Naagin Season 3 2nd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu Blackmails Shaan To Marry Her

Naagin Season 3 2nd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahir drives car towards hotel with Shaan and says he does not know where Bela went. Shaan asks not to worry, she must have gone to hotel. Mahir rams car on his college friend Kaiz, runs out and asks Kaiz what is is he doing here. Kaiz talks philosophical and reveals he is heartbroken, but does not want to forget his ex-girlfriend. Mahir introduces Shaan to him. Shaan says Kaiz looks like heartbroken. Mahir takes also him along into his car. A romantic song plays in the background. They reach hotel. Mahir sats he will call Bela and does not find network. Kaiz starts philosophy again and says when Mahir will fall in love, he will forget al the defects in his lady love and even if he is angry, he will be eager to talk to her… etc.. Bela returns and apologizes Mahir for leaving without

informing him. Mahir says that is okay and says he will introduce her to his old friend. Kaiz leaves by then. She asks who was he. He says a heartbroken lover boy.

Anu holds Shaan hand and forcefully takes him to her family and says she has to make an announcement and cannot wait for Mahir and Bela. Adi says Bela will not come. Bela with Mahir walks in and says they are here. Anu says their investor is in love and he proposed last night. Family asks who is that lucky girl. Vish walks in and says it is her. Anu asks Shaan if it is a joke. Shaan walks to her and takes her to Anu’s family. Bela is shocked to see Vish followed by family. They ask what is she doing. Vish says Shaan loves her. Anu asks what rubbish, he gave her ring and proposed. Shaan says he had come to take Anu’s help to propose Vish, but in dark ring fell and when he picked it, he was in kneeling position and Anu thought he is proposing her and she snatched ring herself. Sumitra asks why did not Shaan speak then. Vish says Anu does not let anyone speak at all. Shaan says Vish is a fraud and lier. Shaan says she is his business partner and she did not lie anyone. Mahir says he would cancel deal with Shaan, even he is lying. Shaan says if he backs off, nobody will deal with them, he knows media well and whoever partners with them will be in loss. Andy stops him and says deal is one. Mahir says dad..but. Andy says shut up, it is his business. Vish says then she and Shaan are getting engaged and it is a party tonight.. She asks Anu to return her ring.

Bela thinks what is Vish up to, she will confront her. Mahir touches her shoulder from behind. Bela turns saying she wanted to speak and waiting, thinking it is Vish.. Mahir says let us go to room them. He takes her to their room. A romantic song plays in the background..Their eyes lock.. Bela then pushes him and yells to let her go, he always forces her and leaves. Vish goes to washroom. Bela enters via mirror and asks what is she up to, does not she love Ajitabh. Vish says when did she say that, she loves Shaan and told her about her love sometime ago. Bela says she is lying, even Shaan is lying, how can love happen so soon. Vish asks then how did she fall in Mahir’s love. Bela asks not to drag Mahir in this. Vish asks she will and warns her not to interfere. Laila walks out of washroom and says she did want to disturb them, but had to and reminds Bela that she is Anu’s friend and met her sometime ago. She starts her moral gyaan on love next. Vish leaves.

Party starts. Kaiz asks Mahir if they can exchange partner and dance. Dance starts. Shaan dances with Vish, Kaiz with Bela, and Mahir with Laila on O Laila..meri laila…song. Mahir dances with Bela next and they feel for each other. Anu gets jealous seeing Shaan with Vish and gulps glasses of liquor. Sumitra tries to stop her, but she angrily throws glass tray and angrily tries to attack Vish, but everyone stop her and Shaan warns her to stay away from Vish. Anu yells Vish did black magic and snatched Shaan and runs from there. Bela runs behind her followed by Shaan. Kaiz and Laila run behind him and ask him to forget that he does not love her, but she loves him, so he should go and save her, she ran towards haveli. Shaan rushes towards haveli. Bela runs Mahir comes next searching Bela. Kaiz and Laila ask him to close his eyes and feel his love for Bela. He does. . A romantic song….plays in the background. He then runs towards haveli. Kaiz and Laila then promote thier new music album Laila Majnu.

Anu runs into haveli and Bela runs behind her. Anu reaches terrace. Shaan reaches down followed by Mittal who plead Anu to come down. Anu asks Shaan to forget Vish and marry her. Mittal pleads Shaan to agree. Shaan asks her to come down. Mahir searches Bela and Anu. Bela asks Anu to come down. Anu says even she is jealous of her and wants Shaan to marry Vish. Vish reaches and comments she is acting and will not fall down. Adi yells who is she to comment. Vish warns she is investor’s fiance, so he should be afraid of her. Bultu asks Adi to worry about saying Anu and not argue with Vish. Anu falls down. Bela thinks she has to save her at any cost and turns into nagin, throws huge storm around from her mouth and lifts Anu via her tai back to terrace. Mahir reaches and sees unconscious Anu on floor and Bela trying to revive her. He asks how did Anu come back here. Bela says let us take her down firs.t Mahir lifts Anu and walks down. Family ask how did Anu go back up, she fell from terrace. Bela says we can discuss that alter, let us take her to hotel first and call doctor. Mittal says yes..let us take her to hotel first..

