Ishq Subhan Allah 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir takes Ruksaar’s responsibility

Ishq Subhan Allah 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zeenat is worried and says to Kashan that I gave my jewelry to Kabir but he took it to Zara’s house, what if they keep it? She hears Kabir coming in house and runs.
In lounge, Kabir sits down and sighs. Zeenat says they are cheap people, they kept jewelry? Kabir says I even told Zara to stay there if she wants. Ayesha says I am standing with you but Zara was not wrong, her mother was wrong. Kabir says Zara have to decide with whom she is standing. Irfan comes there with Zara and Salma and says she have decided. Salma looks down. Kabir eyes them. Irfan shows jewelry to Kabir and asks where is Shahbaz? Ayesha says he is on his way. Kabir says talk to me. Irfan says you have stooped low and become a son in law so sorry that I thought you as my vice priest, you have insulted a mother, I have brought her here so she can say sorry, she will rub her nose at your feet as we are helpless to son in law. Zara says no you are not helpless, you can leave with respect from here but I am helpless that I still want to live with my husband, I have eduction that can make me earn and live life with Kabir anywhere but my love makes me helpless so I have decided to live at place which I was alleged to break. Irfan asks Salma to apologize to him. Salma folds her hands, Kabir is about to stop her but Shahbaz comes there and says stop. He says to Irfan that we know Kabir and Zara and then become fine then why are you being childish? Irfan says he involved us, I am father of a daughter too. Irfan asks why did he give him jewelry? Kabir says as a prove that I will give money back. Irfan says what did you give me as proof when I made you vice priest? I made you that because of my faith in you, I trusted that you will become a good priest in future but you became egoistic son in law. Shahbaz says he did a mistake as a kid, I am sorry on his behalf, Salma wont say sorry, I am sorry for him insulting you both. Kabir stops him. Zara says to Shahbaz that you will never say sorry, you are our elder, dont embarrass us. Shahbaz says then I have a condition that Irfan forgives Kabir. Irfan says he is Zara’s pride, this problem will solve when Kabir’s heart is cleaned. Shahbaz says it will happen soon. Kabir angrily looks away.

Scene 2
Shahbaz says to Kabir that you have to understand winds to make them change direction, I said sorry to head of this city, not Zara’s father, he can make your life so pacify Zara and end this matter. He calls Zara and says enough of fighting, Zara you are sensible, end it. Zara says my mother was wrong but Zeenat and Kabir insulted me so much but I didnt make it an issue, ask Kabir to not take that comment on heart. Kabir says its not a small thing, tell her that when Salma said about him taking her money, it was his mother in law taunting him. Kabir says this is about my family’s respect so I will pay this debt for sure, till then my and Zara’s relation cant mend as my mother in law is standing inbetween, he leaves.

Kabir is walking in corridor and recalls all the events. Zara is running behind him and trying to stop him. She says listen to me, you promised to walk with me, there is nothing like poor and rich between and husband and wife. Kabir says enough. Ruksaar comes to Zara and takes selfie with her. Zara says I have to go. Ruksaar asks Kabir to take selfie with her, she slips but Kabir holds her. Zara is awkward. Zara says come to sleep Ruksaar. Ruksaar is about to leave but Kabir stops and says your mother and you made me realize about my duties, your duties are mine too so from today I will take Ruksaar’s duty too. He holds Ruksaar’s hand and goes with her. Zara is stunned and hurt.

PRECAP- Zara says to Kabir that you are doing wrong, dont go overboard. Kabir says you said I made issues out of nothing, so I will do it now. Ruksaar asks Zara to go from room, she is playing with Kabir, she pushes Zara out of room, Zara looks at Kabir sadly.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. All those people blaming Islam. I can understand non Muslims saying it because they are ignorant of the teachings of Islam. They are excused. But it’s shameful to hear this from muslims who are ignorant about Islam and blame islam for it. If you were aware of the true teachings about Islam you would know there is no joint family system in islam. Islam gives women right to their own accomodation. You are not obliged to look after your in laws. Your in laws have no authority over you. The brother in law is considered death. Hijab cannot be observed in a joint family. Then all the politics with the mother in law and sister in law which leads to many sins. In Islam the man is responsible for marriage expenses. The girl’s side does not have to spend a single penny. There is no word for baraat in islam. Hindus have the dowry system because girls didn’t have a share in the inheritance. So parents gave her stree dhan at the time of kanyadaan.Even if the wife works her money is her own. The husband does not have a right on it. If she spends of her own will its considered charity. Problems happen in Indian muslim families because they follow the hindu culture and not islam. They bring a free maid for the family. The woman is not obliged to look after in laws. Parents have a great status in Islam. The man is supposed to look after his parents. Its not his wife’s responsibility. Her responsibility is towards her parents. Also mahr is supposed to be given before the couple lives together. The mahr is a joke among Indian and Pakistani muslims. People defer the amount unnecessarily. Its so shameful that some so called muslims blame islam. Some even suggested changes that are contrary.You think you are more wise than Allah. Changes are only ok if they are in accordance to the teachings of Islam. The main problem is you don’t realise we are the slaves of Allah. People who don’t accept that speak against Islam. Its not surprising that one doubt is answered and then another crops up. Stop following culture that is contrary to religion. Accept that we are slaves of Allah and all doubts will go away. May Allah guide us.

