Ladies Special 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Babita’s Sorrows Under Smiling Face

Ladies Special 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prarthana asks Bindu what did her husband say. Bindu says he agreed as he is her friend first and and asks her to go and bail her brother now. She signs papers and takes back case, gifts mehandi cones to inspector. Inspector asks if it is bribe. She says she is gifting by heart. He says mehandi will not look good in policeman’s hands. Bindu says she is giving it for his wife so that he can smile seeing her red hands. He says then it is fine and asks constable to free Punith. On the other side, Meghna stops inspector from searching her house. Mandar’s boss says he lost 3 lakhs, searching should happen. His brother calls and informs he took 3 lakhs and forgot to enter. Boss informs and leaves. Meghna insists to apologize and go, but boss and inspector leaves. Meghna stands

fuming. Back home, she insists Mandar to call his boss and ask him to apologize. He calls. Boss says he got money, Mandar can come to rejoin his job tomorrow. Meghna interferes and says he insulted Mandar in front of whole society and should apologize him in front of whole society. Boss disconnects call.

Bindu and Prarthana wait outside police station till formalities are complete. Prarthana asks when her husband is such a big doctor, why did she choose mehandi designer profession. Bindu says she gets bored sitting at home and her husband does not let her take 9-5 pm job, so she took up her hobby as profession. Prarthana says she is lucky to have such a nice husband and prays every girl gets such a husband. Bindu gets sad, but acts and asks if she is married. Prarthana nods no. While traveling back in train, Bindu reminisces Prarthana’s words and gets sad. Prarthana travels with Punith who apologizes her. Prarthana scolds him. They reach home. Father asks Punith why did not he call him, he would have taken Subhash Ghai’s help and freed him. Prarthana says he was inebriated and asleep. Father tries to defend himself and mother tries to change topic, but Prarthana walks away to her room.

Meghna’s children fight. Mandar scolds them angrily. Meghna sends them aside and asks Ashok not to vent out his boss’s anger on children. Mandar says he is angry on her that she insulted boss, he may kick him out of job. Meghna reminisces in childhood her mother apologizing always for her father’s mistake and says she will not repeat history.

Bindu returns home and apologizes her husband for accepting her request. Ashok says he should thank her instead for understanding him. She asks why he sleep so late. He says he does not get sleep early. She says her grandmaa says they should sleep early and wake up early to keep themselves fit and fine. He says says she can stay here till he divorces her and describes how his girlfriend Kangana filled colors in his colorless life. Bindu prays god that Kangna’s divorce should happen soon. On the other side, Prarthana reminisces her house owner’s marriage proposal. Meghna reminisces her husband scolding her. Bindu reminisces Ashok asking her to stay with him till he divorces her.

Precap: Precap: At Meghna’s house, during pooja, her father-in-law collapses. Ashok meets his girlfriend in front of Bindu. Prarthana meets her hero in train.

Update Credit to: MA

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