AvNeil Horror SS Cries Of Death (10~Twinkle’s Parents)

Kunj and Twinkle sat in the car and drove off from there. Whole drive was in silence. When they reached, he saw that she was sleeping on his shoulder. He smiled and then straightened her head and got out of the car and closed the door. He went to her side of the car and opened the door and got her out carrying her in his arms and closed the door by his leg. He walked to the door with her in his arms and made her stand near him with his arm around her waist. He unlocked the door and picked her again taking her inside. He closed the door by his back and then took her to the room making her lay on the bed. He covered her with the duvet and sat by her side. “I wonder who’s that man,” he said.


At evening, Kunj was working on his laptop facing his back towards Twinkle. She woke up and then hugged him from behind. He looked back and smiled. “Aray, you woke up? That’s nice, you’ve been asleep for four hours, look at the time,” he said faking to be sad as she looked at the clock and then at him.

She came and sat beside him and held his bicep. “Aww, missed me?” She asked and he nodded. “Mujhe nahi pata tha ke kabhi kisi se mujhe itna pyaar milega aur koi mera itna khayaal rakhega,” (I didn’t know that someday I will get so much love from someone and someone will take so much care of me) she said smiling at him. “Kisi? Main ab to tumhara husband hoon, maine tumhari baaton par yakeen nahi kiya to tumne Mujhe itna paraya Kar diya?” (Someone? Now I m your husband, just because I didn’t trusted you, you made me a stranger?) He asked jokingly and she looked at him creasing her eyebrows and then looked away. He held her chin making her look at him. “Mera matlab hai ke ek kissi hi de deti zaalima, pooray 4 ghantay soti rahi ho tum,” (I mean you should’ve given me a kiss only, you pitiless, you’ve been sleeping since four hours) he said and she giggled and then kissed his cheek, he closed his eyes to feel it.

“Milgayi na? Bas khush? Mujhe bhi toh ek kissi dedo na zaalim, pooray 4 ghantay tumse door rahi hoon,” (got it right? Happy? Give me also a kiss, you pitiless, I have been away from you for four hours) she said and he smiled and kissed her cheek. She smiled and hugged him. She saw he was searching for that man by asking different people on internet. “Kunj, did you got to know anything?” She asked. “No, no one saw him, only you are the one to see him,” he told her and she held her head.

“I don’t think I will ever get to know the truth,” she said hopelessly. “Don’t sulk, you will get to know it,” he said patting her back. “Getting your eyes back and being able to view this beautiful world is such a blessing, but who knew that this blessing I got back would turn so ugly?” Twinkle said. “Please Twinkle, don’t say like that, God made nothing ugly, aren’t you happy that you aren’t blind anymore? Aren’t you happy that you don’t have to be in the darkness anymore? Please don’t sulk so much, stay happy,” he said.

“Woh mujhe happy rehnay de ga? Main jab khush hoti hoon vo kisi na kisi ko maar kar mera din kharab kardeta hai, kya main nahi chahti ke main happy rahoon? Kya main nahi chahti ke main ek normal life jeeyoon? Roz roz kisi na kisi ki maut dekhti Hoon main, aaj se nahi, bachpan se, mumma papa, phir vo aadmi, phir vo aunty, phir vo baby, Kya karoon main Kunj? Mujhe kuchh samajh nahi aata, main pagal hojaungi Kunj,” (Will he let me be happy? Whenever I m happy he kills someone ruining my day, m I not wanting that I stay happy? M I not wanting that I live a normal life? I see deaths everyday, not from today, since childhood, mumma papa, then that man, then that aunty, then that baby, what should I do Kunj? I don’t understand anything, I will go mad Kunj) she said cryingly holding her head. “Chup hojao,” (calm down) he said and hugged her wiping her tears and she too sobbed.

“Aray Kisne kaha ke tumhari family nahi hai? Main hoon na tumhari family? Or hum sach ke bohat kareeb hain, chalo ab rona band kardo,” (Who said that you don’t have a family?  I m your family, right? And we’re very close to the truth, ok now stop crying) he said and kissed her forehead. “Tumhe pata hai Shahrukh Khan kya kehtay hain?” (Do you know what Shahrukh Khan says?) He asked and she looked up at her questioningly. “Ke zindagi mein agar kuch banna ho, kuch haasil karna ho, kuch jeetna ho … toh hamesha dil ki suno … aur agar dil bhi koi jawab na de toh aankhen band karke apni maa aur papa ka naam lo … phir dekhna har manzil paar kar jaoge, har mushkil aasaan ho jayegi … jeet tumhari hogi, sirf tumhari,” (that if you ever want to become something in life, or you want something, or you want to win something… So then listen to your heart… And if even the heart doesn’t answers so then close your eyes and take your parents name… Then see you will cross every goal, every difficulty would become easy… You will win, only you) he told her.

“Woh theek hi kehtay hain,” (he’s right) she said and then closed her eyes and said “mumma, papa.” She opened her eyes and looked at him. “Kunj, why don’t you call my mom and dad’s spirit? They might be knowing who’s he and they also won’t say riddles, I am sure they would tell me the whole truth for once and for all,” she suggested and he thought for a while. “Good idea,” he said and then got the Ouija board and then did the process of calling the spirits. Twinkle too followed him closing her eyes. After they were finished, Kunj felt a rush of cold air while Twinkle felt dearness even before opening her eyes. “Mumma, papa,” she said and then smiled and tried hugging them but it was of no use because she passed right through them. “Twinkle, ask what you wanted to ask,” Kunj said and Twinkle sighed. “Mumma papa, since I got back my eyes, I have been seeing a strange man who keeps killing people in front of me but when their autopsies are done, there are no signs of murder but natural death, what should I do?” She asked them.

“How did he look like?” Her mother Avantika asked. She showed her the sketch and Avantika got shocked. “Beta are you sure that he’s the one?” Her father Kaal asked. “Yes I am sure, but why, what happened?” She asked. “We also can’t tell you anything even if we want to,” Avantika said and she broke down. “Beta please don’t cry, you will get all the answers today at 12:00 am, just wait till then,” Kaal told her. “Hmm, by the way, I wish I could touch you both for once,” Twinkle said and Kunj too looked on.

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