Hamari Bahu Silk 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Aakash finds Pakhi as the voice

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Aakash follows Pakhi downstairs while she was still busy on the phone with Kaka. Aakash thinks this is the voice they have been looking for so eagerly. Pakhi gets in an auto and leaves. Aakash runs behind her.

Pakhi returns home with a heavy heart and tears in her eyes. Naksh was leaving home. He greets Pakhi with a Hi, then spots she was lost in deep thoughts. Naksh stops Pakhi, she wasn’t in a mood to speak to him. What he wants now. Naksh says he knows she deleted the pictures from his camera. Pakhi tells Naksh to do whatever he wish; at the most he will get her ousted from the house. Naksh says she is taking it wrong. Pakhi complains that everyone considers her as wrong. Naksh puts his hand over her mouth to stop her. He says he wanted to thank her, but wonders where she gets all the

energy. Pakhi asks thanks for what. Naksh says for sending her photos to the newspaper.

Natasha was making up. Aakash stared towards her. Natasha wasn’t guilty at once, and says she deemed it important to save her career. There was a news on air in which drugs were found in actress Kiara’s bag. Natasha recalls placing the packet into Kiara’s bag during their fight in Kapadia’s office. Aakash decides not to tell Natasha about Pakhi’s voice, he must first convince Pakhi to lend her voice to Natasha.

Ayi comes to Baa’s kitchen and says Pakhi works really hard for their household. She wished to give her some turmeric milk, but she had no milk. Baa tells Mamta to give her a glass of turmeric milk. Baa was suspicious if Pakhi was making it all up to avoid paying rent in time. Ayi replies not at all. Baa says Pakhi must be tired, after all teaching isn’t an easy job. Ayi was dubious over Baa’s knowledge and says Pakhi is an accountant at a CA. Baa wonders what’s going on in this house. Pakhi heard the discussion. She comes to explain to Baa that they are both right, she works in a school and there she is accountant to CA; she doesn’t have to teach. She asks Baa about Ayi’s exercise. Baa asks Pakhi about her school name. Their daughter in law comes to take Baa and Mamta as he has come over. The ladies come to reception. A young man comes inside and lay into Baa’s feet. Baa was elated as he greets Baa, Baa asks why he took so long in a friend’s wedding. Naksh comes downstairs and spots him.

Pakhi gulps the whole glass of turmeric milk. Ayi wonders why Baa thought she was a school teacher. Pakhi says it must be a misunderstanding. Ayi asks if that raid was also on the school that night. Pakhi convinces Ayi that CA have a number of clients, and that raid was at a client’s place. She assures Ayi to have faith in her Pakhi.

On the table, Naksh tells the family that he has got a job. The other man Ketan convince Naksh to join the established business of their family. Naksh says Baa has got a son in law Ketan to take over the business, why she still stops him then. Baa says she wants Naksh to commit all mistakes in front of her. Ketan’s wife says she is happy that Naksh finally has a job, else he only holds luggage for the tenants. Naksh tells her to mind her own business. Baa warns Naksh to keep respect of everyone at home.

Pakhi gargles with soap water for lying. She cries in the washroom that how long this will continue. She gets a call from Aakash. Aakash tells Pakhi he had a talk with Natasha, but he wants to speak to Pakhi about something. He invites Pakhi to Natasha’s photo-shoot studio.

The next morning, Naksh sets the camera and background for the photo-shoot to begin. Aakash was in the same studio waiting for Pakhi. Pakhi steps inside from behind. Naksh takes a close up of Natasha and furiously asks what she is doing at his shoot. Natasha recognizes him as the accident guy. Both have a confrontation. Naksh says he is the photographer and came here for photo-shoot. Natasha boasts that a number of people are able to run a household only because of her. Naksh backs off and wasn’t ready to do Natasha’s photo-shoot, no matter what. He announces a pack-up. Natasha asks if Naksh really loves his principles, why he came over. Naksh says had he known she was shooting here, he would never have thought about coming over. Natasha warns she won’t leave Naksh worth any work or career. Naksh claims Natasha’s work as B-graded. He will sit home, idle for a lifetime but won’t do Natasha Mitra’s photo-shoot. Aakash warns Naksh to get lost and never be seen around in future. Pakhi was hiding behind the wardrobe all during the argument. Everyone disperses. Pakhi gets a call from Kaka, she comes aside. Kaka had called Pakhi to inquire about her and Ayi. He requests a favor from Pakhi but she wasn’t interested. Pakhi now gets a call from Kaka on the other number. He tells her he is arranging something for her through his niece. Pakhi turns around to spot Aakash standing behind. He asks if she is token number 221, Pakhi Joshi.

PRECAP: Aakash offers 5 lac cheque to Pakhi for dubbing. Pakhi rejects the offer as she isn’t ready to lend her voice for Natasha. Aakash tears the cheque and terminates Pakhi from job.

Update Credit to: Sona

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