Laal Ishq 16th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Neel and Naina’s Unique Love Story, Kamini Chudail’s Interference

Laal Ishq 16th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A tree shown where a woman catches water from tree into a bottle and then walks to a man and gers tromantic with him. She then extends her nails and drops something into a pot. Neel with Naina heads towards Naina’s village via jungle for their wedding. They get romantic and chat romantically. Naina walks in front. A ghost woman/chudail is seen behind them. Neel sees a pouch on plant and walks towards it to pick it. He gets afraid seeing an old woman in jungle and runs. He then sees a veil wearing woman and runs again and stands near tree. Another woman touches him from behind. He gets more afraid and runs again. All 3 women surround him. Next, Neel is seen outside a village home with Naina and old woman his her Naina’s grandma, lady is Naina’s sister Kamini, veil woman is servant Chanda. Naina says Neel has studied in forgein and agreed to come here for marriage when she insisted. Daadi comments. Kamini gives him thandai/milk and asks to be careful, it won’t digest easily. She starts flirting. Daadi gets emotional saying she sent Naina to Delhi to study, but she was spending each day with great difficulty. Naina gives gifts to Daadi, Kamini and Chanda. She tells Daadi that even she was missing her family. Neel says he is marrying her to keep her happy, will she be with him foever. She says like a chudail. A chudail is shown sitting on tree swinger. Kamini makes Neel to drink thandai. He drinks and gets drowsy, says something is mixed in it. Daadi says it is pure thandai. Kamini and Naina hold Neel and drop him to room. Daadi sees Chanda missing.

Naina makes Neel sleep on bed and says she cannot stay with him before marriage and asks him to rest now. Kamini wlaks in and jokes. Naina says she is lucky to get such a nice life partner as Neel. Kamini asks she is indeed lucky and asks if she will share Neel with him. Naina gets tensed. Kamini says she is joking. Daadi calls Naina and she leaves. Kamini flirts with Neel and says he is not in his senses, else he would not have stayed away from her. She then seeing empty mug goes to bring water. He then sees Chanda, Kamini, Daadi, and chudail near window and gets afraid. Chudal walks calling him. He then sees Chanda standing, mistakes her as Nina and hugs her from behind. She says she is Chanda. He gets nervous and runs back. She holds his hand and says she needs to talk something important. Her sari veil flies, and Neel is shocked to see her head missing.

Next morning, Daadi and Kamini apply mehandi to Naina. Neel takes Naina aside and tells what he saw last night. Naina walks to Chanda and insists to show her face. Daadi and Kamini insist. Naina insists. Neel
turns. Naina removes veil and sees head on Chanda’s neck. Neil is also shocked… Daadi takes Chanda aside and removes her head. Naina goes and sits near lake after sometime. Neel walks to her and says he must have imagined last night and apologizes her. She hugs him. Chanda walks towards them, but Kamini stops her and warns to stay away from Neel. Chanda goes near tree and cries loudly. Naina goes near tree and hears a sound from a pot and then blood dripping from tree branch. She runs to Neel and says he saw weird things. He tries to console her, but she says he is not understanding what she saw, they will leave this place right now. Neel says not before marriage. Daadi hears that and smirks reminiscing tricking Neel and taking his promise not to leave before his wedding.

Naina confronts Chanda to show secret behind veil. Naina lifts veil and shows her headless body. Naina is shocked and pleads not to harm her or Neel. Chanda says Kamini will harm Neel. Neel prepares flower swinger under tree for Naina. Kamini sits on it, flirts with him, loosens her blouse lace and falls on him. He gets nervous. She ask him to tie her lace. He does. She injects something from her nails into Neela and hypnotizes him. Chanda informs Naina that Kamini is a chudail and is daadi’s daughter and her aunt instead. She tells story how a city man betrayed Kamini and she became chudail, she needs young men often to be alive. She continues that Kamini killed even her husband and beheaded her, Daadi keeps her head. Daadi enters. Chanda asks her to run away and save Neil. Daadi enters and reveals she can do anything to save Kamini and even killed her son and bahu. She tries to stab Naina. Chanda holds her hand kills her. Naina rushes to Neel and bears Kamini attack on her throat. Kamini dies. Neel gets out of hypnotism. Naina dies telling Neel that she sacrified her life for true love. Neel cries holding her.

Precap: Next week’s news story’s promo is shown.

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