Laal Ishq 1st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi, Rawal, Thakur and His False Prestige

Laal Ishq 1st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A boy and girl try to run away and marry, but girl’s father shoots them both to save family’s dignity. After a few years, Rawal and Siddhi run away from home. Girl’s ghost who was shot by her father wearing bridal dress stands in jungle and says not to do that, go away from here. Siddhi and Rawal travel in truck next. Talkative Siddhi expresses her love for Rawal and says he cannot back off now afraid of family and they should marry. She asks when is his friend bringing car. Rawal sees his phone missing. They get out of truck and wait. Siddhi asks when is Lallan coming. Rawal says his friend’s name is Dharma. Dharma brings car and greets Siddhi as bhabhi ji. Siddhi scolds they are not relatives. Rawal pays friend and leaves with Sidhi in car. Car stops in the middle of jungle. Gost girl again warns to go from there. Rawal gets out of car and goes searching help. Siddhi feels blood falling on her face and panics. She calls Rawal. He runs back and asks what happened. She says she saw blood on her face and something is weird here. He says there is nothing here. They get into car. Car does not start again. Rawal sees village board 4 km away and asks Siddhi to sit in car while he gets help from village. She sits in car and gets afraid when ghost girl keeps her hand on car window.. She runs into jungle calling Rawal and hears ghungroo sound. Girl emerges and shouts to go away from here. Siddhi runs again, sees Rawal and hugs him tightly. Rawal jokes she wants to hug her. Siddhi panics reminiscing incident and says she saw a girl here and blood on car. Rawal does not find blood. She shows ghunroo and says there was a girl. Rawal says there is village nearby, it can be of villager. She says she will accompany him to village.

They both reach village and get into a haveli, see it in dilapidated state. He applies indhoor on her forehead and their romance starts. Suddenly, haveli turns colorful and a few people walk in. They try to run away. Thakur stops them pointing gun and asks who are they. Rawal says they lost route and came here. A girl Bela says they came to right place though. Thakur asks if they are married. Rawal says yes. Thakur says not yet per ritual and asks if car broke down. Rawal asks how does he know. Thakur says it is his area and he knows everything and asks his servant to get car repaired by morning. Servant and asks whose blood was it on car. Siddhi gets afraid. Rawal controls her. Thakur’s younger daughter Naina tells Siddhi that they have a marriage at their home. Thakur asks Bela to take Siddhi in and give her proper clothes. Bela takes Siddhi in. Thakur asks Rawal about his family. Rawal tells his grandfather’s name. Thakur says his grandfather used to guard his armour and asks what about his wife. Rawal tells Siddhi’s family name. Thakur asks if both family’s reunited. Rawal says yes. Thakur says that is really good, but one has to follow society rules. Rawal says time has changed and love does not listen to anyone. Thakur says even if his daughter marries someone else against his wish, he will kill her, society rules are important to him, shouts his young blood is speaking and not experience, asks him to go and rest and leaves. Rawal hears ghost girls plea.

Siddhi applies lipstick. Naina asks if she also can apply it. Siddhi sees blood on her lips and gets afraid, then sees blood missing. She applies lipstick to Naina. Naina asks if she applies lipstick, will she get a boy of her choice. Siddhi laughs and says yes. Girl jumps happily and then says her family will not agree.

Rawal looks around house. Servant gives him sherwani and asks to wear it. Rawal asks where are everyone. Servant says everyone is busy, they are not his servant. Rawal then sees Thakur and his 2 daughter’s pic, and pic burns. He then sees photo girl/ghost walking around. Bela comes and tries to lure him. He asks her to back off. She ask what Siddhi has which she does not. Rawal sees Siddhi in her and gets romantic. Siddhi enters and angrily calls him. He says he saw her in Bela. Bela says whoever comes here gets a gift and walks away. Siddhi says even for a second, he slipped. Rawal says they are seeing weird incidents since they come here, reminiscing incidents. Thakur comes there and starts yelling if marriage is not with family’s wish, they shoot girl and boy. Rawal says his and Siddhi’s love is pure. Thakur asks to prove it till morning, he himself will get them married and asks Bela to take Siddhi back to room. Rawal sees ghost girl walking around warning not to trust anyone.

Bela walks back to girl’s room. Girl asks Siddhi to run away from here with her boyfriend, else they will do whatever they did with her sister. Siddhi sees servant dragging ghost girl and then dragging dead body in gunny bag. Siddhi reminisces Naina telling to run away from here. Siddhi returns and says they killed her sister. Siddhi says ghost girl’s photo and reminisces seeing her in jungle.

Rawal wakes up and sees himself in Siddhi’s lap who says Thakur is getting them marired and dorns him pagdi. Thakur enters and congratulates him. Rawal then seees girl turning into Bela and asks waht is she doing. Thakur says he lost trust of Siddhi first and then him, he failed. He then sees servant dragging a boy and boy pleading to spare them. Siddhi and Rawal then see Thakur shooting his daughter and her boyfriend. Thakur says he killed his daughter for his family’s dignity, now it is their turn. Nain enters and says they can escape if they burn havan kund. Siddhi walks to Thakur and asks if they don’t have right to choose their life partner, he loved his daughter but kiled her in a second for his false ego. Thakur says family’s dignity is more important. Rawal silently picks fire torch, servants try to stop him, but he throws fire into havan kung. Thakur and servants disappear. Naina enters. Siddhi thanks her. Naina says everything is normal because of them and disappears. Siddhi and Rawal then leave curse haveli. Voiceover says if love is pure, even death bed fire will turn into havan kund.

Precap: Toorrow’s new story’s promo is shown.

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