she looked much more like Radha, she looked lovely in the first promo of the show until it was revamped i guess, anyways i really love this actress, she is really cute

    1. Yeah she is the same actress & she is also a part of serial Alaadin. She & her voice are cute though

  5. Omlll I gotta say love this show especially when it comes to Natu???I start dying

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