  2. Compatibility is very important in a marriage. Its even more important than love. Kabeer and Zara talk about defeating each other. Yikes. Husband and wife are supposed to be a team. There is no winning and losing. Its us after marriage. A marriage cannot survive with so many differences. In laws from both sides are not to interfere in the couple’s life except only to reconcile between a couple. Just because divorce is seen as a taboo in Indian society people stay in bad marriages. Islam gives people a right to divorce in case of bad marriages. Divorced women are not seen in a negative way in Islam. But those muslims who follow culture over religion think divorced women have no value and don’t marry them. Zara and Kabeer need to get divorced and find spouses who would support them. Instead of hurting and insulting each other separate amicably. Islam does not force people to stay in s bad marriage. You try to reconcile, go for marriage counselling. If all else fails separate respectfully. I am surprised this couple was staying in a sexless marriage for months. When you go for couples counselling they ask you are you still sleeping together. Usually this is the last stage of a marriage. Most couples get divorced after that. Very few come back together after that. But to start afresh you need compatibility. You can’t be poles apart. Everyone does not have a villain like miraj to save their marriage. Zara agreed to change completely for Kabeer. So why is she having other opinions now? She shouldn’t have agreed to change completely. Marriage requires compromises from both sides but compromise does not mean changing your whole personality. My husband and I have some faults but we accept each other as we wouldn’t be the people we are without those flaws. Yes we do try to make some compromises but we don’t want each other to change completely. Its completely selfish to want the other person to change completely. That’s why compatibility is very important. If you cannot accept your partner as they are let them go and find someone who would relate to you.

  3. Well said,,?

  4. It would be great if the writers can lend some logic to what is happening now…… Zara and Kabir are finding it difficult to stay together as a couple, so it’s best they go their separate ways. In Islam it’s permissible for a couple to divorce if the marriage is irretrievably broken down as in this serial. Even though it’s a serial, some of the depictions and detailing are a reality, so even though it’s mandatory or a rule for Zara and Kabir to stay together because of serial guidelines, like in all other serials which are based mainly on Hinduism, whether you seeing hell in the in-laws house or with the personal relationships in the family, why should the woman have to put up with so much crap, stress and anxiety and abuse from the husband and his family and stay there till they die…its a common thing we hear in these serials that the only time a woman can leave her marital house is when she dies!!! Writers need to start showing women with backbones, Zara is an educated woman, try giving her liberty if she can’t make it with Kabir so that she can become an example to other women by finding a job which gives her personal satisfaction, she can continue doing social work, she should be able to fall in love again, possibly with someone who accepts her good and not so perfect side and vice versa…show us that she doesn’t need to live till she dies with a man who doesn’t value her goodness, her loyalty, her faithfulness and her love for him and his family… Kabir too, he should be allowed to find someone woman who abides by his rules because clearly this is how he was brought up and what he had learned..Rukhsar fits the criteria he wants in a wife… I think it’s best writers separate this couple for sure they aren’t happy together, some things between them can never be resolved, respected or appreciated…

    1. Exactly my thought,kabeer ego is too much n it mean everything for him.Blinded by his ego sob sob

  5. I really don’t understand why Zara keeps begging Kabir… Why does she show so much weakness, hasn’t she had enough? She could cry till she has no more tears, Kabir won’t change, she knew his mindset since day one so changing him is as remote as holding a star… By now I understand Kabir, I’ve used all the adjectives I could think of in the past so I ain’t bothered to analyze him again.. It’s either she makes with Kabir or she breaks with him. I think secretly Zara doesn’t want to leave Kabir because she doesn’t want Rukhsar to end up with more leverage than her in Kabir’s life. It’s a case of possessing what is yours, the thing is, Rukhsar is also Kabir’s wife…and Zara wouldn’t be human if she didn’t feel jealous or resentful towards Rukhsar for playing this trump card… as we all know, Rukhsar the witch is almost 100% pretending in her condition and the only time Kabir can see Rukhsar’s truth is if Zara is not around in his life…at this time, Kabir should swallow his ego and sinful pride and go back to grovel at Zara’s feet for treating her the way he did…

  6. As for Kabir… He’s been very arrogant and egotistical so far. A true leader is always humble to his followers and Kabir has shown some huge deficits in his temperament and judgment. He has hurt Zara immensely in the past and she has always forgiven him…. Suddenly he’s bigger than the shoes he wears, his position in the community has brought him some power so he has become judgemental towards others. We all knew that Kabir would turn out to be this way, it does surprise me though that he’s shown so much disrespect to Zara’s parents for the issue at hand. Shame on him… No matter what, children aren’t supposed to say a disrespectful or hurt word to parents, whether you are a son or son in law…

  7. Well said naz

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