Marriage by Curse- Prologue by Aayu


It has been six years since we have passed our school. School…this word itself brings back a plethora of memories. I have had my many first times in this place. I had bunked my class for the first time, my first punishment had tears rolling down my eyes and now that I think about the incident I just laugh at my silliness, my first sleepover, my first co-ed party and above all my first and last crush. He was in my batch and more over in my class and we sat beside each other for six months! That was the first time when I was happy with our teacher making us sit beside those annoying boys. I was never that happy. I still blush remembering the teasing that followed after we were made to sit together. My stupid friends never left a stone unturned when it came to embarrass me in front of him especially. I remembered him to be one of the quietest people of our class. He was tall, lean and an all rounder. He was a footballer, a good dancer, very intelligent and clever. It was when I sat beside him that I came to know about him being the silent killer of the class. That just made my crush on him deeper.

A loud noise brought me out of my reverie. I looked around and saw that one of my men had just dropped a box full of utensils on the ground. I raised my eyebrows and the head of food department mouthed me a sorry and proceeded to finish the new task at hand, to help them clean the mess. My phone vibrated reminding me of the reason why I went into the flashback. Our school had recently contacted every one of us and informed about a reunion that was going to take place this weekend. It was so exciting to think about meeting my old classmates again after six long years. We had lost tracks of each other and I was in contact with my two best friends only.

Well, I cannot say that I was someone popular in the school. In fact I was not that much of a confident girl in my school days, the reason being my body. I was fat, not an obese case but I was chubby, I wore specks and I did not bother myself with a parlor cleanup two times every month. I was the class topper, Sanchi Mishra. Always on the top and hence everyone thought me to be a bookworm. My best friends, Isha Kaur and Pragya Yadav, were the only ones who had seen my real side as they were the ones who did not judge me by my looks. I wasn’t much of an attention seeker and frankly I was never interested in it. I was happy within my happy bubble and I did not wish to break it for being popular or known to all. I always caught the attention of my teachers and hence with it came certain perks. I was appointed as the monitor and many responsibilities were assigned to me when I became the Head Girl. It helped me improve my management skills. I liked managing things which eventually led me to be who I am. ‘SAJAVAT’ was the name of my wedding planning company. It was a small scale company but it gave me satisfaction and I was content with whatever I was doing.

My phone started vibrating again and I looked down to see Pragya calling me. I swiped the screen on right and placed the phone on my ear only to push it away after hearing a loud squeak.

P: SANCHI….. I missed you so much.

Pragya shouted nearly making my ears bleed. She was gone out for a month due to her studies. She had arrived yesterday night and we were going to meet on the day of reunion.

S: I missed you too.

I: Well even I am here so don’t you two forget me!

Isha muttered making me and Pragya laugh. We were having a conference call after one month. So we went to talk about Pragya’s trip and then to all the rubbish that did not make sense. We just kept on blabbering and making fun of each other. It was so nice to talk to them after a long time. Suddenly a question crossed my mind.

S: Hey guys did you read that we have to wear at least one casual ring for the reunion?

I: Yes even I thought that it was weird but then I remembered about the crazy dress codes that the parties have now a days. So I think that it must be a part of the dress code.

P: I agree. I am just too excited to meet all of them again, especially you two. By the way, I don’t think that Sanchi would require any makeup for the reunion.

S: Why do you think so?

P: Well because no matter what, you will be bright red when you will see someone. So it does not matter whether you put makeup or not right Isha?

I: I cannot agree any less. With that they both burst out laughing leaving me flushing furiously and fuming in the fire of revenge at the same time.

S: Well even your crushes will be there won’t they? I asked in an extensively sweet voice. Their laughter was cut short immediately and I had to look into the screen to make sure that I had not pressed the mute button by mistake. But once I realized that they were also blushing I started to laugh like a maniac earning few confused looks from my teammates.

We talked for few more minutes after that we hung up and I busied myself with the marriage that I had to finish before this weekend. I was just so happy that I was going to see him again after six years and it just made me think about him. I had changed a lot deal, what about him? Would he have changed or would he have that same smile with dimples that had me flat from the first time I saw him?


Hello everyone, I have decided to remove Satish as I like Veer and Pragya’s pair and instead of him, I would like to keep Karan.

So hope you all liked this update and please do comment. It increases my confidence and ability to write better.

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  1. Hey Aayu
    The Prolouge was awesome
    Eagerly waiting to see hoe Isha,Pragya and Sanchi meet their crushes after six years
    Post soon
    Take care
    Lots of love

    1. AAYU

      Thank you so much Tanvi
      Take care you too
      Love you too

  2. Superb a totally different concept

    1. AAYU

      Thank you Sanu

  3. Vanu

    amazing it is
    i am so excited to read it
    thank u for posting this ff

    1. AAYU

      Thank you so much Vanu
      Thanks for reading my posts

  4. Avika

    Hey…. Liked the starting.. The name of the story increases curiosity … So Sanchi is a wedding planner… interesting….They are gone meet their crush after 6 years…. Got to know girls side …. What about the boys ????…. waiting for next update?? Take care

    1. AAYU

      Thank you so much Avika
      The boys side of story will be revealed later
      Take care you too

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