Ladies Special 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna And Prarthana’s Growing Hatred

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Ladies Special 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu tensely tells her family that she is into big problem and gives her Faibaa’s example. Amar says her problem is very big then. Mani says Amar understands bhabhi well. Mota pappa asks what is her problem. Bindu says her friends Meghna and Prarthana at loggerheads and don’t want to talk or apologize each other. On the other side, Kanganga calls Prarthana. Prarthana thanks her for helping in Punith’s treatment. Kangana asks who was the woman with her when she left hospital. Prarthana says her friend and Dr. Amar’s wife Bindu, she is very helpful. Bindu seeks solution for her problem. Mani says his brain is shut now and will give her solution after gujrati breakfast tomorrow.

Meghna fumes in front of Mandar that she will not forgive Prarthana for insulting her. Mandar says he did not get her anything in so many years of marriage and is keeping her in 10 x 10 feet room, but Prarthana became friend just some days and helped her so much, her brother got all company licenses for her and even bore Shirke’s goons physical harassment, in return Meghna called Prarthana’s brother a thief, Prarthana would react obviously.

Viraj waits in Prarthana’s cabin to get money from her desk, but Prarthana continues working. Punith trapped between goons calls Viraj that he promised to bring money by 9 p.m., but still has not come. Viraj says he is with boss. Prarthana who thinks herself as very superior and juniors as very inferior arrogantly yells at him to go out and speak. Viraj says he will come after sometime. Punith calls Prarthana. Viraj says Punith called. Prarthana yells if she cannot see. Punith speaks and acts as getting weak signal. Viraj suggests Prarthana to go out and speak. Prarthana walks out yelling she knows. Viraj takes 2 lakhs from her desk murmuring he has to steal from his own office. Prarthana returns and seeing money asks what is happening. Viraj says he is stealing money from her cabin and runs away. He gets into car and asks driver to speed up. Driver says he stole in his own office. Viraj says he just took money. Prarthana calls Das and tells her assistant stole money from her desk, so she is going to police station to file complaint. Das fumes that Viraj gets him into trouble always and asks Prarthana not to go to police as it is company’s reputation issue and will send wrong message to employees.

Meghna tells Mandar that she cannot forgive Prarthana as she is very much attached to her now. Jyoti knocks door. Meghna walks out and asks why she called her at this time. Jyoti says she got a mail from client to deliver 50 dress samples, if he likes samples, he will give 1500 dress order. Meghna gets happy. Mandar joins them. Jyoti says she will cut dress and will not stitch. Meghna says she can do whatever she wants and asks to meet her in the morning. Mandar and Megha enjoy movie. Mandar says Megha will be very busy from tomorrow and he will have to do household chores, but not filling water as he cannot handle society women. Meghna says she will fill water, he can do rest of chores. He agrees.

Kangana over phone speaks to Prarthana and complains about her boyfriend/Amar that he is ignoring her for his wife. Prarthana suggests to forget him and tells her story that Meghna insulted her while her brother Puith helped Meghna so much, her assistant stole money instead of seeking help. Kangana yells all men are same.

Punith surround by goons pleads them to give him some more time till his friend comes. Goon points gun on him. Viraj reaches on time and hands over 2 lakhs to goons and rescues Punith. Punith calls Viraj as savior and thanks him.

Next morning, Meghna happily informs her friends that she got a big order. Her client babu bhai calls her and asks to deliver sample on time as he has to deliver it to his client, only then he can assure 1500 dress order. Meghna asks him not to worry, samples will be delivered on time.

Precap: Bindu calls Prarthana and tries to convince her, but she does not.
Meghna’s family enters. Prarthana gets more angry.

Update Credit to: MA

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