Laado 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka reveals her truth to Shaurya

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Laado 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka asking where is Shaurya? Nurse says he is fine and you are also fine. She asks who gave me blood? Nurse says your friend Bunty and says Shaurya is waiting for you outside. Anushka signs on discharge papers. Shaurya is waiting for her in the car. Anushka comes out and says you would have waited inside. Shaurya asks her to sit in car. Anushka asks why is he sounding rude? Shaurya asks her to sit in car. Anushka sits in car. Shaurya drives the car. Anushka asks why is he driving car rashly. Shaurya says it would have been good if I had died. He asks who are you? Anushka says I am Juhi. Shaurya asks her not to lie? Anushka asks her to drive car slowly. Shaurya asks her to tell else, he drives more fast. Anushka says we can’t talk like this. Shaurya takes car near the cliff and stops before it falls. He asks her to come out and asks her to tell who is she? Anushka says you will not get anything with anger. Shaurya says I don’t want any stupid thing and asks her not to fool him. Anushka says I am not fooling you. He takes her near the cliff and asks her to tell where is his Juhi? He asks her to tell that she is not his Juhi. Anushka recalls all the happenings with him, their engagement, dance, hug etc. She says no, I am not your Juhi…Shaurya is shocked and leaves her hand. Rabba Mere Rabba Plays….

Shaurya asks her to tell where is his Juhi? He asks why did you lie about my Juhi. Anushka cries and smiles. Shaurya asks why is she crying? Anushka says I want to tell you this since I met you and says big burden is gone from my head. She says I have no worry even if I die. Shaurya claps and says you are great, and asks her to tell why did she betray him?

Anushka says for Dadi. She tells him that she fell down from the cliff. She was rescued by Shagun and Mama and they took her to hospital. When she opened her eyes, she saw Dadi. She says Dadi was in coma since many years and came out of coma seeing me and she got better. She tells that she was silent just for her well being and has forgotten all her sorrows. She says she is trying to search Juhi. Shaurya says it is all lie and asks her to tell what is her name? Anu says her name is Anushka. She tells that she came to know that it is all done by Shagun and Amrish. Shaurya asks her not to lie. Anushka says I am not afraid of death as I fell down from a similar valley, and says you will repent all life that you haven’t heard me. Shaurya says I will repent that a girl fooled me for love. Anushka asks him to push and kill her. Shaurya is about to push her. Just then Kuldeep comes there and stops Shaurya. He says Anushka is saying truth.

Shagun tells Amrish that she is thinking to buy wine bottle. Amrish says until Kuldeep brings the news, we can’t celebrate. Shagun says Kuldeep is slow. He asks her to order wine but. Shaurya tells Kuldeep that she is…Kuldeep says she is Anushka. Shaurya says everyone know except me. Kuldeep says your doubt is right, but this conspiracy is of my maa and mama, and not Anushka. Shaurya looks shocked. Anushka says Kuldeep is right, I was trapped in their plan for Dadi. Kuldeep tells everything from the start. He tells that they got her signatures on the papers. Anushka says she came to know about this conspiracy few days back. Kuldeep says this conspiracy is for property.

Anushka asks why didn’t you tell me before. Kuldeep says they would have killed me if I had told you. He says they got your accident after you signed on the papers. Anushka says they had planned our accident. Kuldeep asks why did you sign, why you doubt on them. He says everything went in their hands which belonged to Juhi. Anushka says those papers are just papers in court and have no value. She says she will go to court and prove her identity then that papers will have no value. She says they told me everything about Juhi, but never bothered to know about me. Shaurya says I am very worried for my Juhi and says if she left this world. Anu says my heart says that she is alive and near us.

Juhi thinks who is this Anushka and how to find out. She sees a Servant’s hand cut and bandages his hand. He says you remind me of someone. Juhi asks him if he knows for whom Rantej takes food. Servant says I don’t know. Juhi asks who is Anushka? Servant asks her not to enquire about her.

Kuldeep tells Anushka that Shagun and Amrish come to know that he is with them, then they will kill him. Anushka says you have to do everything now to save your swabhimaan and to get justice. Kuldeep says I am ready and asks her to tell what he shall do?

Precap: Kuldeep tells Shagun and Amrish that Anushka and Shaurya are dead. Shagun says our thorns from the way are cleared and is happy. Amrish is happy, while Dadi gets shocked. Anushka and Shaurya come to meet Tai. Anushka asks her to tell something about Juhi. Tai tells them that Juhi is in small village Veerpur in Haryana.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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