Ladies Special 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu Gets Amnesia

Ladies Special 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu sits on local train station bench after meeting Karan. Mota pappa eagerly waits for her and nervously thinks what if she likes that boy, he does not want her to leave this house. At Amar’s office, wedding planner continues explaining her plan and asks if he will chose peach or pink theme for wedding. Amar asks what is the difference. She says there is a huge difference and explains. Amar remembers Kangana liking pink a lot and says pink as Kangana likes it. Wedding planner continues explaining. Bindu gets amnesia attack and forgets everything. Constable asks why she is sitting here since long, where she has to go and what is her name. She says she does not know. He asks if she is new to this city and asks to call her contact via her mobile. Bindu asks what. He shows phone. She picks her phone and checking call list thinks whom to call. Amar calls her just then and asks where is she. He says he is Amar. She remembers their wedding and feels happy. He asks how was her meeting with a boy. She remembers meeting Karan, but does not remember what they spoke; says she is coming home soon and disconnects call, thanks constable and leaves from there. She reaches home and smiles looking at Amar. Amar asks how was her meeting with the boy. She smilingly says good, very good. Mota pappa feels sad hearing that.

Meghna at night makes her children sleep and eagerly waits to send to new International school in the morning. She imagines she and Mandar getting them to school and they chanting poem for Baba and thanking her and Mandar also. Bindu calls her. She asks how was her meeting with the boy. Bindu says she just remember meeting Karan, but forgot what they spoke; starts chatting about true love, etc. Meghna says she is making her remember Mandar now and asks to relax and sleep well. Next morning, Meghna with Mandar drops children to school and thanks principal for changing her decision and giving admission. Principal says even Ram thanked her. Bindu continues thanking her and asks who supplies uniforms here. Principal tells name and walks away. Mandar asks if she wants to supply uniforms even here and asks what is this Ram’s issue. Bindu says he had come to submit for and forget about him now. Mandar asks why she is overburdening herself with so much work. She jokes she is James bond..

Next morning after a good night’s sleep, Bindu’s memory returns and during breakfast she describes Mota pappa and mummy how she took Karan and his girlfriend Jennifer to Karan’s parents and convinced them for Karan and Jennifer’s wedding in her usual Faiba’s style. Mota pappa says she should not have interfered in other’s lives. Moti mummy says Mota pappa is the one who pokes nose in everyone’s lives. Amar walks in next, and Bindu asks him to find another profile for her as last one failed.

Precap: Amar tells Bindu that if Karan loved someone else, then he should not have uploaded his profile at matrimonial site. Bindu says he is a nice guy and loves Jennifer like Amar loves Kangana. Mandar asks Meghna whom she spoke to. Meghna angrily says she will call and put speaker on. He asks why is she getting angry.

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