Ladies Special 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Amar’s Concern For Bindu

Ladies Special 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar, Umedh, MP, MM, Meghna, and Mandar get worried when Bindu does not return home. Mandar says they should file police complaint. Amar says he and Umedh will go and file police complaint. Bindu walks in. Amar angrily asks where was she, why didn’t she pick call, has she kept phone just to describe her Faiba’s stories, everyone are worried for her, Meghna and Mandar had to come at night worried for her. He continues verbally blasting her. Umedh says it is okay. Amar warns not to interfere as he would have died if Bindu would not have returned home. Mandar tells Meghna that he is seeing Amar so much angry for the first time. Meghna says Amar realized his love at last now. Amar continues verbally blasting Bindu when Bindu thinks they will get worried if she informs about her memory

loss, so lies that she fell asleep in train. Amar gets Punith’s call and he asks if Kangana is fine. Punith says she is fine. Amar insists to let him speak to Kangana. Meghna feels disappointed that Amar has not changed. She tells Bindu that she will go home now as it is late and walks away with Mandar. On the way home, she tells Mandar that she is feeling hungry. Mandar says he will prepare him fried rice. She says she needs corn cob. Mandar says he will arrange it for her right now.

Once Amar speaks to Kangana, Punith asks Kangana to vent out her anger on punching bag and holds bag. Kangana does same and hits hard, bag hits Punith’s nose and Kangana gets worried for him. Mandar arranges corncob for Meghna and says he will describe his on how he arranged corncob at night waking up vendor and then heated it on tea vendor’s stove. Meghna says that is because he loves his child. He says yes. Meghna enjoys corcob and says Amar should directly express his love for Bindu. Mandar says it was just a concern for family member. Meghna says you men are always confused and never understand what is in your mind. Kangana and Punith’s nok jhok continues. Her maid enters with her cousin and informs her that she will teach work to her cousin and will go to her village for a few days, asks who is this bhaiya. Kangana says he is the one who called her kaaga/crow and laughs. Punith smiles and leaves saying her good night and he did not mind her hitting him. Amar calls Punith and asks to let him speak to Kangana. Punith says she is fine and would have slept by now. Amar stands amazed hearing that.

Next morning, Meghna get insurance company’s letter and informs her employees that after getting claim money, she will pay them all. She doesn’t understand English and over phone asks Santosh to come to chawl and read letter. Bindu thinks of discussing about her memory loss to Umedh, so she calls him and asks to meet her. He excitedly asks if they are going to lunch, coffee, or a movie, he will dress according to occasion. Bindu says not for that, he can just come here. Amar walks in and asks Bindu if she is fine. She says she slept well last night. Amar says she finds positivity in everything and continuing his conversation asks if she loves Umedh. She says no, but will marry him as many people start loving each other after marriage, she is sure she will be happy with Umedh; reminiscing discussing same plan with Umedh. Amar feels disappointed hearing that.

Amar calls Kangana and tells he did not want to keep her in dark,, so he informed her that he does not want to marry her, she should keep this a secret. Kangana gets irritated and asks not to repeat his words. He says he wants to talk about Bindu and apologizes her again. She says not to mood off her with same words. Amar turns and sees Bindu standing hearing their conversation. Kangana then wears boxing gloves and vents out her anger on punching bag.

Santosh reads letter and informs Meghna that it is a court notice and not insurance company’s letter as insurance company has filed fraud case on her. Meghna shatters hearing that.

Precap: Meghna sees Kangana and Punith’s close proximity and informs Amar that Bindu is acting with Umedh and does not love him, Kangana is fraud instead.

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