Precap: Adi says he is confused thinking how did Bela escape death. Anu confronts Bela and says if she continues to love for Mahir, she will not kill Vikranth’s murderers even in 100 years

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. the plot of this season seems the most directionless of the three seasons. it was supposed to be revenge story but the main naagin, Bela/Ruhi seems to have no actual interest in getting revenge. since day one only Vish is eager to kill the offenders while Bela is busy doing other stuff. first was her marriage plan with Yuvi/Mahir, then two days into marrying Mahir she started falling for him forgetting her love of hundred years, then someone stole naagmani, then she was busy saving Mahir from Vish, now she is saving Anu…. not only was Vikrant killed (as we know till now), but Bela was also molested, her face scared by the group of men, while Anu was busy taking photos. how powerless is Bela that she cant kill mere humans within seconds… sometimes i feel Vish’s anger at Bela is justified. the revenge plot is going nowhere and the writers are adding one msytery after another – first chudail, then naagmani stolen, then Shan and some masked women… (and stop with the promos of movies!!) seriously, it is only because of the amazing chemistry of Behir that the show is remotely watchable. though i also feel Mahir could have been made more intelligent. he is supposed to be a workholic, businessman with attention to detail. so many random, supernatural stuff is happening around him but he is not even remotely suspicious.
    p.s. i also liked the police inspector role and liked his chemistry with Vish. but now that Vish is with Shan, i am thinking she wont go back to ACP. what will happen when ACP comes investigating again? he was not even shown in last two episodes. the timeline is confusing, seeing Anu, it seems it has been sometime since her mother died. but it was the same time when ACP discovered Yuvi’s body. have the reports on the postmortem not come yet or was it shown that Vish changed the reports?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      100% agree with you, directionless story.. I liked acp and vish pair more than shan and vish…

      1. I Agree too ..I like ACP than any other characters in the serial.Vish and ACP makes a fabulous pair than even bela and mahir.And top of all,I kind of dont like bela anymore

    2. 100% agreed with you..

  2. another question… does anyone feel that something is wrong with Vish? she saw those masked women and went after them. after she returned, she is suddenly in love with Shan and says it was love at first sight. even Bela was surprised that how did Shan agree to lie along with Vish about the investor drama when he was not involved in it initially?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      May be shaan is hidden enemy of bela, but show is toooooooooooooooo slow as compared to season 1 and 2

    2. For some reason..I feel it’s the work of shaan.. he isn’t a human..if the facts r right then he is mostly a snake charmer.. I think he has worked some kinda spell on vishakha..

  3. Behir β™₯️

    This is also too boring episode……..πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
    Why the writers drage the serial.
    *From two weeks there is no forward in serial,
    Only outsiders will come and promote and then go….
    *We don’t find any strengthing of relationship between Bela and mahir
    *Vish know about shaan is a nag.when she saw that masked girls in Saturday episode.
    *I don’t know y Bela save anu a stupid girl in this serial that to who create obstacles in her wayπŸ˜ͺ
    *Bela seems to be less power then Vish😫
    *Please Bela try to fight with out the help of Vish .Ur a nagrani don’t depend on others.
    *It seems to be S1 .
    *Try to mingle with mahir 😍😍 nels

  4. Seriously I am getti g irked by bela. Why she st lathering with anu who is a lying conniving woman ..seriously irking bestie friend vish for anu Is bela gone mad or what

  5. Am I the only one who is sick of this movie promotions.First episode tarefeen, then last week sthri and now Laila…are they showing a story or promoting movies

  6. I agree with you all…this show is just a typical run of the mill stuff. They need to stop promoting movies…we lost like 15 mins with Mahir and that guy talking abt love as if he doesn’t have anything else to do…story could have progressed in that 15 mins…Bela is indeed stupid…Season 1 the best

  7. Fenil

    I love Season 1 the most….specially normal size naagin …from season 2-3 xxxxxxxxxx size naagin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . Bela is very soft after loosing her love where as our Shivanya and Shivangi lost their parents they were emotional but never forget their revenge always behind enemies and palnned perfect situations to trap enemy and killed them even in both season enemies had Gurumaa and kapalika but our Determined Naagin killed them ….here family don’t even know that naagins r behind them and family like they don’t care about kids ….they don’t have any raksha kavach ek min me Bela and Vish can kill them easily one by one.

  8. Lokesh

    They are dragging now, I agree to all of u, and it seems, vish is in control of Shaan, and she want to end the revenge asap, so that further story progresses for stealing nagmani by Shaan, as he said earlier my pyaari naag Rani, and that adi I am irked, and that naagmani thief must be Suhani only as she was very close to Bela, and along with Pratham and Adi, and polo aunty she want shehagals property and naagmani too.

  9. Hmm the track is boring but still they will surely introduce some thing that will….be unthinkable…. waiting for the next episode….behir

  10. Most worst episode everrrr

  11. priya Kapoor

    want bela and mahir romance in naagin3

  12. Hi all…this is me just speculating..but what if shaan is really vikrant in disguise..and thats why vish can say he’s her love…what if vikrant never really wanted to be with bela/ruhi..aside from the fact that if he marries her he’ll be nagraj…does anyone remembers when bela’s mom was supposedly on her deathbed and was trying to tell bela something but vikrant distracted her attention?
    Bela’s mom distinctly told her she needs to be able to tell her friends for her enemies.
    I truly believe that vish and vikrant are evil..

    Well..thats my take on the show so far…

  13. Fed up of the movie promotions every both episodes. Don’t want characters who are irrelevant to the plot. More over story is not leading to anywhere. The writers should think out of the box.. revenge, marry a guy from the family… boring…

  14. vijayalakshmi

    does anyone saw Saturday episode when vish was searching for adi and dat time she saw some girls and she followed them dat time she got call who is dat in call bela no because dat time she was with adi den who may be in call any guesses
    may be ACP or anyone
    anyone identify dat

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