Laal Ishq 9th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ashwaq and Rukhsar’s Love Story, Jinn Ali Traps Rukhsar

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Rukhsar hugs her boyfriend Ashwaq and asks how can she stay away from him for 1 year. He says once he finishes his training and becomes police officer, he can ask her hand from her abbu and they can marry without any hurdles. She says she is eager to become his wife. He tries to kiss her. She moves aside and asks him to have patience till their marriage. Ashwaq gifts her perfume and says whenever she remembers him, she should apply this perfume. She opens perfume lid. Evil spirit gets out of it and climates changes. Rukshar asks Ashwaq not to travel in bad weather. Ashwaq says he cannot waste even a day and asks her to come to bus stop to see him off applying this perfume. Daadi calls Rukhsar, and she leaves. At night, Rukhsar gets ready to meet Ashwaq and asks his sister how is she is looking. Sister says very beautiful, Ashwaq bhaijaan will go mad seeing her beauty, she should apply this perfume and go soon. Rukhsar opens perfume lid. Evil spirits gets out of it and looks at her from window. Sistger says this perfume smells so good. Blind daadi walks in and scolds Rukhsar that she told not to apply perfume after sunset, else jinn/evil spirit will attack them. Sister says it is not Rukhsar. Daadi scolds she is blind, but can smell well. Ruksar then applies perfume and walks towards bus stop to see off Ashwaq. While she walks through dark road, she hears someone calling her and gets afraid. She thinks why she cannot see bus stop. Evil spirit touches her from behind. She worriedly turns. At bus stop, Ashwaq with his friend Ayaan waits for Rukhsar. Bus comes. Ayaan ties protective thread on his shoulder. Ahswaq says he does not believe in superstition. Ayaan warns not to remove it. Bus starts. Ashwaq asks conductor to wait for a minute, but conductor does not agree. Ayan forcefully gets Ashwaq into bus. Ashwaq sees Rukhsar near tree and gets out of bus. Ayaan says there is no one there. Conductor jokes boy has gone mad. Ayaan forcefully gets Ashwaq into bus and sends him.

After 1 year, Ashwaq returns as police officer and gets down bus. He sees Rukhsar waiting for him and happily hugs him. He then realizes it is his imagination when Ayaan comes and touches him. He says he was missing him a lot. Ayaan asks why did he inform of his arrival just 1 day before. Ashwaq says he was busy during end days of his training and asks about Rukshar. Ayan does not reply and takes him towards him. Ashwaq says he was missing his village and time spent here and stops at a tea shop. He asks where is Rukshar and while sipping tea reminisces how he with Ayaan saved Rukhsar from goons, their love story, romance, visiting dargah, Rukhsar tying protective thread on his forearm, etc. A black cat falls on his forearm just then scratching his forearm. He thanks god that Rukhsar’s tied taweez is intact. Ayaan asks him to forget Rukhsaar and move on. Ashwaq walks to Rukhsar’s house and knocks door. Ayaan asks to leave this place as Rukhsar’s father and grandmother are dead. Ashwaq then hears someone crying inside house. An lady comes and asks who is he. He says he is Rukhsar’s friend, where is she. Storm starts. Ayaan says let us go from here. Old woman also says his friend is right, run away from there. Ayaan pulls Ashwaq from there. On the way, jinn/evil spirit with black smoky body and red eyes looks at them. Electric pole breaks and falls on Ashwaq’s leg. Ayaan prays god to save them, rescues Ashwaq and takes him from there.

At home, Ashwaq asks his mother what happened to Rukhsar. Mother asks him to forget Rukhsar as she married Ali and has moved on in life. Ashwaq walks to Rukhsar’s house and knocks door. Rukhsaar opens door and asks when did he return, she wanted to inform him that she is married to Ali and they are expecting their child soon. Ashwaq gets disappointed seeing her bulging tummy, but feel something is wrong. He walks into house forcefully and sees it dark. He then sees Rukhsar’s sister Shaziya on wheelchair with paralysis, walks to her and asks what happened to her. She tries to say jinn. Ayaan walks and tries to take Ashwaq away. Shaziya puts a paper in Ayaan’s pocket. Ashwaq insists to meet Ali. Ali walks down and holding Rukhsar asks who are they, she never told him about them. Rukshar says he is her friend Ashwaq. Ali asks them to have dinner with him. Ayaan sees long nailed hands, gets afaid and says it is time for prayers, they will come some other time. He forcefully takes Ashwaq from there. Ashwaq leaves home. Ayaan walks alone, senses piece of paper in his pocket and reads jinn on it. Ali jinn enters, shows his original form, turns magnificent and severely injures him. Someone informs Ashwaq. Ashwaq calls ambulance and cries. Peon gives paper and takes Ayaan into ambulance. Ashwaq reads jinn on it and gets worried for Rukhsar.

Ali tells Rukhsar that she applied perfume at night and invited him, now she is pregnant with his powerful child and whoever comes near her will die, once child is born, he will kill Ruksar, says it is time for her deliver and midwife is waiting for her at ek minar haveli and takes her along. Shaziya resists. He warns to kill her after returning and takes Rukhsar with him. Ashwaq comes there via window calling Rukhsar. Shaziya signals him book. He picks book, promises to rescue her and Rukhsar from jinn Ali and rushes to Peer Baba/saint who says jinn is very powerful and cannot be destroyed easily, only sunlight can destroy him. Ali and midwife try hard for Rukhsar’s delivery. Rukhsar calls Ashwaq for help. Ali angrily tortures Ashwaq and severely injures him. Ashwaq falls unconscious. Next morning, sun rays fall on Ashwaq’s taweez. Ashwaq gets up, takes mirror, and reflects sunrays on Ali and midwife and tells Rukhsar that jinn will die only via sunlight and she should show some courage and open windows and doors. Ali with great difficulty throws Ashwaq away. Rukhsar opens windows and doors. Sunrays fall on Alil and midwife and they burn away. Rukhsar collapses. Ashwaq holds her in his arms and pleads to wake up. Her pregnancy disappears and she wakes up smiling at him…They reunite..

Precap: Next week’s new story’s promo is seen.

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