Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update. Vibhuti Hypnotises Angoori

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori decorates bedroom, Tiwari asks what nonsense is this, Angoori says cmon im setting mood and you know today i saw moon it was so romantic,Vibhu hides near window and hears them talk,Tiwari says these poets have made us fools, Angoori says cmon the weather is so sweet, Tiwari says did you taste it, and why are you talking nonsense i want to sleep, Angoori says cmon let’s spend some quality time, Tiwari says go to vibhu then he is better then me and soon will earn too and is always a better person then me and goes to sleep, Angoori gets upset.

Hapu with Gulfamkali, Vibhu jumps in front of them through window, Hapu asks what were you doing, Vibhu says watering the plants there, Gulfamkali says i find something fishy, Hapu says i agree tell me what were you doing with Angoori, Vibhu says tell me what are you doing with Gulfamkali, Hapu says its government scheme, Vibhu says i will go and talk to your wife about it, Hapu says you were watering plants lets go, Gulfamkali says i think he was peeping in angooris bedroom, Hapu says okay don’t do it again and scolds Vibhu, Vibhu says be in your limits.Hapu says quite and leaves.
Vibhu says Hapu and Gulfamkali you will have to pay fo this insult.

Vibhu walks to Angoori and asks why are you upset, Angoori says yes i am, and complaints about Tiwari, and asks is it good to ignore your wife, Vibhu says you choose wrong person, Angoori says no he is a good man, Vibhu says he has lost interest in you, talk to me im there for you, Angoori says what will i talk to you. Prem calls Vibhu, Prem asks for pendulum, Vibhu says please i need it, in the evening.prem says okay.

Tiwari walks in Mishra house, Vibhu asks him to slap himself, Tiwari does so, Vibhu says okay listen go to Gulfamkali destory her bar, hit Hapu and serve Tilu to your best, and ask bhabhiji to talk to me, leave now.

Hapu at tea stall with boys, teeka says do something so that i can put you on news, hapu says look theres ni violence in town is that not a good news, Gulfamkali comes crying to them, Teeka asks whats wrong, Malkan asks who troubled you, Gulfamkali says Tiwari came to my bar and stole my bracelet, Hapu says he cant do it, Gulfamkali says even im thinking why he did this,Hapu says okay you go i will get back to you with your bracelet.

Master taking Laddoo’s tutions, Hapu walks in followed by Teeka and malkan, hapu says record everything properly and keep me in close up, Hapu rings bell and gets shock, Hapu says my head shook let tiwari came will hit him hard, Hapu knocks the fiiry, Tiwari opens the door and starts slapping Hapu, Vibhu from his balcony enjoys it. Teeka records the news, Angoori walks out and takes Tiwari inside. Teeka and Malkan record the whole scene.

Angoori walks to Vibhu and tells the scene about Hapu and Tiwari, Vibhu says i will explain you what happened concentrate on this pendulum, Vibhuti Hypnotises Angoori

pre cap : Vibhu asks Angoori to say I love you, she does so.Vibhu sings for her

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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